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304 Chapter 260: God Descended and Devoured Divinity [2/3]

Richard could sense the danger that lurked in the dark had not disappeared.

The kobold god was like a venomous snake that waited for an opportunity to strike.

The control ring was already in his hand.

As long as there was the slightest movement, the extraordinary hunter would appear.

However, the development of the situation surprised Richard.

The kobold army annihilated the venomous wasps, which could not counterattack.

But the kobold god still held back…

The uneasiness in its heart grew sturdier.

“What is the other party waiting next!

“They had wiped out the enemy, so what does the god of kobolds plans to do”


Gray in the north summoned the dark gargoyles from the central area after they weakened the kobolds attack.

It held up the glorious-level undead soldiers of the six teams.

It led a team deep into the kobold troop and began to kill the enemies.

This mummy hero had powerful Crowd Control skills, and with the sharp attack of the axe of the dead, the kobold troop without air defense was simply meat on the chopping board.

Xina severed the two players in command from the east.

The situation immediately collapsed after Xina defeated them.

The lionhearted warrior Xina charged into the crowd with her sword.

It caused the kobolds to fall into extreme fear.

The remaining kobolds scattered and fled in all directions not long after and lost the ability to resist.

Gunter in the south cast a spell alone and forced the kobold troop to stay a hundred meters away from the city wall.

They could only shoot arrows from a distance.

It was not a threat at all.

The surrounding situation gradually stabilized, and the crisis seemed to end smoothly.

The kobold gods revenge could not affect Twilight Citys foundation.

The situation of building a city wall on the west side gradually became pronounced after the attack of the wasps.

When the players saw that the battle had starkly collapsed, they gave up resistance.

They retreated with the troop around.

It was like the war was about end.

Richards eyes narrowed, and his face grew serious.

He looked up at the sky.

An inexpressible threat came from above.

The next second.

The kobolds corpses on the battlefield suddenly melted into streams of gel-like blood.

It was like a magnet absorbed the blood.

Then it turned into rays of blood light that shot into the sky.

It wasnt just the west side.

All the corpses outside Twilight City melted simultaneously and rose.

This scene was inexplicably horrifying.

The city residents suddenly discovered that countless blood-colored light rays surged the outside city walls.

They all gathered in the air.

The night sky emitted a scarlet light.

At this moment, everyones eyes reflected a horrifying scene.

Blood-hued mud suddenly twisted, and a kobolds face appeared after the blood-colored energy gathered.

The other party opened its mouth, and its deep voice contained indefinable rage.

“Lowly ants…”

“I will burn you for a million years! I will make you suffer the most extreme pain in this world… Forever and ever!”

The god of kobolds…

Richards eyes flashed with surprise.

‘So, the troop that attacked Twilight City was just a sacrifice

‘The kobold god had used the corpses of its believers to descend upon the world!

That was why the kobold troop was so weak… The other party did not expect to break into Twilight City.

An indescribable and terrifying pressure bursts out without restraint after it has formed the kobold gods face.

It was as if a mountain had collapsed at this moment, and thousands of rivers surged violently.

The Twilight City residents felt a mountain pressed down on them, and their souls trembled.

It was not an existence that ordinary people could imagine…

“That was a god!”

Richards face grew serious.

He could sense that the other party devoured the corpses on the ground to gather strength.

If it were to take form and descend, it would destroy Twilight City instantly.

He gritted his teeth and made up his mind.


A 15-meter-tall broken mechanical puppet appeared on the spot.

It was the extraordinary hunter.

Its aura had become stronger after the restoration.

However, the terrifying pressure still seemed so small compared to the sky.

Gods had already transcended the mortal world and controlled the most ancient source of the worlds power of the most rules.

They were so powerful that even the main plane rejected them.

Chris, who was just about to escape, saw this scene in the sky, and an indescribable joy rose in its heart.

It wanted to laugh out loud.

Chris sensed it the moment the aura appeared.

It was the ruler of the dark dungeon, the god of kobolds, Kurto.

The god that it worshipped in the underworld territory.

Its eyes became extremely crazy when it thought of the attack that it had just repulsed and the troops it had destroyed.

Even if the other party had several A-rank heroes, even if the other party hid thousands of rare-level wasps, they were still dead!

‘There was no chance of survival when a god attacked!

However, a vast mechanical puppet appeared when Chris thought.

It shocked the society president.

“What was this”

Chris opened its attribute panel and glanced, only to see a short message.

[Extraordinary Hunter]

[Level: 20…]

It was like a giant hand clasped its heart.

Chriss breathing immediately stopped.

Level 20, extraordinary hunter…

“Who was that player

“How could there be a mechanical puppet of this level”

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