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Richard suddenly thought of the holy dragon blood.

He could use this amount of blood which contained an enormous amount of energy to replace the princesss blood.

Mythical item.

However, he immediately denied it after he thought about it.

Just one drop was beyond enough, not to mention its value.

After he took note.

Richard smiled at the girl, whose eyes were red with excitement.

“Xina, dont worry.”

It was just a few simple words, and he didnt seem to say anything, but Xina looked at him with supreme satisfaction and gratitude.

From the moment he agreed to help her remove the seal in her body.

Richard had never forgotten this.

What he had done was far more than what he had said.

Sometimes, she even thought that if it werent for the seal, perhaps, she would have knelt in front of him and pledged her loyalty willingly.

It was her honor to fight for such a Lord.

After a few more discussions, Richard dismissed the meeting.

There wasnt much to conclude from this war.

The irrational enemy was directly wiped out under the roar of the artillery, unable to cause any waves.

This time, there were no mistakes in the command or defense of the Twilight City.

Compared to that, something else caught his attention–yesterday was July 16, Monday, and the system had refreshed troop lairs.

However, the resources were insufficient they needed for recruitment…

He looked at the tens of thousands of resources left in his attribute panel.

Richard said helplessly.

The other players worried about where to recruit a sturdier troop, but he worried about recruiting too many troops.

Each recruitment would consume hundreds of thousands of units of resources, which was not a small amount for the desert with barren mines.

And as time went on, the profits from hunting decreased.

In addition to the 30% processing fee in the [Trading Market], it made his already poor self feel even worse.

He immediately let a few heroes lead the team out to hunt.

Every time this happened, he would deeply feel his foresight in nurturing a few heroes.

He could leave the tedious work of scanning the map to his subordinates.

As his level increased, the experience he gained from scanning maps was pitifully little, so he had lost interest in this matter.

His level was still stuck, and he had to kill a level 10 wild hero to continue leveling up.

The next day, on the 18th of July, good news arrived–they had completed the Heros Altar.

It piqued Richards interest.

And he immediately went to check it out.

The Heros Altar was the earliest blueprint he had obtained, but due to the lack of rare resources, it took him more than two months to start building it.

This time, they finally completed it.

They built the Heros Altar near the military camp.

It looked like a pyramid, with nine layers of stone and wood, each one a meter high, and a long step in the middle.

At the very top of the nine-story altar, there was an altar made of crystals and gemstones.

Although the entire building was not grand, it looked simple and had a special charm.

He opened the attribute panel.

[Heros Altar]

[Level: Special]

[Attribute: You can consume resources to resurrect heroes bound to the altar (you can only resurrect five heroes per month.

You can only resurrect a single hero three times a year.)]

[Current Bound Hero: None ]

[Description: An altar with special powers.

It has incredible power.]

Richards mood brightened.

Heroes were different from soldiers.

If the soldiers died, then so be it.

They could recruit more later.

It would just be a waste of some resources at most.

Unless hero units had obtained Lich power like Gunter, who could use the soul phylactery to resurrect, they were genuinely dead.

However, with the appearance of the Heros Altar, everything was different.

The heroes of Twilight City would no longer fear death.

The significance of this was so important that it was indescribable.

He would not have to worry about the future when he used his troops.

Even if it were a battle that required heroes to die, they could still order and execute it.

Although he could only resurrect three times a year, wasnt it enough to die three times a year

Moreover, there was no upper limit to the number of heroes the Heros Altar could bind.

Although it can only resurrect five people every month, if the number of deaths was too high, it could only resurrect the next month.

However, with the current number of heroes in Twilight City, he did not have to worry about this.

Richards smile was bright.

He instantly thought of many ways to do it.

Such as exchanging one hero for one.

Using a hero as bait to lure the enemy.

After the other party paid a heavy price and finally killed the hero, the other party appeared again.

It would cause a serious psychological shadow.

Without any hesitation, he stepped onto the nine-level altar.

He placed his right hand on the altar and felt a cold touch.

The information on how to bind the altar appeared in Richards mind.

He spread out his spiritual power and entered the altar.

In an instant, it imprinted his mental energy on the altar.

Then, he had a special feeling.

He had a connection with the altar in front of him.

From now on, even if he died in battle, they could resurrect him here.

Richard thought for a moment.

With his Beyond A-rank skill, Sand Regeneration.

He had three lives now.

“Does this count as a third life”

It was too comfortable.

After dark, the heroes returned from their hunt, and Richard immediately ordered them to bind them.

Brown, the alchemist, had finally finished binding.

Although the city didnt need to use alchemy on the battlefield, it would be a massive loss if this guy died in an accident.

After Brown found out about the Hero Altars function.

It bewildered him.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

It almost reached the back of his head.

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