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“Ah, this is just the beginning of research and development”

Richard was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

This fellow had taken off his pants so quickly that he didnt even have time to react…

After he read the notifications a few more times, he gradually began to savor them.

“Five thousand gold coins, 5,000 units of wood, 20,000 units of iron ore…

“I didnt expect that the first research would require 30,000 resources, and there were so many requirements.

“Fortunately, theres no need for a one-time payment.

We can start the research first and provide the follow-up resources gradually.

“But isnt the chance of failure a bit too much”

After Richard pondered for a while, he finally realized the value of an A-rank hero like Adele.

Hero characteristics: increases success rate by 30%.

Increases research speed by 30%.

It was simply a godly skill.

Not only did it increase the research speed it also increased the success rate crazily.

One could imagine that in the future, in the research and development of high-level technology, the effect of this characteristic would be increasingly great.


After deeper thoughts for a while, Richard tried to change the research object to the Axe of the Dead.

Sure enough, the system notification said that he had to complete the research and development of the bandaged mummy before he could proceed with the next research and development.

However, the requirements for the research and development of the Axe of the Dead appeared.

[Basic Attack: Estimated development time: 10 days.

Estimated Resources Required: 10,000 gold coins, 10,000 units of wood, and 50,000 units of iron ore.

Success Rate: 70%.]

After Richard finished reading, he could only hold his forehead and sigh.

The research and development time of the Axe of the Dead had also increased to 10 days, and the resources required had soared to 70,000.]

It was simply outrageous.

“The resources required for this research and development function will probably not be inferior to the upgrade of the troops lair.”

Another gold-swallowing tycoon.

Richard was both in pain and delight.

After the upgrade, the resources in his hands had bottomed out again.

He sighed helplessly.

When would Twilight City be able to survive the decadent life of a landlord…

It seemed that he would have to start hunting again to earn some extra money.

“Lord Richard…”

At this moment, a call from behind shook him.

He turned around and smiled when he saw the person.

“Adele, what do you need from me”

The girl who carried a huge copper hammer was in a good mood.

“Lord Richard, a special research room has appeared in the blacksmith shop.

There are many tools inside.

“I can study how to increase the strength of the troop there.

My father taught me…”

Richard laughed.

“From now on, you will be in charge of the research and development of the blacksmith shop.

I will send you the corresponding resources.”

“Lets start with the bandaged mummy…”

Adele smiled brightly.

“Lord, I need bandaged mummies to work with…”

“No problem.

How much do you need You and Karu, all the resources will be given priority to you.”

After Adele held the promise of primary support, she joyously left.

Richard waited until Adele left before he thought of going to the territory for a walk.

After the territory was upgraded to a small town, the territory space had increased by 50 spaces, and the total space had reached 60 spaces.

Each space had an area of 10 * 10 meters, and the area it occupied had pronouncedly expanded by a large margin.

Twilight City had suddenly gone from slightly crowded to widely decongested.

He glanced at the Lords mansion.

After the upgrade, the core building of the territory had increased from 30 spaces to 40 spaces.

And it had become increasingly magnificent.

The two-stories main building in the middle had become three stories high.

And the front and back yard had expanded a lot.

As one walked along the road, the initially small and inconspicuous blacksmiths shop had now become a tall building with a small courtyard.

Even the military barracks, which had always been unnoticeable, had now become conspicuous.

The wooden fence outside was as tall as two people.

Because the soldiers in his hands were all undead creatures, they didnt need to rest at all.

Therefore, the military barracks had always been inhabited by desert gnomes.

This building wasnt used much.

After walking around, Richard seemed to have thought of something and opened the attribute panel again.

There was a cooldown time of seven days after the troops lair was upgraded.

After seven days, it could be upgraded again.

The Great Pyramid could be upgraded.

The Poisonous Scorpion Warriors nest could be upgraded.

One of the three bandaged mummy troops lairs had its cooldown time three days ago, while the scorpion warrior troops lair could be upgraded today.

However, Richard quickly came back to his senses.

“To upgrade from elite to rare, I need 100 troops lairs, which means 50,000 units of resources.

Two means 100,000 units…”

He looked at the remaining 20,000 or so resources, then he felt his liver ache.

“Its not just these two lairs.

Cursed Pharaoh can also level up in two days.

This is another huge expenditure.

“The bandage mummy isnt in a hurry to level up.

Its not too late to level it up when the attack technology is developed.

“Ill level up the Poisonous Scorpion Warrior troops lair first…”

After Richard clarified his thoughts, he opened up the [Trading Market].

He kept the final reward — 30 desert horses for 10 acres of Russian olive forest still hadnt been sold.

When Richard saw this, he could only shake his head regretfully and cancel the reward.

It was pure luck to be able to obtain a resource treasure in the early stages.

Moreover, others might not necessarily be willing to sell them even if they obtained them.

It was fine if he couldnt buy it, but it was more important to increase the strength in his hands first.

Fortunately, there were quite several 30 desert horses.

Each of them had 6,000 units, and they had a total income of 180,000 resources.

With money, his confidence was immediately sufficient.

With a wave of his hand, Richard first sent the 30,000 units of resources needed for research and development to the blacksmith shop.

Then, he used 50,000 units of resources to purchase a troop-type lair.

After he returned to the Lords mansion, he upgraded the Poisonous Scorpion Warrior troop from elite to rare.

This was the first time he had upgraded a troops lair twice.

One hundred soldiers turned into streams of light and merged into the Poisonous Scorpion Warriors lair.

A dark light flashed on the wall with the picture of a scorpion warriors body and a human face.

The relief sculptures became even more exquisite.

After the light faded, the upgrade was completed.

[Poisonous Scorpions Warriors Lair]

[Level: Rare 3-stars]

[Available for Recruitment: Scorpion Warrior (Rare 3-stars)]

[Recruitment Quantity: 0]

[Weekly Output: 7]

[Recruitment Conditions: 400 gold coins, 400 units of wood, 400 units of iron ore]

[Description: Ordinary desert troop lair.]

[The Black Gold System lit up with a notification.]

[Troop nests have been successfully upgraded.

After cooling down for 7 days, these troop lairs can be upgraded again.]

[You can use resources to upgrade the previously recruited Elite 3-star soldiers to the same level as the troop lair.]

Richard glanced at the notification a few times.

After he had confirmed that he did not misunderstand, he laughed out loud.

“After the troop lairs were upgraded, the previously recruited soldiers could also be upgraded…!”

“The Black Gold System was practically going to heaven!!!”

He opened the Poisonous Scorpion Warriors attribute panel.

As expected, it showed that they could be upgraded.

However, the resources needed to upgrade were the same as the resources needed to re-recruit.

Two small teams of scorpion warriors would need 8,000 gold coins, 8,000 units of wood, and 8,000 units of iron ore to level up.

At this time, Richard still had 120,000 units of resources.

He did not hesitate at all.

They all leveled up.

In an instant, the scorpion warriors following behind him suddenly had their joints creak.

A faint silver-white glow appeared on their bodies, and a mysterious pattern appeared on their pincers.

It reflected the luster of metal and looked even stronger than steel.

The poisonous curved scorpion tail like a longbow also became sharper.

The poisonous faint blue light could make ones scalp go numb.

Its appearance became much more domineering.

[Poisonous Scorpion Warrior]

[Level: 4]

[Potential: Rare 3-stars]

[Skills: Poisonous Scorpion Tail (D-rank) — The poisonous scorpion tail can cause armor-piercing damage.

After being stabbed, it will cause a large amount of poison damage, and has a 3-second paralyzing effect.]

[Undead Body (D-rank) — Reduces 50% physical damage.

Immune to pestilence and poison.

As long as the head is not chopped off, it will not die.]

Powerful Iron Pincers (D-rank) — Double pincers sharpness increases by 50%, attack power increases by 50%.]

[Desertification-Sand Transformation (D-rank…)]

[Race Talent: When fighting in the desert, strength increases by 30%.]

[Fetter-Scorpion Warrior: When the number of scorpions is greater than 10, strength increases by 10%, poison increases by 10%.]

When the number of scorpions is greater than 20, strength increases by 20%, poison increases by 20% (activated).]

When the number of scorpions is greater than 30, strength increases by 30%, poison increases by 30%.]

[Description: A dead creature sealed in the Pharaohs Pyramid.

I believe you do not want to be stung by it.]

After its potential had been raised, all of the scorpion warriors skills had reached D-rank, and the additional attributes of the skill had been greatly increased.

The poisonous scorpion tail skill also gained a new characteristic—paralysis—and it lasted for as long as three seconds.

These three seconds were enough to decide life and death in a battle.

Together with the Cursed Pharaoh, the effect on the enemy was doubled.

Combined with the Axe of the Dead, which could burst out with super damage, it was enough to make any enemy tremble in fear.


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