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Chapter 280: Chapter 239: Additional Reward, 4-Stars Treasure-Land of Quicksand (5/6)

“The dungeon detained a hero unit here”

And after he defeated the dungeon guard would give him this hero

Richards expression changed.

“Are you kidding me”

How the f*ck was he supposed to defeat them

He didnt even dare to get close.

Alves was one of the most strapping heroes in the Twilight City, but killed it like a little chick in front of him without even being able to resist.

Was this something he could tackle now

He would still feel hopeless even if an extraordinary hunter were to repair it.

The pressure the aura gave him was too exaggerated.

Richard took a few deep breaths to suppress his emotions and marked the location on the map.

Richard didnt hesitate.

He left with Gunter, who had waited for him.

To explore such a high-level map now was definitely courting death.

He could only return after he became stronger.

After what had just happened, Kevin and the girl, who sat on the back of the skeleton blood dragon, had mixed feelings.

The girls expression was still considered usual, but Kevins legs had gone soft at this moment.

He thought about how he had walked back and forth in such a terrifying manner for so long.

It was as if he wandered in front of the god of death.

It was a miracle he survived.

“My Lord, what is that underground”

Kevin only dared to speak after they were far away from the area.

Richard glanced at the pale-faced man.

He shook his head slowly.

An extremely strapping being, even a dragon, is nothing more than prey.

Kevin immediately stopped asking.

From his trembling lips, one could tell how scared he was.

After they returned to the crowd, the remaining residents were initially quite excited, but felt a little strange when they saw Kevins expression and the girl.

After they asked what had happened, they immediately patted their chests in relief.

“My Lord, is your territory lacking manpower”

Richard ordered the skeleton blood dragon to drag some of the residents back to Twilight City and summon the other aerial units.

The limping girl approached Richard while he studied the crystal.

When Richard heard the question, he looked at the girl whose temperament was obviously different from other civilians and nodded slightly.

“Thats right.

Twilight City is located in the depths of the desert.

Its population is very scarce.

“So, dont worry.

Youll have a good time in Twilight City.”

The girl nodded slowly.

“I believe that since you didnt let anyone else take the crystal, you must have treated everyone well.”

The nobles and lords had always been sending civilians to their deaths.

However, it was obvious that the other partys actions were very different from the other lords and nobles.

Richard looked at the girl with interest.

He didnt feel any fear from this person.

This was a bit rare.

He opened the attribute panel.

It widened his eyes immediately.



[Potential B-rank]

[Hero Unit: Internal Affairs Hero]

[Skills: Calm, Intelligence, Command, Management, Political Affairs]

An inexplicable feeling of gratitude rose in his heart.

How long has it been It had been three months since the last hero, Adele, had appeared.

Finally, he had found a new hero among the ordinary residents.

“Whats your name”

“Vale, my Lord.”

“Vale, you have a high reputation among your companions.

Youll be in charge of managing your companions.”

Vale was shocked.

She did not expect Richard to say something like that.

She was about to say something, but Richards next sentence made her swallow her words.

The new residents may not survive in the territory.

At this time, they need someone to represent their interests.

“If you dont agree, no one will redress their grievances when their interests are damaged.”

Vale couldnt help but fall into contemplation.

These words were very reasonable based on her experience in other territories.

After new residents joined, they would often be excluded.

If she could have a certain status, it would undoubtedly be better for her companions to benefit.

And if she didnt stay in this territory for long, she could lead the residents away again.

After she figured out the key point, she slowly bowed.

“Thank you, for your trust.”

Richard chuckled.

As his strength increased, he had enough confidence when facing ordinary heroes.

“I dont care whether you agree or not.

Ill just tie it first and bring you to Twilight City.”

Under the influence of the 90 peoples sentiment, she would become a member of Twilight City in less than a month, no matter how stubborn she was.

This kind of assimilation ability reflected vividly in the process of taking in the previous waves of refugees.

There were too many benefits to having a high morale.

After he tricked Vale, Richard took out the crystal he got from the faceless statue.

When he looked at the crystals attributes, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Although the terrifying dark monarch had killed Alves, Richard did not lose anything this time.

[Land of Quicksand (Unbound)]

[Level: 4-stars]

[Special Property: Creates a quicksand area with a diameter of 10 kilometers.

After binding, the user can freely control the quicksand area.

A portion of the experience points generated by the enemies killed by the quicksand will belong to the bound user.]

[Description: Initially a powerful semi-divine weapon.

But after dark energy corroded it, this lost most of its power.

However, it still has magical abilities.]

In terms of attributes, this treasure had the same effect as the broken lake.

However, the biggest difference was that when the enemy was killed in the land of quicksand, the bound person would gain some experience.

It was a little perverted.

In the future, he would use the gods ancient trees “fishing method” to lure his enemies into the land of quicksand.

Wouldnt he be able to lie down and earn experience every day

Richards mood brightened at the thought of quicksand devoured the enemies.

Furthermore, the large-scale dungeon was about to open, and there would be several enemies that would attack Twilight City.

‘Wouldnt the land of quicksand be the best weapon to kill enemies

With this thought in mind, he spread out his mental energy and bound it to this special treasure.

Now, all he needed to do was find a suitable place to place it.

And he could harvest an endless amount of experience.

He put the crystal back into the system space happily.

He looked at the ground covered in sand.

There was still a harvest that had not been dealt with.

He waved his hand.


The sand surged.

The recently buried desert mountain wolves emerged from the sand one by one.

There were 53 in total.

Each weighed thousands of units.

Richard was in a good mood as he sold all the bodies.

It had exactly 530000 units of resources.

In addition to the resources that the troops had obtained from hunting these days, the resources on the attribute panel had once again reached one million.

This was the remaining resources after he spent the required resources for the construction of two Hurricane Arrow Towers.

The only thing that gave Richard a headache was the fact that he had to resurrect Alves at the Heros Altar.

Who knew how many resources he would need to obtain this level 10 dragon hero

After the skeleton blood dragon sent the first batch of civilians back to Twilight City, it brought all the air force.

Afterward, he took the remaining residents away.

Under the moonlight, the troop quickly returned to Twilight City.

When he saw the brightly lit territory from afar.

Kevin turned to look at Vale, who had a thin face, and asked hesitantly.

“Vale, what do you think this territory will be like”

The girl took a deep breath as she looked at the nervous Kevin.

“No matter what territory it is, Uncle Kevin, we have to protect the others.”

Kevin smiled bitterly.

“We have to be mentally prepared.

This territory is built in the desert.

You should know better than me what the desert is like.

“We lack water, food, clothes, daily necessities… Theres nothing we have, we lack everything… ”

Then, he sighed.

“But no matter what, we have a stable territory now.

No matter how broken it is, no matter how hard life is, we should endure it for now.”

When Vale heard this, she fell silent.

Thats right.

A territory built deep in the desert.

How could there be a good environment

In her mind, she could already imagine the sight of civilians with tattered clothes and numb eyes that wandered around the territory like corpses.

She clenched her fists and looked serious.

No matter how hard it was, she would lead the others to live well.


At that moment, the troops arrived in the sky above Twilight City.

They had arrived.

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