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Chapter 277: Chapter 236: Inventory of His Own Treasures (2/6)

After the system upgraded the territory, Richard looked at the much more exquisite Lords mansion and couldnt help but fall into deep thought.

There were many buildings with potential in Twilight City–the advanced blacksmith shop that could develop attack technology;

A tailor shop that could produce yellow sand robes;

In addition, wine workshops and food workshops had room for development in the future.

However, the residents could use only two or three at the moment.

They needed to invest more in this to support the idea.

In terms of territory defense, the giant alchemy cannons and the dragon-hunting crossbows were colossal killing weapons.

The construction of the Hurricane Arrow Tower, which Richard had redeemed with his points, was in full swing, and they would complete soon.

In addition to the troop of Twilight City and the ultimate boss, the gods ancient tree, they were not weak.

In terms of agricultural area, he had 200 acres of sand barley, 105 acres of Russian olive forest, plus the fire dragon rabbits and the desert crown bees.

These were the foundations that maintained Twilight City, and they had great potential for development in the future.

Richard turned his attention to himself.

For such a long time, he had accumulated a lot of good things in his hands.

But he had never seriously sorted them out.

After he thought carefully, he began to count them one by one.

The blueprints he had to build were the Mage Tower Building blueprint (4-stars), Magic Garden (4-stars), Magic Fountain (4-stars), and Transportation Machinery Manufacturing Workshop (4-stars).

These blueprints either lacked resources or were too laborious to build.

He could only wait until he had enough resources before he started to work.

A few treasures caught his eye–the magic wand (2-stars), the mage robe (2-stars), the leaping boots (3-stars), and the sword of promise (3-stars).

The magical wand and the mage robe had been given to him by the fire elemental Lord in the ancient ruins of the nine bronze doors.

Although their attributes were good, he had no use for them now.

“I can give these two to Gray.”

The leaping boots could perform space jumps and could even be used to drive extraordinary hunters.

It was intensively practical.

And one could keep it.

The sword of oath could allow two companies of soldiers to share their lives.

It was an exceptionally strategic precious item.

It was from the treasure vault of the Scarlet Council.

However, he had no use for this treasure at the moment.

No good hero could keep it.

So he kept it in his hands.

In addition, there were even more advanced treasures.

The extraordinary hunter (mechanical puppet) was at level 20.

It was currently the most strapping weapon in his hands.

In his opinion, the value of the ancient god statue (special) was no less than that of an extraordinary hunter.

Its growth and potential were endless.

Special treasure–the dragons treasure map given to him by Bloodhoof City.

It was a 2-stars treasure map that he had obtained from killing monsters.

He didnt have time to explore the two treasure maps, so he could only put them aside for now.

A two-way portal could connect 50 kilometers, but no suitable place to position it.

Behind the Lords mansion, one cannot ignore the 11 sandworms that would hatch at the beginning of next month.

One had a powerful void bloodline.

And when it developed in the future, it could travel through dimensions with unlimited potential.

One-time treasure–the obsidian staff with nine bronze doors used to open ancient ruins.

It contained a Beyond A-rank skill, Time Freeze.

It could freeze the surrounding time for ten seconds.

It was a valuable trump card, but no enemy could force him to use it.

One could use the dark contract to contract dark creatures and be equally valuable.

The high-end treasures he didnt need at the moment were–the dimension stone and the blood of the holy dragon.

The plane stone was too high-end.

And he still didnt know how to use it.

The holy dragons blood could upgrade a skill to its limit.

But one has to upgrade to level 15 first.

It was impossible to do so in a short time.

With that in mind, Richard couldnt help but feel that the wealth hed accumulated during this period was substantial.

Then, he couldnt help but fall into more profound thought.

“Although the value of the treasure is high, it cant play an extensive role in the development of the territory.

“Before the instance dungeon opens, we still focus on developing the territory.

“There are three things we need to do in Twilight City– First, build the city wall.

Second, upgrade the troop lair nest.

And third, speed up production and research.”

The city wall was the core of the territorys defense.

They had to have it if they want to fight in the dungeon.

The lairs of the troop ranks were the most strapping source of confidence for Twilight City.

They had to have at least three glorious-level lairs of the troop ranks in the next 20 days.

The system upgraded the rest of the troop lairs to rare-level.

Research and production, needless to say, was a way to earn resources in the future.

At night, the heroes returned after they had gone out to hunt.

Richard gave the magic wand and wizard robe to Gray.

It was the powerful support hero.

The magic wand could increase the strength of the entire troop, and the mage robe could automatically trigger the shield of protection when attacked.

It would block damage.

They were all intensively functional skills.

As for Gunter, the mummy heros two soul caskets were powerful magic weapons and could deal a lot of damage.

After Richard coaxed the little centaur to sleep with two short stories at night, he also fell into a deep sleep.

July 22.

Richard woke up and didnt stay in the territory early the following morning.

He brought Alves and a small team of skeletal blood dragons out to hunt.

At the same time, they also actively looked for level 10 field heroes to kill.

However, to his surprise, no level 10 field heroes with C-rank potential or above were found for several days until July 25.

There were a few with E-rank and D-rank potential, but Alves melted all of them with its Beyond A-rank dragon breath.

When they returned to the territory in the evening, an excited Karu reported good news.

“Lord Richard! They had completed the Hurricane Arrow Tower!”


Richards eyes lit up.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at the Hurricane Arrow Tower more than 20 meters tall in the west of the territory.

He hadnt paid much attention these few days, and only now did he realize builders had capped the Hurricane Arrow Tower.

While Richard looked outside, the Hurricane Arrow Tower had three floors.

And each floor was densely packed with shooting holes.

They would be as fierce as a porcupine once the troop settled in.

Hurricane Arrow Tower

[Level: Ordinary]

[Area: 4 empty spaces]

[Special Characteristics:


Arrows shot from the arrow tower will carry wind magic damage.]


Increases 40% of the arrows flight speed, 40% of accuracy, and 30% of attack speed.]


Can increase the range of bows and crossbows by 100 meters.]


Can install 10 large ballistas.

Increases the range by 300 meters.

[Basic Arrow Tower Capacity: 60 people]

[Level Up Requirements: 50000 units of gold, wood, stone, iron ore, 1000 units of crystal, 1000 units of the gem, 1000 units of mercury]

[Description: An arrow tower with special powers.

It will be the fang of the territory.


The attributes of the Hurricane Arrow Tower were outstanding, and it could greatly increase the battle power of the guards.

While Richard was satisfied, he entered the Hurricane Arrow Tower himself.

After he entered the tower from the outside, there was an enlarged space below.

They could use it to store war supplies.

The spacious stairs were up there.

One can reach the first floor when it is about 10 meters up.

He turned his head to look at the wall.

Steel reinforced the wooden and stone structure.

It made them extremely strong.

The runes carved on the walls caused the air to fill with a vast amount of magic energy.

As long as they attacked from within the Hurricane Arrow Tower.

Magic energy would cover the arrows that would give the enemy extra damage.

As Richard reached the third highest floor, his line of sight suddenly became wider.

He came to the front of the open hole of the siege crossbow.

He put his hands on the solid windowsill and looked out.

He could see the desert on the horizon.

There were firing holes in the four walls.

At the same time, they used a few protruding areas to store heavy crossbows.

One could move the crossbows.

This caught Richards curiosity.

Once they encountered an enemy, they could adjust their direction at the right time, and the heavy crossbow could shoot without any blind spots.

The old gray-haired Karu pointed outside and said.

“My Lord, one Hurricane Arrow Tower is far from enough.”

If we can build two more Hurricane Arrow Towers to form a triangle, it will be easier for us to deal with the enemys attacks.

Building two Hurricane Arrow Towers would require… 400,000 units of ordinary resources and 3000 units of rare resources.

Richard held his forehead helplessly.

The system refreshed the no.

22 troop lair but had no time to recruit them.

Now, he had to spend hundreds of thousands of units…

“Build! Well start work first.

And Ill make up for the resources as soon as possible.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a soldier suddenly rushed upstairs and reported loudly.

“My Lord.

Lord Gunter has discovered a pack of more than five squads of desert mount wolves.

They attacked a group of humans…

Richards spirits agitated at the words.


“Where are they”

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