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Richard immediately ordered people to pick up the figure floating in the blood pool to prevent accidents.

At the same time, he asked the troop to move the surrounding corpses far away, clearing the nearby area.

Since the reinforcement could be interrupted, the process needed more careful protection.

‘Cough! Cough!

After getting out of the blood pool, Lucy, covered in blood, suddenly coughed.

Barry, at this moment, seemed to have been reunited with his soul again.

He squeezed to the girls side and looked at her in ecstasy.

“Lucy, youre not dead, youre not dead… Im here.

Im here…”

Tears could no longer be stopped at this moment and flowed down.


The moment the girl opened her eyes and saw her beloved, she could not control her emotions.

She hugged him with all her strength as if she wanted to merge him into her body.

After the warmth, she finally noticed the mummy troop beside her and became nervous.

Barry explained for a while before the girl let out a sigh of relief.

After she rested for a long time, Barry supported his beloved and walked toward Richard.

The two of them bowed deeply to him.

“Thank you, Lord Richard.

You are our savior! We will always remember your kindness.

May the gods protect you…”

Richard nodded.

“All the demons in the valley have been cleaned up.

You are safe now.”

The two wanted to thank him again, but Richard waved his hand.

“No need to be so polite, Miss Lucy.

Can you tell me where the magic ball you got from the ancient tomb is”

He almost opened up the entire Demon Valley, but he could not find the strategic equipment that Barry mentioned.

“Lord,” Lucy said weakly.

“Lord, the demon put the magic ball into the blood pool…”

“Put it into the blood pool”

Richard narrowed his eyes.

Since it was a blood pool built by the demon, a deeper meaning must be behind this.

It seemed that he could only wait until the sacrifice was completed before going down to look for it.

“Did you see or feel anything at the bottom of the blood pool”

“The whispers of the demons.

Countless demons whispered in my ears as if trying to pull me into the abyss…”

Lucys face revealed an unconcealable fear.

“Then, I felt a force pull me up, and the whispers of the demons disappeared.”

Richard nodded.

Fortunately, he had come early, or she might have transformed into a demon.

He pondered for a moment, and his expression was a little strange.

‘According to the direction of this dungeon, if I had not come to attack the Demon Valley, would the demons have nurtured a powerful hero, Lucy, and then led the demon troop to attack White Tower Town

‘As for Barry, her beloved, he survived the siege of the demon village and went to White Tower Town.

‘Finally, a girl has fallen into a demon, and a beloved loves her dearly looked at each other across the city wall finally..

‘A Hollywood drama would be out if Barry received some paladin inheritance.

Then, Richard felt a little regretful.

He was too decisive and directly eliminated this threat.

He did not see such a dramatic scene.

Now, his subordinate replaced the hero, that seemed to be the final villain boss.

“You guys go out and rest.

You can go back tomorrow.”

The two expressed their gratitude again and supported each other as they left the cave.

Richard turned his attention to the blood pool.

He was in deep thought after he looked at the Black Gold System notification again.

Collecting fresh blood and corpses could increase the potential of a hero…

‘Fresh blood is what a blood sacrifice requires.

However, after the mummy bandage replaced Lucy, there is an additional option for corpses.

‘It seems that different races have different sacrificial methods and materials.

This reminded him of Grays sacrifice coffin at that time.

Although both sides needed different materials, there were similarities and differences.

After he thought for a while, he called Gray over.

“Throw all the demon corpses outside the valley into the blood pool, leaving none behind.”

Gray immediately led the troop out to move the corpses.

Richard left a small team of mummies to guard around the blood pool to prevent any trouble.

He did not stay there for long.

After Richard left the cave, he looked at the two lovey-dovey young lovers in a sorry state and shook his head.

He did not mind being dirty.

After he took out some cooked food from the system space and shared it with the two, he found a suitable place to change into clean clothes.

After he instructed Gray to wake him up immediately if anything happened, he spread out the blanket made from the long hair of the fire dragon rabbit.

He called over two bandaged mummies to protect him.

He had a good sleep.

There was nothing to worry about with Gray, the hero mummy leading the whole situation.

Early the following morning, he woke up in a comfortable blanket.

After Richard woke up and opened his eyes, he saw Gray.

It stood guard around with a small team of mummies.


Richard tidied up the blanket and stretched.

“Have you finished moving the corpses”

“We moved all the corpses late last night.”

The blood sacrifice needed a day to produce a hero.

Now that a night had passed, there were still more than ten hours left, so there was no hurry.

“Did you find anything unusual in the surroundings”

“I found a very tiny spatial rift not far from the blood pool, but it quickly disappeared after I found it.

“That spatial rift is temporary.

The demons must have come from there.”

Richard nodded.

This was reasonable.

If the demons kept coming through the spatial rift, it would not be just a 1-star dungeon.

He stood up and went to the blood pool without saying anything else.

The level of the blood pool was much higher after they threw in thousands of demon corpses.

However, there were no corpses that floated up.

The Black Gold Systems description did not change much either.

It seemed to have been completely devoured…

‘What level of hero could such a huge power raise

Richard was filled with intense anticipation.

“Lord Richard…”

A call from behind interrupted his thoughts.

He turned to look at the person who had come.

Barry and Lucy, the couple, had changed into the clothes he had given them the other night.

Although they did not fit well, the fabric was of high-end quality, so it was still acceptable.

Richard thought that the two were there to ask when they would return, he directly said,

“We will return to the village tonight.

You dont have to worry.”

Lucy, whose face was still slightly red, shook her head.

“Lord Richard, its not about that.

Yesterday, I saw that your troop had been moving the demons corpses into the blood pool.

Are those corpses very important to you”

Richard did not hide anything.

“That blood pool is a technique used by the demons to reinforce their subordinates.

I can use it to increase the strength of my subordinates.

“The corpses of those demons are the best nourishment.”

The two people who hated the demons to the extreme felt relieved.

That was how it should be.

They didnt even leave their corpses behind.

Lucy thought for a moment and hesitated.

“Lord, when Barry and I split up to escape, we accidentally opened a mechanism in that ancient tomb.

We found a corpse inside.

That seems to be the tomb owner… Perhaps, you will need it.”

Richard was stunned.

There was such a thing

However, he still shook his head.

“Even the coffin has rotted, so that corpse must have weathered.

The blood pool must devour normal corpses.

If there are some treasures inside, they might be more useful.”

Lucy became anxious when she heard that.

“Lord, the corpse has not weathered, as if it had just died… and I could feel through the magic ball that it contained a massive amount of energy.

“Its countless times stronger than those demons!!”


‘Even the coffin had decayed, and the corpse still looked like it had just died

‘Was this a side mission Or was it related to the undead that had never appeared

This immediately piqued Richards interest.

“Take me to see.”


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