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317 Chapter 265: Natural Blacksmith [1/2]

“Lord, do we need to send a few troops to guard the underground tunnel”

Gray looked at the troop that passed through the two-way portal and hesitated.

“The underground passage is not a secret if the gray-colored dwarves retaliate…”

For the past few days, Twilight City ran amuck in the underworld.

The amount of wealth they had plundered from the gray-colored dwarves was the hatred they had for them.

Richard said while he shook his head.

“Let the blood-colored mummies initially stationed here continue to be on guard.

Its enough to inform the tree roots beforehand if enemies are coming.”

It was not much of use to send defensive troops.

If they sent too many, Twilight City could not handle the troops.

If they sent too few, they could not deal with the enemy.

They stationed the gods ancient tree on the other side of the two-way portal.

If the other party wanted to go to the surface through the teleportation formation, it would be a piece of cake.

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Moreover, spatial energy protected the two-way portal.

Even extraordinary hunters could not destroy it, so there was no need to worry about the other partys destruction.

Gray immediately stopped talking.

After Richard made some simple arrangements, he watched the last skeletal blood dragon leave without hesitation.

He let Alves, who sat down, fold its wings and cross the portal with his body lowered.

After it passed through a small obstacle, Richard saw the towering figure of the gods ancient tree.

He revealed a smile on his face.

The feeling he traveled a hundred miles with one step was perfect.

Unfortunately, the two-way portal was a 4-stars treasure that only luck could provide.

Otherwise, they could expand the sphere of influence of Twilight City by a lot.

After Richard instructed the abomination Gu Shumi to guard the two-way portal, he returned to Twilight City with his troops.

The sun was about to sink into the earth, and the orange setting sun shone on his body.

It gave him a layer of dazzling armor.

Coupled with his outstanding temperament, Richard was striking.

It was especially true for the young women of the city.

Their faces reddened at the sight of him, and their eyes glowed.

He wanted to take a few more glances, but he was somehow shy and didnt dare to.

After Richard dismissed the troops, he didnt return to the Lords mansion.

Instead, he went straight to the blacksmith shop.

“Lord Richard, youre back!”

When Adele saw him, she was pleasantly surprised.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead.

She didnt notice some dust on her hand, which left a distinct mark on her face.

However, with that lovely face, she looked a little more playful.

“Youre back.

The harvest this time is not bad.”

Richard looked at the young girls smile.

His mood improved.

“Hows the forging of the dragon-hunting crossbow”

Adele responded in a light tone.

“We have completed the preliminary preparations.

As long as the rare resources are in place, we can make five dragon-hunting crossbows in three days.”

The dragon-hunting crossbow was a 4-stars treasure, and Richard had always regarded it as a trump card.

They developed this to hunt giant dragons.

So one could imagine its destructive power.

In the dungeon that was about to open, there was no need to think to know that a powerful boss would appear.

He could not stop the other party, so it was a perfect defense system for Twilight City.

The dragon-hunting crossbow existed to kill bosses.

The weapon was powerful, but the resources it required were also ridiculous–5000 units of mercury, 5000 units of sulfur, 5000 units of crystal, 1000 units of refined iron, the fascia of a dragon above level 15 or a mixed-blood dragon, and a notable blacksmith.

With this in mind, he glanced at his attribute panel, and the feeling of getting rich instantly disappeared by half.

“Damn, after plundering so much from the underground world, I only had enough to forge three to five dragon-hunting crossbows.”

He wasnt sure if it was because the underground world was destitute or if this thing was genuinely precious.

However, there was scant to say about the level of a 4-stars treasure.

“Ill give you ten thousand units of mercury, sulfur, and crystal each for the time being to forge two swords.”

“We have completed one Hurricane Arrow Tower, and two more were still under construction.”

There should be at least one dragon-hunting crossbow in each of the three arrow towers.

In addition to the one he smithed earlier, he now had three.

“Forge six dragon-hunting crossbow bolts first, and Ill also give you the resources.”

The dragon-hunting crossbow was relatively cheap.

It required 500 units of crystal, 500 units of sulfur, 500 units of mercury, and 100 units of refined iron.

However, as a consumable, the crossbow bolts were also expensive.

As a result, 39,000 units in this wave and the rare resources in his hands immediately fell sharply.

[Gems: 12,329 units]

[Mercury: 41,320 units]

[Sulfur: 412 units]

[Crystal: 19,306 units]

The other resources were still sufficient, but there was a shortage of sulfur, so he could not continue to increase the price.

Richards head hurt.

“The financial resources of Twilight City are not enough to use the dragon-hunting crossbow as you please, so you need to make some ordinary heavy crossbows to match it…”

Adele said with a paltry admiration.

“Its alright, Lord.

Its already enough that youve developed Twilight City into such a powerful state in just three months.

“These difficulties are only temporary.

I believe we can solve them soon.”

Richards heart warmed at the trust in those eyes.

He reached out and pinched the girls face and wiped away the mark on her forehead.

When Richard saw the young girls face turn red and shyness filled her eyes, he laughed.

“Did you find any apprentices with the potential to become heroes”

Adele was busy with her tasks.

She lost time on technology research and development.

It was imperative to train a second blacksmith.

One of the conditions for upgrading Twilight City from a level 3 small city to a medium city was to possess advanced technology.


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