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“Divine Realm, touted as the pinnacle realm of martial arts, was and is subject to personal interpretation. Because of that, people started labelling tough opponents as Divine Realm pugilists, and everything odd to them would be associated with Divine Realm. For instance, they claim daoists cultivated immortality and, therefore, learnt to fly, arguing that daoists have to be Divine Realm elites or they wouldnt be able to fly. It isnt entirely wrong, but it isnt correct because the correct answer is,Dont know.

“Nobody can go back in time or establishe anything but theories regarding whether or not past phenomena had anything to do with Divine Realm. Aforementioned example is one of the more logical claims unlike some of the more preposterous claims, and there are few who could correct them since few ever reached the realm.

“If one was to combine all of the knowledge of current and former Divine Realm adepts, it still wouldnt be enough to write a textbook on the topic. The only consensus thus far is that those who reach Divine Realm can manifest what is coined Enlightenment, a coloured energy that enhances their physical attributes. That being said, still nobody has provided a concrete definition for what Enlightenment is.

“The story goes that Enlightenment is the product of their body and nature forming a mystical connection, empowering them to produce the unnatural glow. For those who believe inbeing one with nature, the theory is acceptable. Howbeit, the problem is that not every person who reached Divine Realm has a visible form of Enlightenment. Assuming the hypothesis of connections is true, how do we explain those who connect to nature, yet fail to reach Divine Realm

“The light of Enlightenment doesnt come with destructive might. In saying that, everyone who manifests it has always possessed impressive might. Perhaps labelling Enlightenment a phenomenon instead of a type of energy is more accurate. Though subjective and circumstantial, this phenomenon might even be more precisely defnied if one were to check history and see that it was commonly a symbol for an imminent lopsided, dominating victory - or death.” - Black and White Reflection, Pugilistic World Secrets, Issue 101.

“You three know what Quasi-Divine is” Elder Shou took a bite out of his green-bean cake and smacked his lips.

The three didnt drop their guards for a second as he had spent more than twenty years being renowned compared to them. He might be old, but who could guarantee he wasnt dangerous Besides, would he just stroll into enemy territory if he wasnt confident he could win He already proved himself a threat when he forced all three out of range in just a single palm strike.

“Somebody respond.” Elder Shou scowled at the three for their lack of manners. “Why are young people so forgetful these days Where is your answer”

“Quasi-Divine…” Yu Jian hesitantly asked, “What is that”

“You three dont know, either This is going to be fun, then, Watch closely.”

Feng Jian used everything in his arsenal - speed, aggression and technique. Yu Feiyuan decided to forego her sight, yet her remaining senses proved sufficient to de-glorify the silver field.

Before Feng Jian could turn up his speed again, Yu Feiyuan abruptly accelerated, forcing him to step down harder on the pedal. Following his boost, shed kick her speed up another notch. Though her speed looked less impressive than her first time thwarting his attack, Feng Jian also didnt appear as fast as when they started. Only he knew she was snatching the reins from him.

Every time Feng Jian struck, he felt an interruptive force. After a hundred strikes, he could only describe the sensation as trying to strike through a wall of water; it was as though Yu Feiyuan was slowly dragging him into the depths of the ocean, where she ruled, to wrest control of the match from him.

“Quasi-Divine is also a realm.” Elder Shou startled the tense three when he sounded out all of a sudden. “Its a realm for those just a step away from Divine Realm and a realm they must tread through. Plenty have elite internal energy, but they can never find the path. What Im getting at is that, though there arent many inside the door, there are also scarcely any outside. Ling Fengxing is one of them.”

Ling Fengxing was the second most formidable swordsman they knew of. After all, he nearly killed all four of them when they robbed him.

“Those at Quasi-Divine can ephemerally utilise Enlightenment to the same extent as a true Divine Realm adept. Semantically speaking, they are a Divine Realm elite for that one technique or that one moment. Because of how close they are to Divine Realm, they have access to Enlightenment for that one instant. As swordsmen - and swordswoman - you should all be privy to how much difference a split second makes in a fight. That one instant they draw out that power will be the moment they decide who lives and who perishes.” Elder Shou scrutinised Feng Jian as he enlightened the trio: “This old one is old, yet he can count the number of Divine Realm martial artists he has met in his life on two hands. Now he has to remember another name among the candidates. What a drag.”

A faint, very faint, crimson glow wreathed around Feng Jians sword as he staggered back.-

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