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Those cold eyes made Richards heart skip a beat.

He took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the pound in his heart.

He focused his attention.

It revealed the megalithic shadow.

It had a long head, two curved horns, and an exaggerated body shape… Centaurs.

A female centaur hid in the water and held a long-handled giant axe.

A simple leather armor covered the other partys chest, and her eyes were cold and emotionless.

It was as if she was a puppet.

A centaur in the water… A strong sense of disharmony filled this scene.

It made her feel a little strange.

How did the half-murlocs involved with the centaurs

But when Richard thought about it, even the lake was in the air in this land of broken laws.

So centaurs in the water didnt seem strange.

No matter what kind of being it was, it would give people a sturdy psychological impact once it has magnified hundreds or thousands of times.

Just as Richard thought…


The centaur swung the long-handled giant axe in its hand.

The blade of the axe directly penetrated the shield below.

Then, its prodigious body fell from above.


Its four iron hooves landed on the ground, and its body bent slightly under the pressure of its weight.

There was a dull sound from the ground.

It was like a siege hammer hit the earth.

Everyone could feel the ground shake.

Richards eyes grew serious.

After the centaur landed on the ground, he realized it was more than 10 meters tall.

The long-handled giant axe in its hand was even more exaggerated to the extreme.

If the centaur swung it, it could easily shatter the city wall.

The two curved horns on its head glowed faintly.

Its face was particularly exquisite.

However, its prodigious body and emotionless eyes only made others feel danger and fear.

Richards eyes narrowed.

He finally understood how the half-murloc lord had enslaved the twin-headed ogre lord.

He opened the centaurs attribute panel.

[Ancient Guardian]

[Boss Unit]

[Level: 15]

[Potential: A]

[Skill: ]

[Boss Characteristics: ]

[Racial Talent: ]

[Fetter: ]

[Description: The guardian of the land of the broken laws.

Due to the passage of time, its power has regressed from a demigod to level 15.]

Richard took a few deep breaths.

But he couldnt suppress his excitement.

This centaurs origin was truly bizarre!

The guardian of the land of broken laws was once a demigod!

Even though its power had regressed to level 15, it was still known as a boss.

It had only encountered two bosses in such a long time.

In the dungeon, the president of the Scarlet Council took the dimension stone from the destroyed dimension with his bare hands.

The gods ancient tree grew by devouring the corpse of a divine sin.

This centaur was the third boss.

He didnt know if the president of the Scarlet Council had the power of a demigod.

But this terrifying existence that held a long-handled axe must be exceptionally strapping.

Even if its severity had regressed to level 15, a demigod was still a demigod.

It was enough to explain everything if it had only been a demigod in the past.

After the centaur guardian landed, the crown-wearing half-murloc lord looked at the ancient god statue that continued to devour the twelve crystals and immediately shouted angrily.

“Damned human! A god has left that item behind! You blaspheme with the gods!

“Stop what youre doing immediately!!!

“Kneel and surrender.

Offer your soul to our god, and we will forgive you for your sins!!”

Richard didnt even raise his head.

He fixed his eyes on the centaur boss with a blank expression.

“A level 12 half-murloc hero… What the hell is this”

It enraged the half-murloc lord when Richard ignored it.

“How dare you be so arrogant in front of the powerful guardian of the land of the broken laws

“Emily! Slaughter him!”

The giant centaur guardian looked at Richard the moment it received the order.

It charged towards him.

Its massive hooves stomped on the ground.

It made a dull thud.

Richard glanced at the ancient god statue that quickly devoured the twelve huge crystals.

He immediately perked up.

“Im in my final moments, and I cant allow you to disturb me.”

The next second, a mechanical puppet with a broken surface appeared in the sky.

It was 15 meters tall and looked overbearing and cruel.

No one could imagine what kind of attack this mechanical puppet had suffered that shattered it into such a state.

The half-murloc lords hopeful expression froze on its face.

It had thought Richard would die.

“Why does that damned human have such a terrifying mechanical puppet”

The aura it emitted made it feel an indescribable fear.

The pressure it felt was even greater than the centaur guardian …

Richard, who piloted the extraordinary hunter, didnt feel too excited.

Instead, he looked solemn.

Even though he sat in this level 20 mechanical puppet, he could still feel the danger from the centaur boss.

It was as if a sword was on his throat.

He knew better than anyone how terrifying a boss was.

Previously, to conquer the gods ancient tree, which was also a boss unit, he had led hundreds of troops and spent an entire day fighting the other party before winning.

And this centaur was a being even more powerful than the gods ancient tree.

As his thoughts spun…

The centaur bosss eyes were empty as if they had no soul.

It stomped on the ground and attacked quickly.

‘Tata! Tata!

The earth shook.

The ten-meter long-handled axe in its hand tore through the air.

It contained a terrifying power that could split mountains and cut through all obstacles.

The extraordinary hunter waved its arm fiercely.

Its two-meter-long sharp claws clashed with the attack.

‘Clang! The sound of metal clashing exploded in everyones ears.

Sparks flew.

An indescribably powerful force came over, and the extraordinary hunters feet directly sank into the ground.

The centaur bosss strength was no less than that of an extraordinary hunter.

The collision between the two sides entered a state of white heat.

It was easier to go crazy in a close battle.

Richard encountered a former demigod.

He was under immense pressure.

This was the first time he had encountered a powerful boss head-on.

When he attacked the gods ancient tree, he took advantage of the fact that the other party could not launch long-range attacks.

But at this moment, the ancient god statue was right behind him, and he could not retreat even half a step!

There was no pretense in the head-on battle.

An exciting scene appeared in this land of broken laws.

A heavily damaged mechanical puppet fought fiercely with a 10m-tall centaur that held a long-handled axe.

Neither the half-murlocs above the lake nor the Twilight City troop could interfere in the battle.

The shockwaves between the two behemoths could cause tremendous damage to them.

Even if they kicked the gravel on the ground, it would carry a supremely paralyzing force, enough to kill people.

When the half-murloc lord saw the stalemate below, it fell into an extreme state of shock and anger.

“Damned human! He blocked the guardians attack!”

The crystals on the ground continued to melt quickly.

It could feel that the laws around were already unstable.

If the enemy destroyed the magic array on the basis, it would destroy everything here.

At that time, the half-murloc might even go extinct…

When the half-murloc thought of the terrifying consequences, it became even more determined!

“Close battle troops, charge!!

“We have to stop that damned human no matter what price!!”

As soon as the half-murloc lord gave the order, the murloc archers who shot quickly immediately moved aside to make room.

Then, several extremely strong half-murlocs with tridents jumped down from the sky—death leap.

The highest point of this space was a hundred meters high.

To jump down from above was a suicide attack.

However, none of the half-mermen hesitated.

These hideous monsters were like hornets where the enemies poked their nests, and they fell into the craziest state.


Richard could sense its madness after another clash with the centaur boss.

He looked at the statue of the ancient god that had swallowed two giant crystals.

Determination resided in his heart.

He could sense that the ancient god statue was undergoing a distinguished transformation.

Even the divine soul that still slept inside had become more powerful.

If he completely devoured the twelve-sided crystal, he would gain huge benefits.

Even if the heavens were to come today, he would not let them interrupt!

“Alves, Xina, Gray, Gunter!

“Take the troop and guard the statue.

Dont allow anyone to interrupt the statue and devour the crystal!

“Even if I die, I wont allow half a step back!”

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