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Richards eyes lit up when he heard the system notification.

He wanted to increase the quality of the ancient god statue, but to obtain an additional soul capacity was a huge surprise.

His undying and indestructible battle strength was overbearing.

Moreover, the sleeping-divine soul had also gained an additional divinity point.

That was divinity! Not cabbages.

He got 1 point for something that only gods could have.

It was so comfortable…

At this moment, the ancient god statue that had finished devouring bloomed bright light.

It enveloped the hollow crystal, and then the crystal that contained infinite power disappeared.

At the same time, the ancient god statue appeared out of thin air in Richards arms.

Richards expression changed when he sensed the familiar presence.

Even the statue knew that he had returned.

“Was it becoming a spirit”


‘Boom! Boom!

A sound came from the ground.

The ground was like a spider web, and large cracks appeared.

The broken lake in the sky began to shake.

The calm lake water inside seemed to have encountered a tremendous wave that surged violently.

This land of broken laws was about to collapse…

The half-murloc lord, whose head had already healed, let out a terrified scream.


All the ugly and ferocious-looking half-murlocs above fell into an indescribable fear.

Deep in their hearts, they could feel the disaster that was about to happen.

The death stared at them.

Richard used all his strength to suppress the centaur boss.

Richard trapped it in the quicksand.

He ordered decisively.

“Alves, Gray, take the troops out immediately!

“This area is about to collapse! After you leave, dont stay.

“Take the death knights at the entrance with the giant tomahawks!”

If the broken lake above collapsed, it would instantly form a massive flood.

The Twilight City troops definitely could not withstand it.

As he spoke, he took out the weapon token from the system space and controlled the sand to send it to the man.

“Store the troops in the Tibetan soldier card!”

After Gray took it, it immediately opened the Tibetan soldier card and stored the heavy soldiers, who were large and not easy to move.

At this moment, the half-murloc lord looked at the earth-shaking scene and returned to its senses.

It fixed its eyes on the extraordinary hunter.

“Destroy that automaton! Kill that damn human!”

The accumulated anger in its heart starkly ignited at this moment.

It would finish the half-murlocs if they destroyed this.

It would drag the culprit along since it was going to die!

The half-murlocs that attacked the Twilight City troops were like wolves that had smelled blood and charged at the extraordinary hunters ferociously.

However, the actions of the half-murloc lord had bought time for the Twilight City troops.

After the immense troops were stored in the Tibetan soldier card.

The air force carried the rest of the troops.

Richard left the land of broken laws as fast as he could.

He wasnt in a hurry to escape.

He continued to fight the boss.

The addition of the uncountable half-murloc soldiers placed him under prodigious pressure.

The human wave tactic had an effect one could not ignore at any time.

As a last resort, he could only release the suppression of the centaur boss and smash all the enemies that pounced at him.

The half-murlocs broken limbs flew everywhere.

After it lost the suppression, the centaur boss immediately regained its ferocity.

The long-handled giant axe swung again with a violent whistling sound.


Suddenly, a lake that floated in the sky behind him crashed to the ground.

The earth trembled, and the gravel jumped more than ten centimeters high.

The broken lake was like an opened floodgate, and voluminous water gushed out.

It raised a tremendous wave more than ten meters high.

It rolled countless pieces of sand and gravel.

In an instant, it surged in all directions.

Grains of sand enveloped everyone.

Heavy water current scattered the dense group of half-murlocs.

Richards extraordinary hunter continued to crash into the centaur boss in the water without stopping.

After the first floating lake collapsed, he immediately felt the space around him become active.

The seal on the spatial energy in this area no longer existed.

‘Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!

In the extreme chaos, the war horn sounded again.

The centaur bosss aura surged wildly, and the runes on its body dazzled.

Richards brows furrowed, and he quickly turned his head.

Only to see the distant half-murloc lord blow its horn like crazy.

“Was this guy looking for death”

The giant, extraordinary hunter disappeared into thin air.

The next second, the gigantic figure appeared a hundred meters away.

But the moment it appeared, it disappeared without a trace.

The centaur boss on the ground turned around stiffly.

“Where are the enemies”

The moment the half-murloc lord saw the mechanical puppet disappear, an indescribable fear rose in its heart.

An arm broke through the air before it could put down the horn.


The two-meter-long heavy blade directly pierced through its body.

All the anger on its face froze.

Extreme unwillingness rose in its eyes.

However, before the half-murloc lord could do anything else …

The giant mechanical arm swung fiercely and tore the body into pieces.

Fresh blood spurted out.

This half-murloc lord, who was beheaded, was now as dead as dead could be…

When the half-murloc lord died, the horn that could control the centaur boss in its hand shattered.

It didnt give Richard a chance to take it.

After it broke the war horn, the centaur boss, who had lost its target, suddenly froze.

Then, its empty eyes suddenly lit up.

It was as if it suddenly had a soul.

The other party turned to look around and finally saw the giant body of the extraordinary hunter and the limbs of the half-murloc lord.

The other party lost its thought for a moment.

It turned around and left on the muddy lake.

Richard turned around when he heard the noise.

He looked at the back of the centaur boss with mixed feelings.

He wanted to conquer this centaur with a demigods body–he still had a dark contract in his hand that was born from the gods ancient tree.

It could forcibly contract a life.

However, this boss was too strong.

An extraordinary hunter that had yet to be repaired could not take down the other party.

It shook his head and didnt dwell on it.

There were countless powerful beings in this world.

There would be plenty of opportunities in the future.

It turned its attention back to its surroundings.

Without the heros command, the half-murloc soldiers were in chaos.

Some of them continued to attack Richard, while the others turned and ran.

When Richard saw no more room for discussion, he took a deep breath and planned to leave.

However, as if he suddenly thought of something, he waved his hand, and countless grains of sand gushed from the ground.

He searched the half-murloc lords broken body.

A moment later, the arm made of sand found a unique item that looked like a stone on the man.

It exuded a strong magic fluctuation, which was very extraordinary.

Unfortunately, he only had this one.

After putting it away in the system space, Richard flew up through the cracks of the broken lake.

At this moment, he realized how huge these broken lakes were.

Some lakes were more than 300 meters and more than 1000 meters wide.

There were countless lakes.

If it fell, it would be countless times more terrifying than a tsunami.

Richards field of vision widened as he flew above the broken lake.

The blue sky was cloudless.

The bright sun above their heads was exuding a scorching heat.

His mood instantly lifted.

He lowered his head to take a look.

The countless pieces of broken lakes below reflected the suns rays and sparkled.

This scene had a unique beauty to it.

It seemed to be a scene from the legends.

However, just as he gasped in admiration.

All of a sudden, the broken lakes began to fall.

One piece after another.

‘Boom! Boom! Boom!!

There was a muffled sound.

It was as if a siege hammer smashed the earth, and the momentum was astonishing.

The speed of the lakes descent was getting increasingly faster.

The sound waves were also terrifying.

When the entire area fell …


A 100-meter-tall wave rose.

It swept in all directions with a fierce intent to devour everything.

This was a true natural disaster!

Even a transcendent hunter would be swept away if they entered.

After the gigantic waves surged wildly into the surrounding desert, a lake with no end in sight appeared in front of him.

The sand was mixed in.

It made it look rather muddy.

Richard was surprised.

He had only seen such a big scene in movies that cost a lot of money.

But it felt completely different from seeing it with his own eyes.

“I wonder how the centaur boss is doing”

He lowered his head to look at the surface of the water.

Unfortunately, everything had returned to calmness.

It was a pity that the other party had a powerful half-god body, so he could not do anything to it.

The usage time of the extraordinary hunters had been reduced from one and a half hours before the battle to 20 minutes.

It would destroy this mechanical puppet if they continued to fight.

With this in mind, he took out the ancient god statu and the item he got from the half-murloc lord.

Fortunately, he had paid a high price this time.

But he didnt lose out.

He was about to check the attributes of the two treasures.

Suddenly, a system notification rang in his ear.

[Ding~ Large-scale special dungeon battle of the guards will begin on August 15 at noon.]

[When the time comes, everyones territory will be transferred to the same instance dungeon.]

[Endless monsters of another dimension will attack your territory.

Please defend your territory under the attack of the monsters.]

[The longer you persist, the more generous the rewards will be.]

[All overlords will be participating in this large-scale instance dungeon.]

[The dungeon lord and soldiers can spend points to revive after they die in the dungeon.]

[All Lords, please be prepared.]

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