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Chapter 283: Chapter 242: Land of Quicksand, Automatic Fishing Device

Above the yellow sand.

An enormous tree more than 30 meters tall moved quickly on the sand.

Outsiders would be full of question marks if they were here and saw this scene.

“Big trees can run away these days”

The endless yellow sand seemed to have become an ocean.

And that leafless tree was like a huge ship that rode the wind and broke the waves in the yellow sand.

This scene had a strong visual impact.

However, the crisp sound from the treetop softened this rather shocking scene.

“Hahahahaha! Uncle Treebeard, quick! Lets go to the dune! Lets go!

On the treetop, Emily held the two branches in front of her excitedly and giggled.

Richard had the gods ancient tree cooperate with the little one, which moved in whichever direction she twisted its branches.

The gods ancient tree seemed to like Emily very much as well.

It cooperated with her and became a boat in the desert.

It attacked wherever she pointed, and this made Emily extremely happy.

Richard keenly observed.

The gods ancient tree could control the quicksand to move forward at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The meaning of this was self-evident for the gods ancient tree, whose advantage lay in its large body size and whose main output relied on standing.

The only pity was that it could not move the land of quicksand.

Otherwise, the gods ancient tree would be heaven-defying.

After half an hour of playing, Richard had gained a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the roots in quicksand.

He then had the giant gods ancient tree return to the center of quicksand.

Tree roots condense fruit that can attract other life.

“Today, well try to fish with the land of quicksand.”

“As you wish, Lord.”

The moment the muffled sound rang out.

A golden fruit emitted a special magic on the treetop.

It turned from gray to pure gold.

It emitted an aura of endless temptation.

Even Emily put down the branch she held tightly in her hand.

Her eyes were wide open, and one could see a hint of desire.

That fruit seemed to be very delicious …

The golden fruit that could increase ones bloodline potential had an indescribable attraction to life.

After the golden fruit took shape, Richard used the sand to create a whirlwind and blew the aura away.

Not long after.


An excited roar came from outside the land of quicksand.

The excitement in the voice was like someone had finally stepped into the club after its release from prison…

However, they could not see the other partys appearance due to the distance and the uneven dunes.

But when the monster stepped into the quicksand, Richard immediately thought of it.

It was a giant desert bear with a shoulder height of more than 12 feet and a ferocious head.

It gave off a fierce aura, and it was above level 10.

As the lord of the land of quicksand, it could sense every movement in this area.

It was as if it had a gods perspective.


The giant desert bear rushed into the land of quicksand excitedly.

However, unexpectedly, the behemoth that weighed more than five tons did not sink into the sand.

Its steps were steady.

The giant bear moved forward very quickly while it was excited.

In the blink of an eye, it had reached the 1000-meter mark.

However, at this critical point, it suddenly felt that the ground beneath its feet was empty.

It was no longer under force.

Its entire body suddenly sank.

How could the giant bear, which was excited, tolerate this Its temper instantly flared up.

It released a hysterical roar.

It began to struggle madly.

The tremendous force was like a giant deep-sea beast that stirred the sea tides.

It lifted the sand dozens of meters high.

However, the more it struggled, the faster the giant desert bear sank.

When it noticed this, fear rose in its heart.

It struggled and tried to retreat.

However, it was shocked when it realized… The path of retreat that it had come from had also turned into quicksand.

With every step it took, the giant desert bear would sink madly.

The sand was as light as floating cotton, far from that could support its weight.

It was like it tried to find out the depth of a muddy puddle, only to find out that it was a good dozen meters deep.

It simply couldnt step to the bottom.


The giant desert bears unwilling roar resounded through the world.

However, the falling sand was like a giant hand that kept pulling it into the depths of the earth.

The giant desert bears brute force was enough to be called overbearing.

And it struggled madly to run outside.

However, it could not exert effort on the sandy ground.

This caused the giant desert bear to sink deep every time it landed.

It could not extricate itself.

Its strength gradually exhausted under such a siege.

In the end, the giant desert bear cried a wail and slowly sank into the ground.

The entire process seemed long, but it only took three to five minutes…

Richard finally realized how insane the quicksand was.

It turned out that the giant desert bear did not think it would sink into quicksand upon entry into the land of quicksand.

Instead, it would trigger the quicksand after it had entered 1000 meters.

When the other party realized something was wrong and wanted to escape, this 1000-meter distance would become the path of its death.

After the giant bear had sunk into the yellow sand and died of lack of oxygen, the system notification rang out.

[Ding~ The land of quicksand has devoured a level 10 giant desert bear.

You have gained ten experience points.]

‘A level 10 bear only gave ten experience points

The notification interrupted Richards thoughts.

He looked at the pathetic ten experience points and shook his head.

The higher the level, the harder it was to earn experience.

If one wanted to obtain a large amount of experience quickly, one might have to reproduce the actions of killing dozens of people in the dungeon…

However, this was money he earned while he lay down.

Moreover, the quicksand land would continue to provide him with a steady stream of profits in the future.

He wouldnt lose anything, no matter what.

At that moment, the second system notification sounded.

[Ding~ Your experience points are full.

Please complete the promotion mission in time.

Richard looked at the notification in exasperation.

Damn it.

He had to embezzle these ten experience points…

His mind turned and his attention returned to the land of quicksand.

He was amazed by the rule that the quicksand was only triggered when he was 1000 meters away.

It directly avoided the awkward situation of the enemys escape as soon as they stepped into the land of quicksand.

It was a fatal blow that left no room for retreat.

When he thought of this, he had an idea.

His spirit spread out and sank into the sand below.

Not long after, a special feeling welled up in his heart.

He had an understanding in his heart.

As long as he wanted to, he could change the rules of triggering quicksand within 1000 meters at any time.

There were two additional rules, but they had to conform to the characteristics of the land of quicksand.

If they didnt, the land of quicksand couldnt do it.

Richard pondered for a moment, and his excitement grew.

This 4-stars treasure was complicated.

It was not as Richard thought.

How should he set the remaining two rules

While he pondered, he pulled out his spiritual power and sensed the land around him again.

At this moment, the second batch of field troops had arrived.

The golden fruit of the gods ancient tree was indeed worthy of being called bait.

In the next two to three hours.

The soldiers in the wild that had not been killed by the Twilight Citys troops immediately swarmed over like sharks that had smelled blood after they sensed the aura.

The land of quicksand, which had a diameter of 10 kilometers, had now become a graveyard where it swallowed everything.

Richard enjoyed the thrill that he collected money while he sat.

The only thing that annoyed him was that his level was stuck.

And he wasted all the experience points.

The gods ancient trees fishing with the golden fruit previously was not 100% accurate.

Some of the more intelligent soldiers in the wild could easily sense that something was wrong when they saw the terrifying appearance of the other party.

No matter how great the temptation was, they didnt care and turned to leave.

The ones caught were usually the beast-type troops with lower intelligence.

But with the addition of quicksand, the situation was different.

Many troops in the wild quickly rushed over after they smelled the golden fruit scent.

However, before they could see the gods ancient tree and sense something was wrong, they felt the ground had collapsed…

By the time they reacted and wanted to leave, the path of retreat had already become a land of death.

This distance of 1000 meters was too fatal.

However, there were accidents along the way.

Richard saw with his own eyes a squadron of desert kobolds that used their comrades as stepping stones to escape the quicksand.

Although this method was cruel, it was effective–even though they were still 500 meters away from the safety zone after being devoured.

But Richard also saw a loophole.

The scene of the kobold chieftain running away while it stepped its companions body made the troop leader pitiful when it wailed while the quicksand swallowed it.

Then, he silently changed the rule of triggering quicksand from 1000 meters to 1500 meters.

In this way, the enemys tactic of stepping on the corpses of their comrades to leave would be less effective.

How many people would it take to fill up the 1500-meter gap

‘Gratitude to these great hound-head soldiers.

Their sacrifices are worth it and glorious.

Praise them…

Richard didnt feel tired even after he stayed from morning to afternoon.

He was in a good mood as he watched his prey come up to him one by one to give him warmth.

A term appeared in his mind-automatic fishing device.

For some reason, he began to look forward to the instance dungeon next month…

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