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Richard has not anticipated such an unexpected treasure.

He immediately asked.

“What type of strategic treasure Where is it”

The young Barry said loudly, “A magic ball that contains a special magic power… Lucy and I found it in an ancient tomb!

“Not far from that ancient tomb, we found traces of demons… Those damned demons sensed the aura of the magic ball and chased after us.

Lucy asked me to return and report that she lured the demons away with the magic ball… Lord! Im willing to take you to the valley where the demons are! But, please, save Lucy!”

From the young mans agitated tone, Richard finally understood.

There was also a love scene here.

“Who else knows the exact location of the Demon Valley apart from you”

“No one! I only know that there is a demon in that valley!” The young man heard Richards intention to take action and became even more excited.

“Lord! Lucy and I also found a few sealed troop lairs in that ancient tomb, but we havent had the time to check it out yet.

That ancient tomb is too close to the valley where the demons are.

Im afraid that it has already been occupied by demons.

We have to clear out the demons before we can enter and investigate…”

A sealed troop lair

Richards interest was even higher.

That ancient tomb was so high-level Not only did it have strategic treasures, but it also had a troop lair.

“Is there a map leading to the Demon Valley”

“No!” Barry bit to death.

“But I can personally lead the way for you!”

A system notification sounded in Richards ear as soon as the young man finished speaking.

[Ding~ Triggered secondary mission—Lovers Pain.

When the son of the Commander of Blueleaf Village, Barry, was dating his lover Lucy, he accidentally found traces of the demon.]

[To protect Barry, Lucy used the treasure she obtained from the ancient tomb to lure the demon away.

When Barry came back to ask for help, his father locked him up in the name of protecting the village.

His heart was in endless pain.]

[At this moment, he finally found an opportunity to ask for help from you to save his lover.]

[Do you accept this mission]

[Note: Currently, it is a free exploration mode.

The reward of the side quest is unknown.

You can make any choice, and every choice you make will affect your next encounter.]

The corner of Richards mouth twitched.

Wasnt this a common trick in Hollywood movies

However, under the temptation of the strategic treasure, Richard spoke righteously.

“It is incumbent upon us to eliminate the devil! Barry, I promise you that as long as Lucy is still alive, we will save her.

But before that, you must listen to my orders.”

Barry was instantly surprised.

He repeatedly promised that he would listen to his orders.

Richard looked at Jill who wanted to say something but didnt say anything after he found the guide.

“Commander Jill, send someone to White Tower Town to ask for help.

Tell White Tower Town all the information about this place.

“In addition, when we came here, we also met a group of undead.

They are not weaker than demons.

We must tell them to be careful…”

Although the undead hadnt appeared yet, it didnt prevent him from warning White Tower Town first so that he wouldnt be caught off guard.

Jill looked at his determined son Barry and wanted to say something, but then he sighed deeply.

“Lord Richard, I hope that you can take good care of Barry…”

“Of course.”

Richard nodded as he pondered in his heart.

This sub-line that could obtain the strategic treasure was the reward for helping the village resist the demons.

If that was the case, it seemed to be quite good.

The value of the strategic treasure was not something that ordinary items could compare to.

Richard did not stay in this village which pronouncedly did not have any profit after he obtained the information he wanted.

Under Jills complicated gaze, he let Barry lead the way and headed straight for the Demon Valley.

Jill seemed to have aged ten years, and his energy have mostly depleted after he saw Richard and the others disappear from his sight.

“Commander Jill, will the lord who commands the undead keep his promise”

After a long silence, he shook his head.

“This is Barrys choice, and Lord Richard doesnt seem to be someone who would break his promise…”

After he spoke, he turned his head to look at the residents behind him and forced himself to be alert.

“Take a few people and immediately go to White Tower Town to report the situation here to the priest.

Were in big trouble!”


After they left the human village, Richard led the army from noon to dusk.

It was quite boring to travel in the scorched forest.

Everywhere was deathly black and gray, and even the chirping of birds was a luxury.

The seven-to-eight-hour journey exhausted Barry, who led the way, but he did not complain at all.

Instead, he gritted his teeth and quickly walked forward.

When the sun fell on the top of the mountain, he finally found traces of demons.

When Richard heard the report, his spirit was roused, and he immediately led the troop to investigate.

After they walked for five or six minutes, they came to a small hill.

Under Grays signal, he used a dark tree trunk to cover his body.

He looked ahead.

In the valley five or six hundred meters away, a large number of inferior demons were walking back and forth.

Because of the distance, only thumb-sized figures could be seen.

These demons with curved backs constantly moved the rocks on one side of the valley and dug the mountain.

The clanging sound spread out to an extremely far distance.

The moment Barry saw the demons, he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Lord, the place where those demons dug is the ancient tomb…”

“Where is the Demon Valley”

“This is the Demon Valley.

Those demons came from the deeper part of the valley.”

Richard narrowed his eyes slightly.

At a rough glance, the number of inferior demons was more than a large group.

And in the deeper part of the valley, many demons were hiding.

However, the enemys strength did not make him want to retreat.

On the contrary, his fighting spirit was high.

These inferior demons were all useless experiences…

Not to mention that there were also strategic treasures and the two sealed troop lairs that piqued his interest.

However, if he were to go head-on like this, he would probably suffer a great loss.

He still had to use strategies.

After Richard thought for a moment.

He turned to look at Gray.

“What will the demons be attracted to”

This mummy hero seemed to be deep in thought.

“Fresh blood”

“The breath of life!” Barry said excitedly.

“My Lord, Im willing to be the bait to help you lure those demons out!

“Lucy is still waiting for me to save her!”

Richard glanced at this guy.

Barry was so eager to die

Richard decided to satisfy the young mans needs.

With a wave of his hand, he ordered the troop to retreat first.


What was that smell

The inferior demon that was digging a rock sniffed wildly.

It was blood…

When it smelled the smell of food, its stomach immediately began to growl.

The hidden desire in its body began to rise.

It had yet to eat anything after a busy day.

Hunger made it turn its head repeatedly, and sniff the smell in the air crazily.

Just like an ordinary person who smelled the fragrance of meat.

In the end, even the demon heros whip could not suppress the inferior demons gradual fall into chaos.

The angry demon hero waved its hand and separated five squadrons of inferior demons as it looked at these subordinates whose work efficiency had greatly decreased.

It left the Demon Valley in a hurry in anger and searched for the source of the smell of blood.

After it walked for a few hundred meters, the flame demon who held the flame whip suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Its gaze was sinister as it stared ahead.

On a steep rock slope, there was a dried tree fork that hung with an animal corpse covered in scars.

On top of it, there was warm blood that seemed to have just been smeared on.

Coincidentally, that side was the windward gap.

The wind constantly blew towards the Demon Valley, and the smell of fresh blood spread out for an extremely long distance.

What made the demon hero furious was that there was pronouncedly a squadron of undead beneath those animal corpses!

“Lowly undead! You dare to provoke the great demons!”

The demon hero was enraged.

It felt that these undead creatures courted death when they did this thing outside the demon headquarters.

It waved his hand.

It roared.

“Kill them!!”

The hungry inferior demons stimulated by the blood instantly surged forward.

Richard, who commanded from behind, had a cold look in his eyes.

Another D-rank hero.

These demons were really not ordinary…

“Bandaged mummies, scorpion warriors, take turns in defending.

Dont let any enemies come up.

Undead soldiers, attack freely!”

The terrain he chose was very advantageous.

On the right side, a high mountain cliff was more than 100 meters high.

On the left side, a cliff was 50 to 60 meters deep.

In the middle, the only passage was about 20 meters deep.

It completely cut off the possibility for the enemy to swarm up and use the advantage of numbers to attack.

Moreover, there were many passages at the back.

They could fight and retreat at the same time, and they were not afraid of being surrounded.

In the battle where Gray was obtained from the underground desert, it used the terrain advantage in killing thousands of undead, which gave great inspiration.

At this time, it had once again utilized its previous experience.

The inferior demons roared as they continued to charge upwards.

However, the first line of defense was the scorpion warriors.

The terrifying iron pincers and stingers had turned this troop into a pure killing machine.

The combat strength that erupted from less than three squads was extremely exaggerated.

The iron pincers opened up, and the inferior demons that charged forward seemed to have voluntarily jumped into the trap set by the hunters.

Rare 3-stars, level 6 scorpion warrior, against an Elite 2-stars, level 4 inferior demon, it was like a massacre.

‘Kacha! Kacha!

The iron pincers opened and closed, like a large blade used to pry grass.

The inferior demons corpse was shattered into broken limbs, and blood spurted out which splattered all over the ground.

No matter how the enemy charged, they were unable to shake the scorpion warrior.

When the demon hero saw this, it released a low roar.

Blood-red light flashed on its body.

[Magic: Bloodthirsty Frenzy]


The inferior demons body suddenly turned scarlet.

It immediately became irritable.

It rushed forward at an extremely fast speed.

The killing speed of the scorpion warrior could not even compare to the speed of the enemy.

Just as the pressure on the defense line increased sharply, the tomahawk that flashed with a cold light tore through the air!


Suddenly, a sound that sounded like glass shattering rang out.

The tomahawk that had flown into the group of inferior demons exploded into pieces.

Countless pieces of debris swept out in all directions like knives.

The body of the inferior demons enveloped in debris exploded, and fresh blood spurted out like a water tap that had countless cracks that appeared on it.

The ground was immediately cleared…

The new skill that the undead soldiers had learned after it had advanced to a rare level — Tomahawk Slash, dealt a huge amount of magic damage to enemies within a radius of 10 meters.

The two small squads unleashed a burst of power and directly killed nearly two squadrons of inferior demons.

The result of the battle was remarkable.

Richard laughed out loud when he saw this exaggerated scene.

It was not in vain that he had spent so many resources to level up the Axe of the Dead!

This was the true trump card, the ultimate killing weapon.


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