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320 Chapter 266: Ancient God Statue And The Ancient God [2/2]

While Richard thought of this, he turned to look at the little centaur.

“Emily, do you know what treasure has sealed the god”

“Father, its a fragment of a divine artifact.”

“A fragment of a divine artifact”

It suddenly incited Richards interest.

“Do you still have other treasures hidden inside”

“I dont know, Ive forgotten…”

There was a blank look in her eyes.

Richard didnt say much and changed the subject.

“Can you sense how long it will take for the god to break the seal”

The little centaur said hesitantly.

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“Father, I cant confirm the exact time, but we should be able to resist for another three months…”

“Three months”

Richard said.

“It was enough!”

With a three-month buffer period, Twilight City could accumulate a mightier troop to explore.

The body of a god, the fragments of a divine artifact… There were many good things in this kingdom.

Interest filled Richards heart.

He looked at the centaurs still scared face.

He gently rubbed her face.

“Dont be afraid, Emily.

Ill remember this.

“In three months, well return and seal the god youve sealed before.

“With me here, no one can hurt you.”

Richard gave her a few more words of advice after he comforted her.

“In the future, if you sense any strange movements in that area, let me know at any time.”

When the centaur heard this, it immediately relieved her expression.

Xina seemed to have thought of something and said in a deep voice.

“Lord Richard, wed better go check it out ourselves and confirm the situation…”

Richard nodded.

“Emily, you should rest first.”

The little centaur nodded obediently.

Although she was a little worried about the two, she did not make a fuss about following them.

Xina did not answer and continued.

“My Lord, Emily is more familiar with that area.

We should bring her along…”

Richard thought for a moment, then nodded.

“Come with us, Emily.”

“Yes, Father…”

The little centaur immediately became happy.

After the three left Emilys room, they rode Alves together and flew out of Twilight City.

Richard didnt bring any troops this time.

The main thing was to confirm the movements in that area.

If they brought too many people, it would be difficult for them to escape if something unexpected happened.


Alvess flapping wings created endless waves of air.

The air was particularly cool as they flew under the night sky.

The cold moon shone on the ground.

It covered the rough desert with a soft silver veil.

However, none of them were in the mood to look at the desert under the night sky.

They flew to the land of the broken laws as fast as they could.

“Were here!”

As Xina spoke, Richard waved Alves in the air.

He looked over.

The lake water that flew in the sky had now condensed into a vast lake in the desert.

The water in front of them sparkled under the moonlight.

Richards sharp eyes immediately spotted the wet sand on the shore.

It was the lake water that evaporated and the water level that dropped.

Although the lake was exceptionally enormous, it rapidly receded without flowing water.

His perception was at its peak, but the surroundings were quiet, and there was no life in the lake.

After Alves rose to an altitude of 500 meters, it continued to fly toward the lake.

Richard finally noticed the lake after it flew for ten minutes.

Under the moonlight, one could see half-murlocs with fishtails playing on the lakes surface.

After the collapse of the land of the broken laws, some of the lifeforms that previously lived in the broken lake naturally became residents here.

However, as the lake water rapidly dried up, these creatures that should not have existed in the desert in the first place would not have long to live in peace.

“Emily, can you sense where the divine kingdom is”

The little centaur frowned and pointed ahead.

“Its in this direction,”

The faint golden rune on her wrist emitted a much more dazzling light.

Richard nodded and immediately commanded his dragon to fly forward.

He was afraid to miss his target, so he didnt fly too fast this time.

About ten minutes later, Emily suddenly shouted for Alves to stop.

“Father, I see it…”

“You saw it”

Richard lowered his head to look at the lake.

The lake surface still rippled with light, without any other patterns.

Just as he felt puzzled.

Emily slowly extended her hand.

The rune on her wrist that emitted a golden light suddenly bloomed with a dazzling radiance.

The sun seemed to have been born in the night sky.

The rippling surface of the lake became clear and transparent at this moment.

Richards eyes went wide with shock.

At the bottom of the lake, a vast bubble blocked the erosion of the water.

Broken palaces had shrunk dozens of times inside the bubble.

Upon closer look, one could see many tadpole-sized, pitch-black murlocs swim around the palace.

If one looked down from the sky, one could see the inscription-engraved ground and mysterious areas one after another.

The inscriptions were like a spider web that enveloped within.

One can find an arm placed in the center of the spider web.

The exuded aura could make ones heart tremble even through the lake water and the bubbles.

Divine kingdom, divine body…

Richard couldnt believe what he saw.

The majestic divine kingdom he had imagined had appeared in front of him in such a state.

Just as he was about to ask.

The air in the gods kingdom, wrapped in bubbles, suddenly changed.

An indescribable and terrifying divine might came from the body suppressed in the center.

At that moment.

In the divine kingdom, countless dark energy rolled.

A shadow with three heads appeared in the air bubble.

The three heads slowly raised their heads to look at the sky.

It was impossible to see their exact appearance through their blurry facial features, but the divine might they exuded was enough to shock anyone.

It was like kneeling and submitting was the right thing to do.

A mere shadow seemed to be able to suppress the heavens and earth.

Suddenly, the ancient god statue in Richards arms flew into the air.

The dark light suddenly bloomed.

Loneliness, darkness, vicissitudes, and an indescribable aura shrouded the sky.

He forcefully suppressed the other partys divine might.

After Richard sensed the aura of the ancient god statue, its apparition, who had been insufferably arrogant just a moment ago, suddenly became furious.

Suddenly, his body began to tremble.

It was like a mouse that met a cat.

The fear was almost impossible to hide.

Then, the virtual image turned into a balloon filled to the limit and exploded with a bang.

The dark energy once again hid within the divine kingdom.

At the bottom of the lake, the divine kingdom wrapped in bubbles was still the same as before.

Only the miniature fallen murlocs still wandered around the ruined kingdom.

When Richard sensed the aura of the gods had dissipated, the dark light the ancient god statue emitted gradually dimmed.

After that, it returned to its unremarkable state.

Richards expression was one of wonder.

It had indeed awakened the god in the mini-divine kingdom at the bottom of the lake.

The good news was…

The god was exceptionally fearful of the ancient god statue.

“Father, the god is afraid…”

Emily looked at him with a hint of joy.

“The other party is no longer breaking the seal.”

Richards expression became more and more subtle.

While he thought of the past of this ancient god statue, he held it in his hand and slowly stroked it.

“What level of treasure was this thing”

Other people would be afraid to encounter a god, but this statue wasnt at all after it sensed the aura of a god.

Instead, it wanted to devour it…

He had planned to explore the bottom of the divine kingdom at the bottom of the lake.

He didnt expect to draw out the statue of the ancient god.

At this moment, he was even more curious about the ancient god statue than the god at the bottom of the lake.

“What kind of gods were the ancient gods

“Why were they so powerful against ordinary gods in the “Shining Era”

It was the same for the kobold god and this sealed god.

These days, when he had free time, he had also gone to the player forums to search for related information.

No information regarding this.

Tens of billions of players found nothing on this.

As for the natives, they had no results.

It was as if the termancient god did not exist in this world.

While Richard pondered, he looked at the bottom of the lake, which had calmed down.

He felt more confident.

“Lets go back first.

The next time we come, this god will become our food.”

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