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[Demonic Goat Monster]

[Level: 4]

[Potential: Rare 2-stars]

[Skills: Strong Physique (D-rank) — Strength increases by 50%, stamina recovery speed increases by 50%.]

[Heavy Strike (D-rank) — When swinging a giant hammer, the next attack can release 200% strength after charging for 3 seconds.]

[Devils Blood (D-rank) — All attributes increase by 30%, stamina increases by 50%.]

[Race Talent: Able to devour gemstones and quickly recover from injuries.]

[Fetter-Devil: When the number of devils is greater than 10, strength increases by 10%.]

[When the number of people is greater than 20, strength increases by 20%.]

[When the number of people exceeds 30, strength increases by 30%.

The attacks have smashing features (activated).]

[Description: Enjoys the joy of being smashed in the head by a giant hammer.]

“Wow, Rare 2-star”

Moreover, the number of goat monsters exceeded four teams!

Was there a need to use such a solid force to guard miniature rare-level resource points

Wouldnt it be guarded by a rare-level troop if it was a miniature one

Richard could not help but sigh at the difficulty of dealing with rare resources.

However, after he looked at the attributes of the goat monster a few times, he gave up on the idea of retreating.

Although the goat monsters attributes were not bad, they did not have the two critical characteristics of Curse Immunity and Instant Death—Soul Execution.

Moreover, the other party only dealt physical damage…

Sand Transformation.

Richard turned his head to look at the undead soldiers beside him.

He made the decision.

“Everyone, get ready for battle!

“Scorpion warriors will stand at the front line to prevent the enemy from passing over you.

“Cursed pharaoh will cast the last spell.

Once the enemy escapes the line of defense of the scorpion warriors, use a skill to prevent their movements immediately.

“Undead soldiers, you are the main force.

Stand 20 meters behind the scorpion warriors.

Once the enemy steps into the range of 30 meters, immediately launch an attack!”

The bandaged mummies and the scorpion warriors were both elite-level soldiers.

Only the undead soldiers had rare-level battle strength.

It was also the key to victory in this battle.

Richards cold voice was filled with a fighting spirit.

Four small teams of rare-level soldiers.

It was a tough battle.

He stood together with the cursed pharaoh and personally commanded the battle.


With an order, the scorpion warriors with giant iron pincers and curved scorpion tails walked down the steep hill step by step.

The undead soldier, who wore full body armor with a black mandala pattern, followed closely behind.

Finally, it wore a colorful crown, held a black wand, and his body shriveled as he cursed the pharaoh.

It had meat control and damage output.

This iron triangle was highly compelling.

The goat monsters in the gemstone mine immediately noticed something strange, and their relaxed expressions suddenly became vigilant.

Their arm muscles tensed up as they tightly gripped the long-handled giant hammer.

Their blood-red eyes began to emit a chilling intent as they looked at the approaching troop of Twilight City with awe-inspiring killing intent.

A goat monster could no longer endure it and suddenly roared towards the sky.


A beast-like roar resounded through the yellow sand land.

“Damned undead soldier and bandaged mummy, you dare to provoke the great devil Youre courting death!!”

The leader of the Devil Goat Monsters swung its long giant hammer fiercely and pointed at the troop that charged down from the sand dune.


With a furious roar, the dozens of goat monsters did not hesitate.

All charged toward the scorpion warriors.

They wanted to crush these undead soldiers!!


The goat monsters hooves stepped on the sand.

It caused fine sand to splatter.

The dozens of goat monsters charged simultaneously, which immediately caused the sand to rise more than ten meters high.

Dust billowed behind them.

The sand dune was only seventy to eighty meters high.

After they had advanced one-third of the way, the scorpion warriors suddenly stopped.

Thirteen scorpion warriors opened their pincers that could quickly destroy steel like a trap for beasts.

They waited for the beasts to step into it.

Ten undead soldiers held the handles of the tomahawks.

Their soul power exploded, and a faint blue light overflowed from the ox horn helmets.

The cursed pharaoh raised its scepter, and the incantation in its mouth echoed at this moment.

Thirty meters, 20 meters, 10 meters…! The enemies were getting closer!!!

The undead soldier released a furious roar when the first seven or eight goat monsters stepped within 10 meters of the scorpion warriors.

And its body was like a spring stretched to the extreme.

It burst out with its most vital strength.

[Roar (D-rank) — Attack power increases by 50% after roaring.]


The undead soldier threw the tomahawk in its hand, and the chains on his arms rattled.

The intense sound of air being torn pierced through ones eardrums.

The tomahawk pulled out a row of phantoms in the air.

The goat monster in front had not expected the undead soldier with a tomahawk in its hand would be a long-ranged attacker.

Both sides were close to each, and the scorpion warriors again attracted their attention.

When the tomahawk tore through the sky and came towards goat monsters, it was already too late to dodge.


The sound of a sharp blade that lacerated into flesh sounded.

A goat monsters arm was directly severed into two.

Fresh blood sprayed out like a exploded water pipe.

Under the strong inertia, the sharp tomahawk still flew backward after it cut off the goat monsters arm.

After reaching its limit, the undead soldier pulled on the chain.

The tomahawk flew backward under the force.

The goat monster with a broken arm still endured the erosion of the intense pain.

Suddenly, it felt a terrible pain in its back, and then the pain spread to its chest.

It subconsciously looked down, and a sharp tomahawk stained with blood appeared in its pupils.

Before it could think, it felt the power in its body drain away in an instant.

Its eyes turned black, and it lost consciousness.

This attack did not trigger the Soul Execution, but even so, it relied on the terrifying lethality to forcefully kill the Rare 2-star goat monster.

The undead soldier that threw the tomahawk could explode with an attack power that exceeded its level within a range of 10 to 30 meters.

It was exceedingly mighty.

Meanwhile, the ten undead soldiers attacked at the same time.

Out of the eight goat monsters, only one managed to dodge.

The others were all struck by the tomahawks.

The 30% chance of Soul Execution quickly caused the two goat monsters to fall to the ground and die.

Before they could even touch the scorpion warrior, they had already met death.

Although the other goat monsters tried their best to resist, under the exaggerated control of the undead soldier, they still died one by one.

All of this happened too quickly.

It only took a few breaths of time.

The goat monsters behind only saw the tomahawks cold light reflected by the sunsets light that glared.

A large number of their companions fell.

Fresh blood dyed the desert red.

However, this scene did not make the other goat monsters scared.

Instead, they stimulated their nerves even more.

Their initially scarlet eyes seemed to drip blood at this moment.


Swung the giant hammer to charge forward.

They want to tear these undead soldiers!!


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