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Richard could see the enemys numbers growing.

The dark clouds pressed down on the city.

He roughly estimated there were more than four brigades.

Among them, the desert half-orcs and lizardmen cavalry accounted for 70% of the population.



A prolonged wolfs howl resounded through the sky.

Richard suddenly turned his head to look at where the sound emanated.

A giant wolf with a shoulder height of more than four meters appeared in front of him.

A twin-headed creature on the back of the giant wolf that held a terrifying sharp teeth-covered life-form caught his attention.

It stared at him and the gods ancient tree.

As for the other partys eyes… It was not red!

He immediately raised his guard against this anomaly.

He opened the attribute panel.

[Twin-Headed Ogre Lord]

[Heroic Unit]

[Level: 14]

[Potential: B]

[Concealed by equipment, unable to detect.]

“A level 14 hero

“This was the strongest boss in this monster siege”

Richards eyes narrowed.

When he looked around, he saw the twin-headed ogre lord had more than three companies of twin-headed ogre cavalry.

Glorious 2-stars, level 12.

They were powerful and overbearing.

This force would be a disaster if it were an ordinary-level territory.

Out of the 20 billion players in the entire “Shining Era”, the number of players who could withstand such an attack could be counted on ones fingers.


‘Im sorry, this is Twilight City.

Richards mood lifted.

After a tight development, Twilight City finally had the strength to face the challenge.

It was now time to harvest the seeds he had sown before.

Just as he thought, the troops that heard the howls of the giant wolves seemed to have received the order to attack.

They started to run madly and charged straight at them.

The gods ancient tree that lay horizontally in front of the agricultural area had become a force that no one could ignore.

Richards brows furrowed.

He wasnt afraid of the enemys tremendous number as long as they wont disperse.

He could not accept the consequences if the enemy bypassed them and directly destroyed the agricultural area behind them.

While Richard pondered, he suddenly recalled the golden fruit used for fishing in the gods ancient tree.

“Treebeard, condense that golden fruit.”

“As you wish, Lord.”

The gods ancient tree language sounded.

The leafless branches shook, and one of the fruits used to hatch venomous wasps fell in a few breaths.

Its appearance had changed from gray to pure gold.

It dazzled.

The moment the fruit appeared, it released a distinguished scent.

The attraction of the scent to life was like suddenly smelling the sweetness of honey-coated bread after being hungry for ten days.

An irresistible temptation.

A fruit condensed from the trees roots that used the power of the soul.

It has a powerful effect.

After one eats it, it can increase ones potential to a certain extent.

It has a special allure to most living beings…

Even though Richard had witnessed the birth of the golden fruit, he still had the urge to pick it and eat it.

It was a natural impulse he could not avoid.

He returned to his senses.

The sand on the ground suddenly rose into the air with a wave of his hand.

It spun wildly like a tornado and formed distinguished sand airflow.

Then, he scattered the sand in all directions.

It caused a blast of air.

The soldiers that charged felt an indescribable feeling in their hearts.

Every cell in their body expressed their desire.

The initially slightly scattered formation suddenly condensed and directly attacked the gods ancient tree.

The scarlet eyes became increasingly intense.

It seemed like they could drip blood.

When the enemy was 100 meters away from the critical point.

The venomous wasp initially flew slowly above the gods ancient tree and instantly turned excited as if it had dug out its nest.

The buzzing sound of the wings became extremely noisy.

It seemed like a fighter jet roared over their heads.

This group of more than 500 rare 3-stars soldiers suddenly flew forward.

When Richard first conquered the gods ancient tree, he used his Sand Transformation and Flame Sandstorm to kill these troops.

He had not seen their true power.

Only now did he realize how terrifying the advantage of numbers was.

Although one could not compare it to a troop gathered in the wilderness.

However, these 10 centimeters long giant wasps gathered together and formed a dark cloud.

They shot out at a bullet speed.

More than two companies of level 8 lizardmen cavalry were at the forefront of the enemys charge.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides collided.

‘Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The venomous wasp turned into a tributary arrow.

It pierced through the sky at an invisible speed.

Their method of attack wasnt to hover over the opponents body and then attack with poison needles.

Instead, they bent their abdomen and used the Z-shaped poison needle as an arrow.

While they flew at high speed, they would slice through the opponents weak point like a sharp blade.

Eyes, face, neck, wrist… Any part of the body the armor does not cover was their target.

Regardless of whether the attack was successful or not.

The venomous wasp did not stop.

Instead, it continued to flap its wings and shot toward the next enemy like an arrow.

This environment magnified the advantages of their exaggerated nimbleness and small bodies.

They could control their wings to dodge the attacks of the lizardmen cavalry.

Although the two squadrons of lizardmen cavalry madly waved their long swords, they had only killed a dozen venomous wasps when they passed by each other.

The lizardmen cavalry roared and continued to charge, but they seemed uninjured.

However, after a few breaths.

The skin on everyones face suddenly glowed deep blue.

Then, their bodies stiffened and started to foam.

Under the high-speed charge of the lizardmen, the death knights fell to the ground.

The strong inertia made them draw long scratches before they stopped.

Venomous wasps did not kill their enemies with brute force.

Poison was their true specialty.

The opponents almost starkly wiped out two squadrons of lizardmen cavalry in just a few breaths.

Only a few remained alive.

The scene became strappingly exaggerated.

At this moment, no one cared about the dead lizardmen cavalry, and the main force continued to rush forward.

After the victory, the wasps did not continue to attack and quickly returned from the sky.

Five hundred was still small.

If there were ten or twenty times more of them, the wasps could directly annihilate these enemies.

Ordinary beings did not have the poison immunity of undead like mummies.

So they would be defeated by the poisonous wasps.

The boss, the gods ancient tree, was a troop of its own.

The enemy attacked rapidly under the golden fruit temptation.

The surging waves finally hit the submerged reef.

They set off monstrous waves.

The half-orcs and lizardmen cavalry at the front roared and rushed to the bottom of the gods ancient tree.

The golden fruit thoroughly attracted them.


Extreme desire.

As long as they ate it, they would undergo a vast transformation.

The scarlet eyes reflected the golden fruit.

However, when they were ten meters away from the gods ancient tree…

The paralyzing treebeard devoured the body of the gods and became the boss unit.

It violently waved the tree trunk several times thicker than the beam of a house.


An ear-piercing sound rang out.

The tree trunk slammed down with the force of a thunderbolt sweeping holes.

They crushed dozens of strong half-orcs with fangs like tofu.


The bone armor exploded, and the bodys limbs flew dozens of meters away.

In an instant, blood splattered all over the ground.

The scene was overwhelmingly scary.

However, the other troops with bloodshot eyes seemed to have lost their fear.

The scene did not frighten them.

Instead, the sturdy smell of blood stimulated their nerves.

They let out a low growl and increased the speed of his charge.


The trunk of Treebeard became the blades of a meat grinder.

None of the enemies who rushed up could withstand the terrifying power.

Not to mention that the trunk also had a 20% instant death characteristic!

It was an ultimate killing weapon.

The king of war.

The golden fruit that attracted the troop had already gone crazy.

And all headed toward the gods ancient tree.

A few lizardmen cavalry rushed to the tree trunk and swung their sharp blades at the tree trunk.

However, the tough tree bark was like a city wall.

They could not cause any damage to it regardless of how they attacked.

Instead, the opponents chipped the weapons in their hands because of their low quality.

The gods ancient tree stood on the ground and let the monstrous waves hit the opponents wave after wave.

But it remained indifferent.

At this moment, the vast branch became the deaths scythe that frantically severed lives.

And when the enemys numbers reached a certain level.


The ground suddenly split open.

The buried deep underground roots of the gods ancient tree broke out of the ground like gigantic iron chains.


As it swung wildly, it brought a tremendous force that could split mountains and rocks.

The roots were over 40 meters long.

The gods ancient tree waved dozens of straight roots simultaneously.

The troop on the ground was like meat in a meat grinder.

In a few breaths, unstoppable power slaughtered them.

In fact, due to several enemy corpses, it forced to slow down the roots recovery speed.

The soldiers in the wild with bloodshot eyes also demonstrated their terrifying side.

Even if the opponents had crushed their bodies, they would still use their teeth to bite and sharp claws to tear.

They would attack the gods ancient tree regardless of everything.

It was like the zombies in some works on Planet Blue only had the desire to kill.

It was supremely terrifying.

However, in the face of absolute power, all resistance was futile.

There was only one end, whether the desert orcs or the lizardmen.


After the golden fruit attracted these troops in the wild, they gave the gods ancient tree the invincibility advantage in a close battle.

It swept across everything.

They looked down from the sky.

He could see a leafless-giant tree with 16 twisted trunks that waved its trunk.

Every time it waved, it had the power to split a mountain.

The air whirred.

In the areas where the tree trunks could not attack, roots over 40 meters long became sickles for cutting grass.

No matter how many enemies rushed in, they blew them into pieces.

This scene was superlatively impactful.

In a place invisible to the naked eye, after the gods ancient tree smashed the enemys bodies, the roots underground began to grow tiny tentacles.

Like a straw, it directly pierced into the broken limb fragments.

‘Goo! Goo! Goo!

Rings emerged from the roots and devoured their flesh and blood frantically.

Richard could sense the blood and flesh had turned into his energy after it entered the gods ancient tree.

After that, the fruit on top of the gods ancient tree began to grow at a visible speed.

Devour enemies.

Strengthen oneself.

Cultivate wasps.

The wild troops that had fallen into madness had all become nourishment for the gods ancient tree.

At this moment, the disaster of these wild beasts coming out from their cages seemed to have become the benefit of the gods ancient tree.

Every enemy was the energy that bred the wasps.

If the number of enemies continued to increase …

Perhaps, it wouldnt be long before they could raise several wasps to the entire 3000.

Richards heart swelled with excitement at the thought of the wasps that covered the sky.

The disaster week this time… It was not bad.

Much better than any resources.

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