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The scorpion warriors completely wiped out the five teams of desert bandits in just a few minutes.

Although the bandaged mummies were strong, they were still much slower than the scorpion warriors.

After the desert bandits were slaughtered, the situation immediately changed.

The carriage guards, who had just been on the verge of collapse, were full of energy again.

They unleashed their final strength and stubbornly withstood the desert bandits wave after wave of attacks.

After the scorpion warriors killed five small teams, they were not satisfied.

They immediately grinned hideously and charged in the direction of the carriage.

When the desert bandits saw that their five small teams were quick to slaughter, they were greatly startled.

However, they were unwilling to give up the fat meat right in front of their mouths.

They immediately gritted their teeth and continued to attack the carriage team.

It was just like a gambler who wanted to use the last chip on the gambling table to turn the tables.

The two iron pincers of the scorpion warriors had now become the Grim Reapers scythe.

They began to harvest the souls of the enemies.

The desert bandits could not stop the scorpion warrior even with their full strength, not to mention that they had to divert their attention to attack the carriage team at this moment.

Fresh blood immediately dyed the desert red.

After the number of the desert bandits dropped drastically to two small teams, they completely collapsed.

Unable to suppress the shock in their heart, they turned around and ran away.

At a disadvantage, the desert bandits had a 20% increase in speed.

In a few breaths, the desert bandits run at an extremely long distance…

Which directly prevented the scorpion warrior from pursuing them.

[Ding~ Your troop has annihilated a group of desert bandits and obtained victory in a small-scale battle.

You have obtained 120 experience points.]

[Ding~ The scorpion warriors have experienced several battles, and their levels have increased.

They are currently level 2.]

The remaining seven or eight carriage guards witnessed the slaughter as the desert bandits were ravaged and fled.

They heaved a deep sigh of relief in their hearts.

However, their tensed nerves did not relax at all.

Although these terrifying troops that had suddenly charged out did not attack them, their ferocious and terrifying appearance and powerful combat strength gave them even greater pressure than the desert bandits.

The merchant hero was as round as a short sausage.

He mustered up the courage to stand out and face the poison scorpion warriors who had surrounded the carriage.

“Respected experts, we are members of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce in Solan City.

Thank you for your assistance to us… The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce will surely repay you handsomely!”


A deathly silence…

The scorpion warrior looked at the merchant hero with a cold gaze and did not say a word.

The atmosphere gradually sank to a freezing point.

The carriage guards, who had just exhausted their strength, were now even more nervous.

They had no choice but to brace themselves and prevent these terrifying creatures from suddenly launching an attack.

At this moment, a new face emerged in front of their eyes.

More than ten mummies surrounded a handsome young human, as they slowly approached from afar.

The short sausage-shaped merchant heros eyes immediately revealed a look of surprise.

When Richard approached, the merchant hurriedly took two steps forward and respectfully saluted with his hands on his chest.

“Honorable Lord, Solan Citys Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce Merchant Onyx, offers you the highest respect.”

“Thank you for saving my life.

The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce will remember your friendship.”

Richard nodded slightly.

“Lord of Twilight City, Richard.

Greetings, Lord Onyx.”

After receiving his reply, short sausage-shaped Onyx still did not dare to relax and bowed again.

“Where is Solan City How far is it from here”

Onyx straightened his bulging belly.

He looked like he was six months pregnant.

“Dear Lord Richard, Solan City is at the edge of the desert.

It is one of the largest cities in the Deadly Desert.”

Then, as if he had thought of something, Onyx exclaimed.

“You dont even know about Solan City.

Could it be that gods have chosen you and that you came from another world God of merchants, I didnt expect to meet the god of grace in the depths of the desert! Lord Richard had been chosen by the gods and had come from another world.”

Wasnt this the background setting of the players in the game “Shining Era”

The Deadly Desert… Richard didnt expect the desert he was in would be that.

They say there were dozens of deserts of different sizes in the game “Shining Era”.

The largest and most famous ones were only three on the official website — the [Deadly Desert], the [Lost Desert], and the [Endless Desert].

The [Deadly Desert] was at the center of the main plane of the game “Shining Era”.

It was extensively broad, and it would take five to six months to traverse it, even under the best circumstances.

However, that was all the information Richard knew.

“Yes, Lord Onyx, but why are you so surprised”

Onyx calmed himself down and said.

“Because you are the lord chosen by the gods! Isnt this exciting enough”

Richards mouth twitched.

‘If you knew that there are 20 billion of so-called god-blessed lords, you might not be so excited.

Richard did not struggle with this.

He changed the topic instead.

“How far is it from here to Solan City”

Onyxs face fell.

He took out a map from his pocket and looked at it carefully.

A moment later, Onyx said dejectedly.

“Theres still a months journey!”

“Oh god, were too far away from the trade route…”

Richard was a little curious.

“How did you guys get here How were you attacked by the desert bandits”

Onyx had also regained some of his calmness.

He began to recount what had happened to his group.

Although the Deadly Desert was extremely terrifying, since it is in the center of the main plane, it was surrounded by all the major forces.

As long as one could cross the desert and reach the other end of the desert, they would be able to exchange their goods for ten times or even ten times the profits.


If merchants had 100% of the profits, they would dare to risk their lives.

If they had 300% of the profits, they would dare to trample all the laws of the human world.

Under the temptation of high profits, Solan Citys powerful Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce invested a large amount of manpower and resources to open up a trade route.

However, a week ago, a sandstorm attacked the caravan.

During the natural disaster, they got separated from their companions.

After leaving the sandstorm, they encountered desert bandits.

At that time, they had three small teams of guards.

However, in the past few days of entanglement, the merchants suffered heavy losses.

Only seven or eight people were left.

Richard accepted to the merchants accounts.

“You are lucky to have survived the sandstorm.

What are your plans now Do you want to return to Solan City immediately or meet up with your caravan”

Onyx shook his head.

“After the caravan is separated, I dont know how many people will survive.”

“We plan to return to Solan City directly.”

After saying that, Onyx looked at Richard with longing eyes.

“Dear Lord Richard, can we go to your territory to rest and replenish the water source before we leave”

He was worried that Richard would refuse, so Onyx quickly said.

“I am willing to pay.

Also, you saved us.

On behalf of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce, I would like to express my gratitude to you.

“If it is suitable, we can start business transactions in the future.”

[Ding~ You saved the caravan of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce.

You have won their gratitude and respect.

Your current relationship with the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce is — friendly.]

[Ding~ The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce has applied to inspect your territory.

You can establish new business relations with them.]


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