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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 50

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It wasnt common to see three horses pulling a carriage along through the night as though they were running from danger. Even stranger was the fact that three carriages split into different directions.

“Zhuo Fengru is a wretched old man, yet his wife is perfect from head to toe. What a lucky old fart.”

Lady Zhuo, joined by five more people in a carriage, kept her teeth dug into her bottom lip.

“Show my mother some respect!” Zhuo Yupin guarded his mother behind him despite his words and actions provoking their kidnappers into bashing him.

Although Lady Zhuo was bitter over the fact that she was separated from her daughter whilst having to raise someone elses son and groom him into her daughters husband, she always fulfilled the duties of a mother for the sake of it. That was why she felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when she saw him defending her as she reflected on the times she held his hands to teach him to write, the times she taught him to speak and so on.

“Piner, Im fine. Dont deign to their level.”

As criminals who only joined Miguo Branch for the benefits Lord Miguo offered, the group had no sense of discipline to speak of.

The bald man cackled. “Missy, if you dont mind, how about alleviating our boredom.”

“Put a sock in it.” The swordsman lying with his sword in his arms separated himself from his five comrades, seemingly considering himself in a league of his own.

The bald man chortled again. “Master Liu, weve been working nonstop for months. Its not like were going to kill her; were just seeking some relief. Zhuo Fengru is a stuck-up prick whos constantly offended us… Hehe, were avenging His Excellency, too, n-” He suddenly folded over in silence.

Long Taoyuan, nicknamed Skyhead, once bounced his opponents sharp broadsword off his head without a scratch. Yet, blood could soon be seen running down from his forehead, without him ever knowing how it happened.

“Dont lump me in with you.” The swordsman threatened, “Whoever makes a fuss will be next.”

Breaking the silence that followed, Zhuo Yupin said, “… Leng Jingliu, Im not thankful for that. If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt be in this predicament in the first place.”

All of Leng Jinglius “comrades” gulped. The solo swordsman was known amongst “allies” and enemies as a man of his word. He just warned everyone to keep their mouths shut, yet Zhuo Yupin was already mouthing off. Zhuo Yupin may not fear death, but the cronies certainly feared Lord Miguos wrath if they couldnt bring him back alive.

“Had you not involved yourself with us too much, Zhuo Estates security wouldnt have crumbled so fast. When it comes down to it, the fault lies with you.”

“If I didnt trust you…”

“Weve only known each other for three months. Every piece of information on Ming Feizhen was worth five hundred taels. Your fathers information was worth three hundred taels per piece. Youve earned a decent amount in the last year. How does it have anything to do with me If Lord Miguo didnt spot traces of a Mystic Era discipline from you, he wouldnt have any interest in a brat like you. On the other hand, you implicated your father. Unlike you, however, he only feigned cooperation to collect incriminating evidence on us. Had Xu Clan not been killed off, perhaps he wouldnt be silenced so soon. While Im on the topic, if your father really dies, the information collected will give you the biggest merit.”

Leng Jingliu disclosed all the things Zhuo Fengru had been doing to Zhuo Yupin while they were travelling, much to Zhuo Yupins exasperation and guilt. Of course Zhuo Yupin could detect his father acting besides himself, but he never thought it was because of his mistakes.

Lady Zhuo: “Is everything you say a lie My husband is someone you hooligans can touch! Piner, dont believe their baseless claims. Dont you have any faith in your father”

“Apologies,” expressed Leng Jingliu. “Hero Zhuo certainly is an aspiration of many. Howbeit, man only has so much power. Shennong is home to plenty of adepts. Itll be hard for two hands to win against four hands, let alone more. Either way, its not something Young Master Zhuo can do something about. Nonetheless, please forgive this ones rudeness.”

Two men opined, “Master Lius swordplay is first-rate. That old fart wont be your match.”

“Im not suggesting I could dominate him. Id only barely beat him.” Leng Jingliu opened his eyes as though he sensed danger. “Impossible. Already”

“What Something outside” The guard brushed aside the window curtain for a look to see a black streak cross the firmament to the ceiling of their carriage. Once he made out it was a meatless, shoulder bone, he blurted, “The hell”

Upon contact making contact with the carriage, the wheels splintered, dropping the carriage to the ground. Subsequently, the horse reins split with the sound of someone slashing them, allowing the horses to careen in different directions. There was nothing the coach could do when he hadnt come across such a phenomena in his decades-long career.

“What did I tell you They kidnapped the two while I was fighting Hero Zhuo, then fled for Shennong. They might as well have given us a map to tell us which route to take. Theres no way anyone can run from Hero Zhuo and I.”


“Come to think of it, were pretty lucky. I mean, we caught with them after running dozens of kilometres and until the sun went down, right Guess Hero Zhuo wasted his time going in his direction.”


“Hua Gezi, say something. Hey, where are you going”

Hua Qing broke Ming Feizhens hold to go puke by a tree.

“How useless,” Ming Feizhen insulted.

“Shut up! Cant you give me a heads up! I didnt expect you to run so fast, not to mention how far we travelled!” Hua Qing resumed hurling.

Ming Feizhen reached into the carriage to check since he believed everyone inside shouldve had their accupoints sealed. “Hey, hey, everyone dead Lady Zhuo Punk Zhuo Im coming.”


Ming Feizhen back flipped away. “Oho”

Leng Jingliu stood up.-

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