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305 Chapter 260: God Descended and Devoured Divinity [3/3]

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However, when Chris saw the mechanical puppet rush into the sky, the blood energy condensed into an enormous face formed from the corpses of nearly ten thousand kobolds.

The jealousy in its heart turned into endless ecstasy.


“You are seeking your death!

“No matter how strong you are, you cant pilot a damaged mechanical puppet to face the mighty god!”

Chris could almost see the mechanical puppets broken image at this moment.

It felt as comfortable as eating an iced watermelon during the hottest time of July.

It was dangerous, paralyzingly dangerous.

Every cell in Richards body was on alert.

Even though he piloted the extraordinary hunter, the fear in his heart grew stronger every time he got closer to the blood-hued mud that condensed in the sky.

He seemed to jump into the mouth of a giant abyss beast.

He was closer to death than ever.

However, he had nowhere to retreat.

Once the condensation formed the blood-hued mud, Twilight City would suffer an unprecedented blow.

The enemy could even wipe the city out.

‘Never underestimate the power of the gods.


He let out a low growl.

The veins on his neck popped out under the terrifying pressure.

Countless grains of sand on the ground surged to isolate the power that devoured.

However, the condensed sand suddenly lost control like a kite with its string cut in the next second.

Richards heart skipped a beat.

He rushed to the front of the rolling blood-hued mud under unprecedented pressure.

The sharper than the knights blade of an extraordinary hunters two-meter-long claws waved wildly.


A cold glint flickered.

The attack pierced through the blood-hued mud.

But it immediately returned to ordinary after it rolled.

The sharp claws emitted waves of black smoke as the sludge corroded, on the contrary.

Richard took the brunt of the power.

He summoned all from his body to control the hunter to attack.

However, the fierce attack did not damage the blood-hued mud at all.

It was no different from the Sand Transformation skill, which had an extremely short and terrifying suppression of physical attacks.


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