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Chapter 278: Chapter 237: The Broken Temple (3/6)

“Southwest, 50 kilometers.”

Richard was on the verge of tears.

“Damn it, how long has it been since Ive seen a human in the desert”

In this place where birds dont **, it was harder to see someone than to win the lottery.

The high morale of the people in Twilight City was very attractive to the refugees, but without anyone, everything was empty talk.

“Go now, immediately!”

He couldnt bear to continue looking at the newly built arrow tower.

He immediately went downstairs, called Alves, and left the territory while it rode the dragon hero.

It flew at full speed.

It did not take long for him to see the skeleton blood dragon circling in the sky.

Gunter, wrapped in a blood-colored mummy, immediately summoned its dragon to report to Richard.

“Lord, while we were hunting, we discovered that wolves attacked humans.

“But those humans were exceptionally smart.

They set fire to the dragons feces, and the aura they emitted made the wolves not dare to attack.”

Richard nodded.

“How many humans are there”

“More than two squadrons.”

“Take me there.”


After a brief conversation, Gunter turned around and flew away.

On the ground, there were still scorpion warriors, bandaged mummies, and the elite-level undead soldiers.

Richard ordered the ground troops to stay where they were, while he led the ten skeleton blood dragons in the sky.

Gunter led the way and flew for less than ten minutes before a dune covered with boulders appeared in their sight.

From a distance, he could see dozens of giant wolves with terrifying bodies that wandered under the sand dunes.

Their target was the more than 200 humans on the top of the dune.

However, the top of the sand dune currently emitted thick smoke, and a special aura in the smoke made the wolves not dare to approach.

Richards eyes brightened at the sight.

On the market, the price of food had been maintained at 1 unit for 10 units of resources.

Each desert mountain wolf weighed thousands of units, and could easily be sold for tens of thousands of units of resources.

These dozens of mountain wolves represented hundreds of thousands of resources.

It was definitely the biggest income he had made in the past few days.

He only took a glance at those humans and didnt pay much attention to them.

They were all his spoils of war and couldnt run away.

On the top of the sand dune, a middle-aged man wrapped in white gauze and had been bitten by a giant wolf from the thigh saw the undead giant dragon burned with blood-colored energy in the sky.

Endless despair filled their eyes.

“Oh my god, are we really going to die here

“Those damn giant wolves were already terrifying enough.

Why were there so many undead giant dragons!”

That was a dragon!

Even a dead wyvern had unspeakable power.

What was worse was that the dragons feces could scare the wolves, but not the undead dragons.

In the midst of despair, his voice was hoarse.

“Everyone, listen up! If the undead wyverns attack later, immediately scatter and escape!”

“We could not fight these undead dragons.”

“Uncle Kevin…” He said.

A childs eyes were red, and his voice was choked.

The surrounding commoners stood up silently.

No one spoke.

They knew that they would not survive this time.

But since they dared to cross the death desert, they were already prepared to die on this land.

However, just as they thought that their fate had been decided…

A human surrounded by yellow sand slowly flew out from the back of the undead dragon that burned with flames.

The other partys handsome face seemed to have been carved by a master.

Coupled with the posture of an undead who had enslaved the undead dragon, it brought an extremely strong psychological impact to everyone.

“What was this”

It bewildered the crowd.

The next second, under their nervous gazes, the yellow sand on the mysterious humans body surged.

On the ground, endless yellow sand lifted up dozens of meters high.

The waves swept across the world.

The light dimmed, and everything lost its color.

The dozens of ferocious desert mountain wolves were like small boats in a level 18 storm.

They were directly submerged in the sand waves.

Everyone could hear a series of wails.

In a few breaths time, sand shrouded the giant dunes.

The ferocious mountain wolves were nowhere to be seen.

This scene, which was like a natural disaster, made the people who had just been prepared to die open their mouths wide.

It was like they had seen a legend, and were unable to return to their senses for a long time.

They looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

Those fierce and brutal mountain wolves were annihilated just like that

“Who was that human surrounded by yellow sand”

“Why was he so powerful”

Countless doubts rose in their minds.

Then, they were shocked to find when the human looked at them.

In an instant, endless pressure swept over.

Everyone felt like they looked at a sandstorm that could tear the world apart.

They felt like the figure could destroy them at any moment.

Fear consumed their hearts…

As the human gradually approached, the pressure rose to the extreme.

Surrender, kneel… This thought rose uncontrollably, like a wildfire that burned a dry grassland.

No one knew who knelt first, but with a soft thud, the crowd knelt in unison in a few breaths.

No one was left standing.

Then, they lowered their heads and saw a pair of leather boots on the ground.

The few people in front suppressed the fear in their hearts and raised their heads slightly.

That handsome face appeared in front of them.

However, the other partys indifferent expression was like that of a god high up in the sky that looked down on all living beings.

Even if they knelt on the ground, they didnt dare to complain.

There was only endless fear.

The middle-aged man in the lead endured the pain from his wound and lowered his head with his hand on his chest.

“Respected strong man, Kevin, I pay you the highest respect and thank you for saving us.”

At the same time, joy filled everyone elses hearts as they held their chests in awe.

He was extremely humble.

Richard said slowly as he looked around.

“Kevin, tell me, where are you from Do you have any companions”

Kevin raised his head and spoke with an extremely weak tone.

“Lord, we came from the Rhino Empire to avoid the war.

“We still have quite a few companions.”

“Where are your companions”

Kevins tone was dejected.

“We passed by a broken temple before and were planning to rest there for a while.”

“But I dont know who touched the mechanism.

It turned the area around the broken temple into quicksand, and several terrifying monsters appeared.

“We were looking for food and water outside and were lucky enough to escape, but those damned mountain wolves targeted us.”

The other party kneeled on the ground and begged in an extremely painful tone.

“Respected strongman, I beg you to save my companions.

As long as you can save them, we are willing to be loyal to you…”

[Ding~ You have triggered an emergency–Rescue of the Lost.]

[To avoid the war, some humans risked their lives to cross the desert, but they were trapped in the dangerous land.]

[Can complete mission 1: Rescue the trapped humans.]


Drive the trapped humans into the dangerous area.]


Reject the request for help and leave immediately.]

[The sudden event mission reward is closely related to your choice.]

“Broken temple

“An emergency”

It enlivened Richards curiosity.

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