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After Richard figured out the key, he was in a good mood.

“Karu, hold an awarding ceremony tomorrow.

Let all who participated in the search and rescue mission go on stage to accept the reward…

“Tonight, ask the tailor to find some red cloth and make big red flowers.

If the cloth is not enough, make smaller flowers, and participants will wear them on their chests.

“All the residents who participated in the search and rescue mission will be awarded the collective Bronze Medal of Twilight City…

“Write everyones name on a paper and award them with the bronze medal.

“In addition, get Adele to forge the bronze medal for me.

Also, make designs for the silver, gold, and Lords medal, the highest honor of Twilight City.

“In the future, meritorious contributions will be awarded medals according to the degree of their contributions.

“The rewards are divided into collective and individual rewards.

Missions with many participants will be awarded collective medals, and missions completed by individuals will be awarded individual medals.

“Residents who receive these medals will be given the title of honorary resident on their doorsteps.

We can promote them first in the future.”

Richard changed the modern reward system that was hundreds of years old and moved it over.

“Each medal has a corresponding amount of material rewards.

You can go down and study the specific amount.

“This system has just been established.

There will surely be some deficiencies or areas that need to be supplemented.

You should pay attention to it and compensate for it in the future.”

Karu was quite excited after listening to it.

“Lord Richard, your wisdom is enough to make the gods exclaim in admiration!!”

Other things were not so bad, but the group reward setting slightly surprised him.

It was a big event, so many people participated.

And all of the participants contributed.

You couldnt say that everyone would be receiving an award, right Wouldnt that appear to be too simple

The group reward solved this problem perfectly.

Richard didnt overthink this.

Twilight City was still very weak, so it was useless to set up a complicated system.

“How much of the prey did I bring home”

Karu smiled.

“Theres too much.

I need more time.”

The food was complete, which made people feel very safe.

Richard nodded, got up, and walked out of the hall.

He came to the occupied well.

At this time, there were two hundred people busy.

Those who boiled the water, peeled the skin, removed the internal organs, and cut the meat had their duties.

They handled the piled-up prey at an extremely swift speed.

They piled up the cut and washed meat on the washed ground.

The meat would then be cooked and then dried.

This way, they could preserve them for an extremely long time in the dry environment of the desert.

It was how they made the dry food for long trips.

Looking at the pile of meat, Richard thought for a while and opened the [Trading Market].

He had put up a bounty for a few days, but there was still no news.

Fifteen desert horses put up a reward for a 1-star resource treasure: An acre of Russian olive seeds.

The reward was two.

Twenty desert horses put up a reward for resources or other treasures that one could use in the desert.

The transaction required both parties to agree.

Richard sold another piece of the spring water fragment.

He had nine pieces in his hands and was one piece away from synthesizing medium-sized spring water.

These days, he had heard more than once that the well water was tough to obtain and that they had to go to the spring water in the Russian olive forest to get water.

Karu had also reflected on this problem a few times.

However, three-star treasure chests were rare after all.

The number of spring water fragments that could be opened and sold was not that many.

Therefore, when he could get the last fragment would depend on his luck.

They could not rush in this matter.

After thinking for a while, he directly changed the reward price of the Russian olive seeds.

Thirty desert horses offered a 1-star resource treasure: Russian olive seeds (1 acre).

The reward was one.

Initially, there was a reward of 15 horses.

Now, Richard directly increased the price and doubled it.

The price of food has dropped a little recently.

Moreover, the chances of players offering resources and treasures were pitifully low.

It was even seldom for players to be willing to sell them.

The value of the Russian olive seed was that it matured once a month.

More importantly, the forest could provide sufficient pollen for desert crown bees and increase honey production.

If he planted more Russian olive seeds and planted them at different times, then desert crown bees could collect honey for an entire month.

The desert crown bee was one of his most essential breeding targets.

After making some adjustments, Richard could only hope that the players would give him some effort.

Restart the search — food.

[Sixty units of wheat — priced at 1,200 units of gold coins.]

[Twenty units of wild boar meat — priced at 700 units of wood.]

[Thirty units of bison meat — priced at 900 units of iron ore.]


The ratio of meat to common resources was around 1:30, while the ratio of typical food was around 1:20.

The price of meat was noticeably lower than the previous two days.

Moreover, the number of meat sold had increased, but most were mainly in dozens, and 100 to 200 units were rare.

Obviously, with the development of time, the players gradually began to get on the right track.

Richard looked at his stats panel.

There were 30,000 units of resources.

These were all the gains from today.

“Although I have quite a lot of troops, when I went out, the forces in charge of protecting the territory were too weak.

I have to replenish them!”

The headquarters was the core of everything, and the lack of defense made him uneasy.

He started to calculate in his heart.

‘The troops to defend the territory must have a few characteristics.

First, they must adapt to the desert climate.

Second, they must not need logistical supplies.

I dont want to be worn out by logistics… Third, they must have solid defensive abilities and be suitable to guard the territory… Fourth, they must have potential and are worth nurturing…

But after Richard thought about it, he turned his gaze back to the mummy.

These didnt need logistics.

These had strong combat abilities and were suitable for the desert.

They werent afraid of death…

Other than ugly, they had too many advantages.

Richard searched for the desert camp and mummy.

Suddenly, a large number of troops appeared.

Richard began to select.

First, there were elite-level troop lairs, but only a few thousand of them.

And they were all trash.

No one would be willing to sell the good ones.

The other large camps, such as humans and elves, had tens of thousands of elite-level lairs.

Compared to them, the desert camp looked pitiful.

He closed it after looking at it for a short while and opened ordinary-level again.

[Sharp-toothed mummy (Ordinary 1-star) — 600 units of wood.]

[Roar mummy (Ordinary 3-stars) — 1000 units of stone.]

[Spike mummy (Ordinary 3-stars) — 1200 units of iron ore.]


All sorts of strange mummies opened his eyes.

After a full 20 minutes, he finally saw a soldier that made his eyes shine.

[Guardian Mummy]

[Level: 1]

[Potential: Ordinary 3-stars]

[Skills: Body of the Dead (F-rank) — Immune to poison and plague, reduces physical damage by 15%.]

[Guardian (F-rank) — All attributes increase by 30% within the territory, leaving the territory ineffective.]

[Patrol (F-rank) — Patrol in the territory can increase agility by 30% and detect enemies that sneak into the territory.]

[Formation (E-rank) — Can form a formation of 10 people to attack.]

[Race Talent: When fighting in the territory, the recovery speed of injuries increased by 50%.]

[Fetter-Mummy: When the number of mummies is greater than 10, the mummys strength increases by 10%.]

When the number of mummies is greater than 30, the mummys strength increases by 20%.]

When the number of mummies is greater than 50, the mummys strength increases by 30%, the mummys dexterity increases by 30%, and the mummys damage increases by 30%.]

[Description: The Guardian Pharaoh Mummy.

They are pretty vigilant.]

After looking at the guardian mummys attributes, Richard did not hesitate and directly chose to buy it.

Four initial skills! It was simply ridiculous.

And it was so suitable to guard the territory.

After he paid 3,000 units of iron ore, Richard obtained the Guardian Pharaohs Mummy Troop Lair.

But one wasnt enough.

He continued to search.

He bought the other two on the market.

One was 3,500 units of wood, and the other was 3,800 gold coins.

The price was comparable to elite-level soldiers.

Noticeably, these sellers knew how powerful the mummy guardian was, so they dared to offer such a price.

He didnt feel the slightest bit of heartache.

No matter how much he bought it, he would be promoted to an elite-level soldier.

He wouldnt lose anything.

To upgrade three troop lairs, he needed about 15,000 resources.

He started directly.

“Do you want to spend 500 gold coins to buy the Desert Bandit Troop Lair”


“Do you want to spend 500 units of wood to buy the Sawtooth Gerbil Troop Lair”



After he had obtained the 30 troop lairs, the remaining 30,000 resources on the interface were less than 700,000…

However, since they hunted for the violent soldiers, Richard went directly to the corner of the front yard, where he placed the troop lair after he obtained it.

[Ding~ Do you want to use 400 gold coins, 400 wood, and 400 stones to build the Guardians Land]

After he had three times in a row and consumed 3,600 units of resources, three 3-meter-tall pyramids appeared before his eyes.

The wind and sand seemed to have eroded the outer parts of these pyramids for thousands of years.

There were potholes everywhere.

[Guardians Land (Ordinary 3-stars) — You can use ten ordinary troops lairs to upgrade to Elite 3-stars.

Do you want to upgrade]


The pyramid in front of him expanded to four meters after the core of 30 troop lairs had been used.

The appearance the wind and sand had eroded had become increasingly rotten.

The fist-sized holes made people wonder if a hand had suddenly stretched out from within.


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