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303 Chapter 260: God Descended and Devoured Divinity [1/3]

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Ill look at them later.]


The kobold troops battle power was not weak.

They could not withstand a single wave if it were any other players territory.

However, it was a pity Chris faced Twilight City.

The owner of this place was Qingqiu, an existence that caused countless players to experience shock and fear.

The A-rank heroes he stationed on the city walls immensely increased Twilight Citys defense.

The enemies were mentally unprepared.

And they had to deal with Twilight City like with ordinary players.

It was its destiny to be badly injured.

However, one could not see the information about the territory in the attribute panel, so until now, he still didnt know the enemy.

“Lord Chris, what should we do now…”

The few kobolds who received orders were anxious when they saw Chris had not returned to its senses for a long time.


Chris heaved a sigh of relief and forcefully suppressed the frustration in its heart.

It raised its head and looked at the city wall the kobolds had breached.

Its eyes were lifeless.

It didnt matter if the other attacks failed.

It would settle everything if they could break into the city.

“Have the troops on the other three sides slow down their attacks and focus on how to contain them…”

As soon as Chris finished speaking, it raised the steel knife.

“Sound the horn! All troops, attack!

“For the glory of our god!”

Since things had come to this, there had not much room for retreat.

The cost of sinking the desert expedition was too high.

Chris couldnt accept it if it retreated now.

A bit of ruthlessness perched in its heart.

They would attack the city at all costs since there was no other choice.

It could make up for the losses this time as long as it could complete the A-rank mission.

Moreover, Chris did not think the few A-rank heroes on the other side could resist its troops.


The horn sounded for the third time.

The troops that charged immediately accelerated.

The pressure on the west walls of the city increased dramatically.

The situation started to get out of control.

When Chris saw this, it clenched its fists and smiled.

Confidence in victory engulfed its heart.

Suddenly, Chris heard a buzzing sound.


It suddenly had an injudicious feeling.

Chris suddenly turned its head to look in the direction of the sound.

At the end of its sight, under the illumination of the moonlight.

A mass of dark clouds quickly flew over.

“That was… Hornet”

Its pupils desperately shrank and immediately opened the attribute panel…

[Venomous Wasp]

[Level: Rare 3-stars.]

In an instant.

An inexpressible fear protruded into its heart.

“How could this territory still have such terrifying power”

Chris was absent-minded at the moment.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Dark clouds in the sky that could cover the moon quickly swooped down with a fierce aura.

It was like a terrifying wave surged.

It deluged everything.

The kobolds that had climbed up the city wall grinned and were about to start a massacre.

When they saw this scene, it was like they fell into an ice cellar.

It wasnt even worth it to react to.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The venomous wasps were like arrows.

They left afterimages in the air as they streaked past the kobolds.

The 10-centimeter-long tail stinger reflected a dark blue light.

The tail stinger was like the long spear of an aerial knight under high-speed flight.


A long gash appeared on the kobolds armors weak points and the skin uncovered by the armor.

Blood spurted out.

When the wounds would turn green in the blink of an eye was extra fatal.

It then spread throughout the kobolds body.

It caused the body to stiffen.

After it twitched a few times, it fell to the ground and died.

The autumn wind swept the fallen leaves.

No kobold soldier could stand where the dense wasp had swept past.

The scene was supremely visually impactful.

In just a few breaths, they starkly wiped out the kobold troops.

These kobolds were about to take down the city wall.

It was a fruitful battle.

It was unforgiving.

After the wasps annihilated the enemy, they continued to sweep the city wall.

The kobolds felt like their liver and guts were about to burst when they witnessed this terrifying scene.

In the face of this enemy called a natural disaster, even if they were loyal to the gods, it still scared their wits.

In the blink of an eye, the favorable situation took a sharp turn for the worse.

The kobolds terrified and pained wails were the only sound that remained in the air.

The wasps continued to buzz.

Wherever the wasps passed, they wiped out the kobolds in front of them like water guns.

Chris, who thought about how to kill the A-rank heroes after they attacked Twilight City, was now a little worried.

He looked at the wasps that formed a black cloud and the kobolds troop that fled in a frenzy.

It numbed half of its body.

Its head buzzed.

Chris was about to go crazy.

“What was going on with these wasps

“Was this the troop had the player raised”

“But how did they have such powerful strength

“On what basis!”

Its determination to conquer the city at all costs.

At this moment, the poisonous wasps directly crushed those descended from the sky.

After the wasps formed a large scale, unless the mage used an area-of-effect spell, the wasps could not survive.

Otherwise, the effect of the kobolds blade and sword would be pitiful.

“Lord, are we, are we going to retreat”

The two players beside Chris already panicked.

They no longer had any thoughts of counterattacks.

They did not want to die!

Chris was still very unwilling to give up.

“I am not convinced!

The 15 players each led a large team of soldiers.

The six troop soldiers gathered in the desert.

Two legions of soldiers had failed to take down a players territory…

“I refuse to accept this!”

Richards expression did not relax as he watched the venomous wasps slaughter the kobold troops.

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