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The Royal wedding cake was summoned in the drawing room of Marida Company.

The elaborate flower patterns and swirls applied by fresh cream and white chocolate gave the white cake a sense of purity and nobility.

As soon as the summoning was completed, Malta-san rushed to the wedding cake and moved around the cake while silently wow-ing and sighing in admiration.

“Schwartz-san, which cook made this cake――how many Skills one should have to make this cake… no, can something like this even be possible to be made!”

And he rushed to me as if something inside him had flipped.

He grabbed my arms firmly, so as not to let me escape.

“First of all, Malta-san, calm down!”

“I AM calm! Shaft wine, shampoo, and the items that Schwartz-san prepares do not exist not only in Kurtmerga, but also in any of the many great powers on the Orlando continent! Where did you actually get it!”

Has he actually looked at countries all over the continent Maybe I should let him know.

“…Very well.

Itll take too long to talk about everything, so Ill just go straight to the main points.

Ive been meaning to let someone else know.

I just wanted to decide who to talk to.”

“Of course I wont tell this matter to anyone else――not even Marida!”

Calm Malta-san and sit back on the sofa first.

By the way, where should I start――

“Does Malta-san believe in God”

“God Do you mean the Creator God”

“Maybe thats it.

Can you tell me their name”

“Im afraid I cant! Besides, the name of the Creator God was forgotten long ago.

According to the old legend, when you say their name, all the magical power in your body will be consumed, and that can lead to death, so no one dares to say it.

Thus the name disappeared from history.”

Thats the first time Ive heard it.

After investigating this world at the museum in the fortified city of Barga, I was devoted to various requests and exploring the labyrinth, making the time to research something at the museum reduced.

Creator God――A God whose name could kill someone when uttered.

That is probably the one who released me from becoming a labyrinth master.

“Then, what about the Evil God who created the labyrinth”

“I know that is also an old God… but what is the relationship between the Gods and Schwartz-san”

“Its a very simple story.

The Evil God brought me from another world to this world, and the Creator God saved me.

All the products that I sell are from a different world.

My original world that is.”


Thats how it reacts.

Malta-san had a confused look on his face, and was left speechless for a while.

However, this is the truth.

Although I skipped the things about the power of VMB, whether I was originally dropped as the dungeon master of the labyrinth, or how I have a tireless game avatars body for now.

Being sent here by one God, released by yet another God and left alone here――thats my story.

“Sh, Schwartz… are you a child of God”

“Im not.”

“Then… are you an Apostle”

“I dont think thats the case either.”

I replied to Malta-sans question almost as soon as the words left his mouth.

That crazy Evil God called me “my child.” But I dont want to be a child of an Evil God.

At the same time, I have no intention of becoming some sort of a messenger for the Creator God.

I think that being wouldnt want that either.

“Then… who are you”

“Im just myself――Schwartz, and Shaft.”

And also Jonah.

Malta-san didnt seem to be convinced yet.

Rather, it may be said that to him the mystery has only deepened.

However, I dont think saying that I am a person who has moved from the present age of the historic planet Earth to another world and has a VRFPS game system called VMB would be any more believable――though maybe if I say that I am a former labyrinth master.

But I dont think I can do that.

Rather, it only causes extra confusion.

One cannot understand what he does not have the knowledge and what he cannot imagine.

“In other words… you came from outside the continent of Orlando How do you order the products”

“Can you see this”

Wave lightly in front of Malta-san.

What comes to mind is the window monitor of the TSS Tactical Support System.

“This is… something that Schwartz-san fiddles with occasionally…”

As expected of Malta-san-san――perhaps he already knew that it was not a magic tool No, there arent many magic tools that I can handle as a Magicless in the first place.

And the window monitor, whose display contents change rapidly, does not look like a magic tool.

“This was given by God… Well, its a miniaturized version of the transfer magic circle.

Its transferring merchandise from a faraway place.”

“Such a thing…”

Malta-san terrifyingly reached for the window monitor and muttered, “Can I touch it” which I nodded lightly to.

Receiving my agreement, Malta-sans finger touched the screen――and went through.

After all, the VMB system continues to assimilate with me.

It cant be used by anyone other than myself.

Originally, I couldnt hand over the firearms, and I had a clue that some kind of protection was working on the system.

Malta-san is constantly poking her finger at the window monitor, which he couldnt touch even if he tried to.

“How about this”

That said, it was the “magic tag” that was summoned to the table.

“This is”

“This is a magical tool given by God that allows me, who is a Magicless, to use transfer circles and copy circles.”

“Is this also!”

Malta-san slowly reached for the “magic tag” placed on the table――but stopped shortly before.

After looking at me for a moment, he first checked if he could touch it with his index finger.

Apparently, he could.

“I can touch this one――eh No way this is… no, thats…”

Just touching the identification tag changed Malta-sans expression.

The protruding finger trembles in the air――it travels from finger to hand and from hand to arm.

He took out a small loupe used for magic stone appraisal from his chest pocket and leaned forward without touching the identification tag and began to examine it.

“Schwartz-san… I wouldnt be able to understand all your stories――but with this one magic tool alone, Im convinced now that everything you say is true.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Does Schwartz-san know what this magic tool is made of”

“No, I dont know――silver… no, Mithril perhaps”

“It looks like that at first glance, but its not.

The material of this magic tool is called orichalcos――a divine mineral.

Im sure of it.

I once appraised the “Heka Staff” that the founding King used habitually.”

The Founding King… A person who came to this world after being dropped from the same different world as me.

Considering the circumstances, it is not difficult to imagine that I made contact with the Creator God or the Evil God like I did.

“Is this “magic identification tag” Even from a glance I could tell that it is made of ore that is exactly the same as the wand of the Founding King.

We call it Orichalcos, and it is known as a mineral created by God.”

Malta-san didnt touch the magic tag but treated it as if it were something extremely valuable――a precious thing that may melt or disappear if touched.

“Its best not to show this magic tool to anothers eye.

If they see what I see, they will notice the immeasurable value at a glance.”

“Ill do just that――Malta-san, lets get back to the story.”

We returned to talk about the royal wedding cake after I collected back the magic tag.

Afterward, we invited Marida-san, Minea, and employees of the company for a wedding cake tasting party.

I knew that the cake wasnt an imitation, so the only remaining issues were its taste and means of transportation, and the arrangements to give it as a gift to the Prince.

While laughing bitterly at the voices of girls and children, while enjoying the taste of cake, which is definitely a first-class product, I continued the talk with Malta-san, to whom I feel my trust has deepened.


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