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Chapter 335 - She is going to need to squeeze Lu Jue dry for that.


Edited by: Lulu

Ning Zhi sat up.

Her lips landed on Lu Jue’s thin lips, while her hand moved to his abdomen.

10 little suns instantly popped into the indicator above Lu Jue’s head.

It was not the first time Ning Zhi touched him there.

It felt good under her hand, tense and firm.

She could feel his heat and the firmness of his abdomen through his thin silk pajama.

The tingling sensation became more pronounced, and little suns popped out madly over Lu Jue’s head.

The warm, yellow light in his eyes made them look brighter and more moist.

He wanted to call Zhizhi’s name out loud, but remembering what Zhizhi had said earlier, he only held onto the blanket tightly with one of his hands.

Lu Jue’s collar was crooked.

The tingling sensation on his lips and waist grew stronger.

Like a bullied little puppy, he couldn't help but grunt out.

“Zhi, Zhi……”

Ning Zhi collected the 150 little suns and looked up happily.

“You lost.

Now go to sleep.”

The image of Ning Zhi reflected in his limpid eyes.

His lips shut tight.

He couldn’t do anything but nod.

After Lu Jue had fallen asleep, Ning Zhi summoned Overlord.

So much had happened today that she needed some answers.

The first thing that she asked was, “How many little suns will I need for my next trip”

Overlord ripped the bandage off quickly and said to her: [Host, you will need 5,000 little suns.]

Ning Zhi, “…..”

Did it expect her to squeeze Lu Jue dry

Ning Zhi gritted her teeth and confronted Overlord fiercely.

“How am I supposed to get 5,000 little suns”

Overlord talked her up.

[My host is the best I am certain that she would have no problem gathering the required number of little suns and completing her assignment.] Ning Zhi harrumphed loudly.

“If we need 5,000 little suns this time.

Are we going to need over 10,000 little suns in future assignments”

Overlord told her: [Host, this will be your last trip.]

“Last trip” said Ning Zhi, delighted.

She was no longer sleepy.

She was so happy that she almost sat back up.

“Does that mean Lu Jue would recover completely after this assignment is over”

Overlord: [Yes, Host.]

Ning Zhi was overjoyed.

Overlord’s little milky voice turned hesitant all of a sudden.

[That being said, after Lu Jue had recovered fully and the host’s assignments were over, the system would need to wipe off part of Lu Jue’s memories.]

Ning Zhi paused a little.

“What does that mean He would forget that I had saved him in the past”

Overlord: [Yes.

You had traveled back in time, visiting Lu Jue’s childhood through adulthood.

During this time, your appearance had never changed.

This is not normal.

As such, the system will erase the part about your looks.

He would remember that he was saved by someone, but he would not remember your appearance.]

Ning Zhi was stunned.

That meant that Lu Jue would forget who had saved him.

He would forget the Odd Big Sister that he missed this entire time

Overlord reminded her: [If Host decides to abandon this assignment and it is never completed, Lu Jue will be able to retain his memory of you.]

Ning Zhi’s eyes dimmed.

“If I am to choose to have Lu Jue remember me, that means he will never recover fully, right”

Overlord: [Yes, Host.]

Ning Zhi tightened her lips.

“Then what is there to debate about I will complete the assignment.

As long as Lu Jue likes me, remembering me is not as important as his recovery.”

Of course, it was important!

Ning Zhi recalled the little dazed Lu Jue in red the very first time that she met him; the little Lu Jue who had her hu-hu him; the little Lu Jue who held onto the hem of her dress,not wanting her to leave; the little Lu Jue who tied her hands up with a colorful ribbon, not wanting to be apart…….

Ning Zhi’s chest felt stuffy.

It ached and felt uncomfortable.

In the future, Odd Big Sister would just be a blurry face in his memory.

The next day, when Lu Jue woke up, he met Ning Zhi’s eyes.

“Moring, Zhizhi.” His thin lips curved upward, happy that he could see Ning Zhi first thing in the morning.

“Morning.” Ning Zhi didn’t sleep well the night before and also woke up early this morning.

Lu Jue turned his head.

He saw that Little Song Song behind him was still asleep.

His pitch-black eyes lit up some.

He could kiss Zhizhi.

As soon as the idea occurred to him, he leaned into Ning Zhi, wanting to kiss her soft little lips.

Realizing what he was trying to do, Ning Zhi reached her hand out and placed it over his mouth.

Looking at him, she asked all of a sudden, “Who do you like better, Odd Big Sister or Zhizhi”


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