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After the eye-catching notification, the Black Gold System went silent.

Richard laughed out loud.

His mood instantly brightened up.

However, the requirements for the next upgrade would be higher.

It would require a total of 10 elite-grade troop lair.

If he used a normal-grade nest core, he would be able to synthesize a hundred.

Richard looked at the notification again.

When he saw the inconspicuous second note, the corner of his mouth twitched.

“I almost forgot about this.

When that guy created the Black Gold System, he deliberately added a cooldown time to prevent me from clearing the level so quickly…”


However, this was not a big deal.

Richard just needed to train a few more troops.

He suddenly wanted to thank his friend who developed the game.

As long as his skills were a little better, he would not be able to get this cheat…

Richard opened the Mummy Pyramids attribute panel.

[Great Pyramid]

[Level: Elite 3-stars]

[Recruit Type: Bandaged Mummy (Elite 3-stars)]

[Recruit Quantity: 14]

[Weekly Output: 7]

[Recruitment Requirements: 40 gold coins, 40 units of wood, 40 units of stone]

[Description: It is an ordinary desert troop lair.]

After leveling up, the resources required for recruitment increased quite a bit.

Previously, 12 units of gold coins could recruit a mummy, but now it required 120 units.


But the price paid was worth it!

This was a hard-earned win.


Richard smiled brightly.

He wondered how strong an Elite 3-star Bandaged Mummy would be

He didnt hesitate and chose to recruit all of them.

Fourteen bandaged mummies cost 560 gold coins, 560 units of wood, and 560 units of stone.

After the resources on the attribute panel dropped by a large margin, the pyramid emitted a gray light, and its appearance became hazy.

It was as if the night had covered the earth.

The sky was not yet dark.

The sound of stones breaking could be heard from the haze.


An arm wrapped in white bandages broke out of the pyramid.

A mummy climbed out of the pyramid in front of Richard.


One after another…

Fourteen mummies appeared in front of him in the same way.

Richard stared at them.

“Isnt appearing like this a little too flashy”


“Fortunately, you guys didnt climb out of a television.”


After the bandaged mummies appeared, they werent afraid of the sun.

Their appearances were more heart-shaking than those in movies and television shows.

Their bodies were tightly wrapped in white bandages, even their faces were the same.

Only a pair of hollow, eyeless eyes were exposed.


Their shriveled palms were like dried branches, and their nails were so sharp that they could tear through armor.

Their bodies emitted an ancient and rotten aura as if they had just crawled out of a coffin.

Ordinary people would feel fear even if they took a glance at them.

Richard nodded his head in satisfaction.

Only weaklings would like a cute beast-eared girl.

A real man should fight against a mummy.


He opened his attribute panel.

[Bandaged Mummy]

[Level: 1]

[Potential: Elite 3-star]

[Skills: Body of Death — LRB (E-rank).

No fear of pain, no fear of death, and immune to poison, plague.]


[Corpse Bandage — (E-rank).

Reduces physical damage by 30%.

The bandage carries plague.

The infected person will enter a weakened state, and all stats will be reduced by 20%.

If not treated, they will gradually die.]


[Sharp Claw Tearing — LRB (E-rank).

Finger sharpness increased by 30%.

Sturdiness increased by 30%.]

[Race Talent: When fighting in the desert, stamina and recovery speed of injuries will be increased by 50%.]


[Fetters: When the number of mummies is greater than 10, the strength of all mummies will be increased by 10%.

When the number of mummies is greater than 30, strength will be increased by 20%.

When the number of mummies is greater than 50, the strength will be increased by 30%.

Furthermore, the infection rate of the plague will increase by 30%.

The negative effects of the mummies will increase by 30%.]

[Description: If you use their bandages to hang yourself, you will surely die from the plague in the end.]


Although Richard did not have specific attributes such as strength and vitality, he could still see that his attributes were not bad.

Richard nodded slightly.

If that was the case, he was still an Elite 3-star soldier.

After thinking for a while, he opened his attribute panel and looked down.

[Talent: Desert Lord — Special Growth Talent (Current Level: C).

You are the master of the desert.

You can predict the arrival of the sandstorm, and you have mastered the desertification ability.

You can permanently bestow your subordinates with the ability.

Effect: Your subordinates will receive the D-rank Skill — Desertification.]

This was his special growth skill.

It was currently C-rank.

Richards luck was not inferior to those players who directly obtained the elite or even higher-level lairs.

He looked at the mummy in front of him.

He slowly extended his right hand.

In an instant, his palm emitted yellow-sand-like light.

The fourteen mummies were enveloped within.

[Ding~ Under your blessing, the 14 bandaged mummies have obtained a new skill — Sand Transformation (D-rank).]


[Sand Transformation: D-rank.

It reduces 99% of physical damage.

It can devour yellow sand to recover from injuries.

It can last for 5 minutes.

(Cooldown Time: 2 hours).]

Richard laughed.

He was immune to 99% physical damage and could even devour sand to recover.

Wasnt this skill invincible


Moreover, he was in the desert.

Wouldnt these bandaged mummies become unkillable cockroaches


More importantly, he could bestow this skill to his subordinates without restrictions.

In the future, his troops would naturally have one more skill than the other lords troops…

Moreover, as his growth talent level continued to increase, the skills he could bestow in the future would also increase.

His potential was limitless.

After recovering from his excitement, Richard looked at the 14 mummies in front of him.

Their bodies were wrapped in bandages, and only their empty eye sockets could be seen.

He waved his hand.

Letting them follow behind him, he took the lead and walked out of the place protected by the wall.

The door in the middle was open.

Richard stepped out.

The next moment, he was stunned.

At this time, hundreds of anxious residents gathered at the entrance.

These residents were wearing ragged clothes made of coarse cloth.

Their eyes were evasive, and their expressions were very cautious.

After seeing him, everyones breathing slowed down.

When the mummy appeared, many people became even more panicked.

They grabbed the hem of their clothes tightly and suddenly lowered their heads, not daring to look directly in front of them.

Amidst the oppressive atmosphere, an old man with white hair and a long white robe staggered out of the crowd.

He nervously came in front of Richard and knelt respectfully on the ground.

He shouted bravely.

“Lord, your humble subjects welcome you…”

It was an extremely strange language.

Richard was sure that he had never heard it in his twenty years of life.

As he was puzzled, a stream of information surged into his mind.

He absorbed the pronunciation, definition, and countless information.

It was the common language of the mainland.

At this moment, Richard finally understood what the other party was saying.

Richard was a little absent-minded.

In an instant, he had mastered a new language.

Was this…a beginners benefit

The crowd at the back, led by an old man, suddenly regained their senses.

One by one, they hurriedly knelt on the ground as if they were afraid of falling behind.

“Welcome, Lord…”

The voice rose and fell, carrying the fear of a mouse seeing a cat.

Just as Richard was about to speak, a system notification sounded in his ear.

[Ding~ You have officially taken over the territory.

You are free to check the territory panel.]


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