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Chapter 119: How to Run Away with the Ball, Waiting for Answers Online, Urgent! 3.35


Approaching Bai Tian, the Assistant Director talked about his plan in a way that only the two of them could hear.

The more Bai Tian listened to it, the deeper his eyebrows frowned.

“This won’t do.

This way of doing things is too vile, we…”

“Director, it’s not something we can choose to do or not to do now.

If we don’t do anything, we’ll really be done for.

It took a painstaking amount of effort ah.”

The Assistant Director directly interrupted Bai Tian’s words.

They had paid so much.

Did they really want us to be made a cat’s paw

Bai Tian was silent.

After a while, he said, “But this way… this way…”

Somehow, Bai Tian couldn’t go on.

His conscience made him feel that this suggestion was an incomparable torment.

The Assistant Director resolutely vented, “Director, don’t hesitate anymore.

We don’t have much time.”

Bai Tian gritted his teeth.

He thought for a bit, then made a decision.

“Let’s go talk to him first.

If it doesn’t work, here…”

The Assistant Director disagreed a little, but he didn’t say anything else.

Bai Tian immediately got up from the ground and contacted Ernie.

The Assistant Director stood beside Bai Tian, looking at the photo in his hand.

He thought of the man’s words, took a step and walked out.

The internet was very lively because of Luo Ling’s affairs.

The previous news had not been confirmed whether it was true or false yet, but someone else broke out with another big revelation.

Gossip Vendor (v): A certain male celebrity, not only has a bad character, but also has an illegitimate child.


According to the investigation, this person is unmarried.

He has never shown that he had a child during his three years staying abroad.

Not only that, but the other party is also suspected of being gay.

He taught his child to call ‘Dad’, and ‘Daddy’.

At the same time, this one also snatched away a married man.

[Video of confrontation with Qi Shanshan in the hotel lobby.

The figure of Qi Shanshan was not present in the video, only Luo Ling and the child he was carrying.

From this perspective, it was obviously taken candidly.]

[Photo of Luo Ling and Mr.

Wang finally looking at each other affectionately.

Moreover, there was a woman beside Mr.

Wang with a mosaic covering her face.]

To say that before, there were many rational netizens because of Luo Ling’s temperament and face.

Then at this moment, they all flew into a rage.

The issue of homosexuality was nothing.

However, he actually deceived fans, and intruded into other people’s families.

Absolutely unforgivable.

Xiao Qiao: Disgusting, this kind of person should get out of the entertainment industry.Cricket: I didn’t expect him to be this kind of person.

How fortunate(sarcastic) of me to help him by speaking out for him before, trash.

Apricot Flowers All Over the Sky:#%#*¥*&¥!¥Green Grass: Scumbag man, sl*t who got ahead by crawling into a person’s bed.

That man is such a loser.

How can you stomach sleeping with him It’s disgusting just thinking about it.Nine Divide by Nine is One: I’m so worried about the child.

He is still so young and so cute.

With such a father, he will definitely be taught badly in the future.Honest man: Let’s go sign a petition.

Let him give the child to the mother for her to raise.

The situation on the internet was getting worse.

The people who paid attention to this matter had different attitudes.

After Ge Yujie dealt with Mr.

Wang, he found that the situation had gone wrong.

While scrolling through the comments, looking at the group of people’s lofty ambitions, Ge Yujie said to Dai Chun, who was driving the car.

“This group of people are simply angels.

Knowing that I was being remembered by the Boss, they sent themselves to my door to give me extra points.”

Earlier, there was no chance for him to do anything at all.

Ge Yujie felt rather regretful before.

As a result, as soon as he turned his head, there were other people courting disaster.

Ge Yujie said, ‘Truly, very good!’

The corner of Dai Chun’s mouth twitched.

He had no hope for this fool.

However, those people were indeed stupid.

Qi Shanshan looked at the news on the internet, feeling both scared and excited.

After realizing that something was amiss, she quietly ran away.

The photos and videos were all taken by her assistant.

Qi Shanshan originally wanted to do it herself, but…

She thought that there was no opportunity, so she didn’t want to do it herself.

Truly, the Heavens had helped her.

As long as Mr.

Shi realized Luo Ling’s true face, and knew what kind of person he was.

He would definitely abandon Luo Ling.

When the time comes, she would take the initiative to comfort Mr.


Facing the gentle and beautiful her, Qi Shanshan had confidence that he wouldn’t be not tempted.


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