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The situation immediately changed after the troops returned to their peak conditions.

Just a moment ago, they were on the verge of collapse.

Now, they had become a rock wall that forcibly blocked enemies waves of attacks.

They stood still.

At this time, the scorpion warriors stationed at the front of the tunnel had finally arrived at the battlefield.

These scorpion warriors who had not participated in the battle were still at level 4.

Richard immediately had them take the frontline.

With the addition of a small team of soldiers, the onslaught of the undead zombies, ghosts, and skeletons could no longer shake the defensive line.

The Axe of the Dead also returned to its normal position.

Such a dense crowd of enemies was simply the best target.

The tomahawks whistled.

Countless bones shattered.

The battle went on for a full two hours after the troops had leveled up.

When the scorpion warriors who had just arrived reached level 5, the undead zombies, ghosts, and skeletons in front of them started to become sparse.

In the end, there was no sign of them at all.

[Ding~ You blocked a large number of undead attacks and won a medium-sized battle.

You have gained 6,000 experience points.]

[Current Level: 5(6,000/50,000)]

Richard took a deep breath.

‘Its not easy…

After he read the notification once more, he smiled.

Six thousand experience points.

This was simply too rich.

Although this round was a bit tiring, the rewards were also good.

It was not a loss.

However, after they reached level 5, the experience required to level up increased by ten times.

It would not be so fast to level up next.

Richard turned his head to look at the weakened troop.

He ordered everyone to rest on the spot.

Only then did he have the time to open the system panel to check his newly promoted talent.

[Talent: Desert Lord (Special Growth Talent — Current Level B): You are the master of the desert.

You can predict the arrival of the sandstorm, and the sandstorm will avoid your territory.

You have also mastered the ability to Desertification-Sand Transformation.]

[Sand: (B-rank) — Causes the body to Sand Transformation, reduces 99% of physical damage received, reduces 30% of magic damage received, and can devour the sand to quickly recover from injuries.

Lasts for 15 minutes.

Cooldown time: 1 hour.]

[You can bestow your strength to the troops you recruit.

After you had bestowed, your subordinates will receive the C-rank skill — Desertification-Sand Transformation.]

[Desertification-Sand Transformation: (C-rank) — Reduces 99% of physical damage received.

Can devour sand to recover from injuries.

Lasts for 10 minutes.

Cooldown time: 2 hours.]


So strong!

A hint of surprise flashed in Richards eyes.

He did not expect that his talent would have such a massive increase in attributes after leveling up.

One of the things that made him feel even better was that the sandstorm would avoid his territory…

His talent could even avoid natural disasters.

This was a bit bizarre…

But it didnt matter.

He had a strong taste, so he could accept more.

He looked at the army beside him out of the corner of his eye and suddenly had a thought.

‘I wonder if I can increase the level of the Sand Transformation skill that I gave to the soldiers

As he had deeper thoughts, he slowly extended his right hand, and the power in the depths of his bloodline began to surge.

A yellow sand-like light surged in his palm and instantly enveloped all the soldiers.

After a few breaths, all the troops suddenly felt indescribably majestic energy that gushed out from their bodies.

[Ding~ Under your bestowment, your troops have grasped more desert power.

Sand Transformation skill has been upgraded.

Current level — C-rank.]

[Sand Transformation: (C-rank) — Sand Transformation of the body, reduces physical attacks by 99%.

It can devour yellow sand to recover from injuries.

Lasts for 10 minutes.

Cooldown time: 2 hours.]

When Richard heard the system notification, he was immediately overwhelmed by a huge surprise.

This talent was simply heaven-defying.

But growth, these three words were indeed the true gods of the world.

After the troops Sand Transformation had been upgraded from D-rank to C-rank, the duration had been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

The additional 5 minutes gave him more room to operate.

Of course, his B-rank Sand Transformation was even more unusual.

Not only did it last for 15 minutes, but it could also be immune to 30% of magic damage.

If Richard continued to level up, would he truly become immune to 99% of all physical and magic skills

The future was bright.

Richard, who was in a good mood, waited for the troops to recover to their peak conditions and immediately gave the order to attack.

White bones and zombie bodies were everywhere.

He could not count how many of them had been killed.

When he saw the terrifying land of white bones again, more than half of the previously crowded space had been cleared.

At this time, only three squadrons of skeleton archers, two squadrons of skeleton mages, four squadrons of skeleton knights, and one squadron of Bone Knight Commander were left.

This troop did not move.

They guarded the mountain of bones with all their might.

Richards gaze swept past the undead below.

He looked at the black coffin on the top of the mountain of bones.

With so many soldiers that protected it, what kind of treasure might be hidden inside!

The Bone Knight Commanders empty eyes immediately stared at him the moment he appeared.

The undead horse on the ground shook its hooves and uneasily shook its head as if it was ready to charge at any moment.

At this moment.

The soul flames of the skeleton archers and skeleton mages lit up one by one.

They turned their heads together with the skeletal knights.

Richards eyes narrowed.

“The rear troops will retreat to the passage, the Poisonous Scorpion Warriors will lure the enemy…”

However, as soon as the order was given, there was no need to lure them.

The skeleton archers and skeleton mages directly attacked them.


The ghostly blue fireball and the white bone arrows whistled through the sky.

It formed a death zone.

However, because the range was not enough, they could not deal any damage to them.

The scene was slightly awkward.

Richard did not let down his guard.

“Retreat to the tunnel and continue to use the terrain to kill the enemy.”

The skeleton archers and the skeleton mages pressed down on them at this time.

Although there were no front rows, the battle line formed by the two rear rows was particularly strong.

The attacks were continuous.

However, after they returned to the tunnel, the damage caused by the enemys concentrated fire was immediately reduced by several times.

The pressure was greatly reduced.

Richard led the troop to guard at a v-shaped corner.

Fifteen undead soldiers stood about twenty-five meters away from the tunnel.

Once the skeleton archers and skeleton mages turned the corner, the tomahawks in their hands were immediately thrown out.

[Swing (D-rank) — After throwing the tomahawks, you can use the chains wrapped around your arms to pull the tomahawk and carry out continuous attacks.]

With the ability to control the tomahawks from afar, the undead soldiers did not even need to summon the tomahawks.

The skinny skeleton archers and skeleton mages simply could not withstand a single attack.

This terrain advantage was perfect against these brittle soldiers who did not have a hero to command them and did not know how to adapt.

The battle lasted for more than ten minutes, and there were no more enemies around the corner.

Richard immediately returned to the underground space with his troop.

At this time, there was only a squadron of skeleton mages and five small teams of Bone Knight Commander in the vast land of bones.

However, this time, no matter how the scorpion warriors in front of them provoked them, the other party remained unmoved.

They only watched them warily.

Obviously, the main responsibility of these two troops was to guard the coffins on the mountain of bones.

Richards gaze was cold.

Since they could not lure the undead creatures, then they would eat them all!

“Everyone, attack! After the skeleton knights charge, immediately activate Sand Transformation.

Ignore them, kill the skeleton mages first!”

The skeleton knights were strong, but they were all physical damage dealers.

After leveling up, the Sand Transformation skill had a full 10 minutes.

It could completely eat the skeleton mages first and then turn around to deal with the Bone Knight Commander.

The extra 5 minutes after the Sand Transformation level up gave Richard the confidence to deal with it calmly.

After he entered the ground of the bones, his feet crushed the bones under his feet and made crisp cracking sounds.

As the army gradually approached, the soul fire of the Bone Knight Commander gradually rose.

The horses hooves kept stomping on the ground.

They appeared to be increasingly patient.

When the scorpion warriors approached two hundred meters away from the Bone Knight Commander, they completely infuriated the skeleton knights.

Four small squads of the rare breed — the white skeleton knights, under the leadership of a small squad of the rare breed — the white Bone Knight Commander.

They held the reins tightly and held the sharp skeleton spears.

They charged at the troops of Twilight City.

‘Thump! Thump!

The hooves of the horses splashed the broken bones on the ground.

The charge of the five squads was like the charge of a thousand cavalry.

It came with a terrifying momentum like a landslide and tsunami.


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