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Chapter 286: Chapter 245: The Birth of Beyond A-Rank Hero

After Xina watched the memory, she fell into darkness again.

However, there was a difference from before.

This time, she didnt feel helpless.

The strength in her body quickly recovered.

And that power no longer had the pressure that carried a heavy burden on her back.

An unprecedented sense of relaxation gushed into her heart.

With the influx of power, she regained control of her body.

She quietly sensed that special aura circulated in her soul.

Although it was weak, it was like a tender sprout in spring.

It was full of vitality and vigor.

It was not a power she was familiar with.

But it was intensely compatible with her.

Xina accepted the new power.

She fused with it very happily.

That special power was like a catalyst that caused her original strength to transform.

As time passed, she felt her strength grow increasingly boundless.

In the end, it was like lava flowed in her blood vessels.

It was fulfilling and satisfying.

Time slowly passed.

Xina had no idea how much time had passed.

It was as if they had experienced the collapse of an era.

Finally, the power in her body reached a limit.

She regained control of her body and used all her strength to open her eyes.

The sky dome ceiling came into view.

Her blurry vision gradually cleared up.

Her thoughts woke up from the mist…

At this moment, her body felt more relaxed than ever.

The power in her body roared like thousands of rivers.

The seal in her body had disappeared.

Xinas eyes turned red as she looked at the ceiling.

Bean-sized tears fell from the corners of her eyes and dripped into her hair near her ears.

She had waited this day for far too long.

After a long time, she managed to suppress her inner emotions.

It was like she had thought of something.

She turned her head slightly and looked at Emily.

She lay beside Xina.

The little centaur slept very soundly.

Its mouth still savored the taste.

It was like she dreamed of something delicious.

Gentleness filled her eyes.

She thought of the hundreds of thousands of years of Emilys life.

When he was five or six years old, her father sent her to that cold area.

She lived a life without anyone to help her.

She didnt even have anyone to talk to for a long time.

Although she had received the gods blessings and obtained eternal life and the power of a demigod, it also imprisoned her.

Moreover, it was an endless imprisonment.

One could think about it.

It could imagine how shocking the loneliness and helplessness of guarding that land of broken the laws was.

Perhaps, after the collapse of the land of broken laws, Emily lost her memories and returned to the age when she entered that area.

It was the blessing of the goddess of luck.

To return to childhood was a dream adults have the most while they lay in bed.

Xina let out a soft sigh and reached to touch her face, then sat up from the stone platform.

“Lord, Lady Xina just woke up…”

The soldiers who guarded the outside immediately passed the news out.

Soon, the sound of hurried footsteps approached quickly.

Then, the figure she remembered in her soul appeared in front.

“Lord Richard.”

The smile on Xinas face was brighter than ever.

Then, the girl seemed to have thought of something and slowly came down from the stone platform.

Slowly, she made her way to Richards side in front of everyone.

She knelt on one knee.

There was an indescribable solemness and determination in her tone.

“My Lord Richard, Xina of the Krina tribe swears an oath to you.

“From this moment on, I will defend your honor with my blood and soul.

“Im willing to be the sharp blade in your hand and clear all obstacles for you…

“In the name of the desert, bear witness to my oath.”

The familiar beep of the system notification reached Richards ears.

[Ding~ You have completed the Hero Recruitment mission.

Xina of the Krina tribe is now officially your subordinate.]

[Ding~ You have used a special alchemy technique to break the divine seal in Xina Krinas body.

It has released her potential.

[In breaking the seal, she fused with a powerful bloodline and enhanced her potential.]

[In breaking the seal, she devoured the weak divine power contained in gods seal and transformed it into her power.

It intensely increased her potential.]

[Ding~ Xina Krina, potential promotion to Beyond A-rank.]

“A Beyond A-rank hero”

Richard looked at the system notification in surprise.

And then he burst out laughing.

“Beyond A-rank!”

It was a huge profit!

Just as he felt extremely excited, the system notification sounded again.

[Ding~ You have broken the god seal of the Krina tribe.

You have attracted the hostility of the evil god, Kurto.]

[It has marked your territory as a place that the kobolds hate.

Kurtos believers and worshippers will see you as an enemy.

They will attack your city.]


A place that the dog-headed people hated

Richard calmed himself down and read the notification twice.

His brows furrowed.

“The creator of the divine seal is the god of kobolds!”

The god who had the divine titles of greed and plunder was not a good person.

“What had the Krina tribe done in the past Why would the god of the kobolds target them”

No, now that evil god also targets him.

Richard pondered.

In the “Shining Era”, gods could not descend to the plane because their powers were too great.

It was okay if he had offended them.

But this was a Beyond A-rank hero.

Even if the other party did not like him, he could only summon his believers to attack him.

It could not do it personally.

While Richard pondered, he looked at the figure who still knelt on the ground.

“Get up, Xina.

Twilight City will need your protection in the future.”

“Ill do my best!”

Unprecedented determination filled Xinas tone.

Her life and soul belonged to the handsome human overlord in front of her the moment the seal broke in her body.

She would listen to all his orders unconditionally.

She was fearless even in the face of death.

After she got up, Xina turned her head to look at the little centaur on the stone platform and said in a gentle tone.

“Lord Richard, how much longer until Little Sister Emily wakes up”

Richard gave her a second look.

They werent that close before.

“Emily has lost a portion of her blood.

She will need two to three days to recover.

“Although shes fragile, it wouldnt affect her much.

“A portion of your blood has also entered Emilys body.

She has also benefited a lot.”

Only then did Xinas expression relax.

Then, it was like she remembered something.

She turned around and looked at Richard with a solemn expression.

“I saw the memories of Emily when I was in a deep sleep.”

Richard blinked.


“Thats right.

All the memories of hundreds of thousands of years…”

Xinas tone carried a hint of sadness.

“A father sent a child of only five or six years to a hopeless area, and the child guarded alone for hundreds of thousands of years.”

“How helpless was this

“While she guarded that area, didnt this imprison her as well”

Then, she suddenly thought of something and said it solemnly.

“Lord Richard, in Emilys memories, a god who fell in that land of the broken laws.

“She was stationed in that area, mostly because of that fallen god.”

“A fallen god”

Richards eyes widened.

“Thats right.

And after Emily guarded for hundreds of thousands of years, they discovered that the fallen god was still alive.

“It even repaired a part of its divine kingdom.”

Richards heart skipped a beat.

There was such a secret

He asked in a deep voice.

“What happened after that”

“After that, Emily led her subordinates into the divine kingdom and killed the remnant soul of the fallen god.

“But she was severely injured.

She could no longer destroy that divine kingdom.

“To prevent the gods from using the divine kingdom to revive again, Emily suppressed it deep within the land of the broken laws.

“However, after hundreds of thousands of years, It destroyed the divine kingdom and devoured the broken natural order in that area.

It also formed a new dimension.

“Lord Richard, I know where the divine kingdom is.

And I know how to open its door…”

Richard looked at Xinas solemn expression.

The fluctuations in her emotions were even more intense than when she became a hero with the potential to become Beyond A-rank.

Emily guarded the land of the broken laws that suppressed the fallen god.

And the other party resurrected halfway

Although it killed in the end, one was left behind… A divine kingdom

Xina knew where the divine kingdom was, and she could open it.

A Beyond A-rank hero, a divine kingdom… Wasnt the harvest this time a little unreasonable

But why did he feel so comfortable…

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