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301 Chapter 259: Refused to Accept Several A-Rank Heroes In The Territory [2/3]

“At the same time, order the other three sides to attack immediately and create pressure to disperse the enemys forces.”

Even though the treant boss had devoured half of its troops, the enemies still had the absolute advantage in numbers.

This territory was only so big, and the troops couldnt exceed two thousand.

It still had 10,000 soldiers, and it was rare to have more than four legions.

The anger it had suffered in the hands of the gods ancient tree now vented on the players territory in front of it.

“Massacre the entire city after we topple them down!! Leave no one behind alive!!”

Its cold tone boosted everyones morale.

It was how the kobolds always did things.

After they plunder the caravan, they would usually slaughter everyone.

Chris knew its actions were very much in line with the character of the god of kobolds.

It had already figured out the kobold gods character after it went through the dark dungeon for so long.

“Yes, Lord!”

The two kobold heroes and a few players who listened to its orders immediately left with their respective troops.

Start the operation.


Richard looked up after the second battle horn.

In an instant, the mighty troops launched an attack.

The other three directions also sounded along with the horn from the west.

The opponent directly launched a general attack without holding back after a simple test!

Gray led all the bandaged mummies and scorpion warriors in the north, a squadron of sand condensation archers, and dozens of glorious-level undead soldiers of the Axe of the Dead.

Xina led all the wild sand mages in the east, a squadron of sand condensation sand archers, and two of guardian mummies.

Gunter guarded the south side.

It was with guardian mummies, two squadrons of rare-level undead soldiers, and all the cursed pharaohs.

The dark gargoyles stood by in the city.

Just like that, they completed the structure of the entire defense system.

There were four walls, and a mighty hero guarded each.

The city wall had a geographical advantage, and the enemy had a numerical advantage.

Therefore, after they activated the battle formation, they directly entered the state of white heat.

Richard was in charge of the west.

He faced the enemys main force.

The pressure they faced was the greatest.

As the main force pressed forward, he waved his hand, and the sand in front of him surged.

In an instant, it floated up and formed a set of yellow sand armor on the troop.

Beyond A-rank skill, Sand Condensation Armor.

After they used the skill, the troops defensive ability significantly increased.

However, he suddenly felt an inexpressible sight of danger.

It was like a giant beast crawled out of the abyss and stared at him.

That mighty palate of danger made him break out in cold sweat.

“This aura… The god of kobolds–Kurto!”

The other party had indeed appeared again.

No, not yet, but he had also discovered his existence.

Richard immediately focused on his surroundings and pushed his perception to the extreme.

At the same time, he let the unremarkable sand float over the entire battlefield.

He sensed the threat that could come at any time.


“Blasphemers must die!!”

“For the glory of our god!”

Curses continued to mingle in the air.

The opponents attacked the four city walls simultaneously.

The scene immediately became chaotic.

On the other hand, the enemies who had no siege weapons but could climb up the city walls immediately pressured Twilight City defenders.

After they paid a certain number of casualties, several kobolds managed to reach the top of the city wall under the attacks of several times more troops than their own.

Two players on the north side watched this scene excitedly.

Winning would be arduous if one considers the troop powers.

As long as they could break the city wall.

But in the next second, the excitement in their hearts suddenly froze.

Those warriors who carried the giant axes and heavy armor threw their tomahawks violently down the city wall.


After the crisp sound, a scene of shattered glass appeared before his eyes.

Then, a terrifying metal storm enveloped an area of thirty meters and instantly wiped out the densely-packed troop.

Dozens of tomahawks created a large of no mans land.

They quickly annihilated the troops that broke into the city walls after they lost the endless stream of reinforcements.


The guardian mummies on the city walls, the wild mage mummies, immediately cast their spells when the enemies gathered.


Sharp earth spikes shot out on the ground one after another.

The hundreds of sand mummies had turned the ground into a death zone.

They pierced the body through the head from the lower half of the body.

The scene was supremely exaggerated.

The damage caused by mage troops was always particularly significant.

The destructive power of the sand spikes was extremely high, and they were not any weaker than the sand archers on the other city walls.

Xina held the broken steel longsword and looked ahead with a cold gaze.

She saw the two players who gave orders hundreds of meters away.

After the wild sand mages had used most of their magic powers and could not stop several kobolds from rushing up the city wall, her body suddenly bent like a crossbow.

After it stretched her to the limit.


Her body shot out directly.

She shot from the city wall into the kobold troop like a lightning bolt.


The moment she landed on the ground, her speed increased by 30%.

The broken steel longsword in her hand suddenly ignited with a supremely destructive energy.

As the sound flickered, countless sabers seemed to have slashed all the surrounding kobolds, and their bodies instantly turned into pieces.

She could see a terrifying path paved with broken limbs and fragments when she looked down from the sky.

It extended from the city wall.

No kobold could stop this Beyond A-rank hero.

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