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The forest leaves resembled dancers accompanying a performance between two martial artists. The clash of their weapons and snapping branches kept the leaves in rhythm.

Who the hell is this kid God damn, hes tough.

Teng Ji had been on a roll - a second Zhao Zilong - recently thanks to Shaman Monarch and his Divine Consort sharing everyones weaknesses, disciplines, levels and the flaws in their formations. Even though they gradually strengthened their rear, he was still able to startle them each time. After all, he was akin to a ghost that could come and go as he fancied.

Besides pocketing a handsome sum for his work, the maids Shaman Monarch sent Teng Ji were always praising him and offering to cook for him. In addition, he made two significant improvements in his skills thanks to Shaman Monarchs pointers when he had plateaued for a decade. Reliving the glory days similar to the days under Gu Wuzhu prompted Teng Ji to consider a life as Shaman Monarchs vassal henceforth. Although his subordinates were ruthless, they were softer than the bandits under Gu Wuzhu.

Teng Jis streak of good luck ended when a young swordsman adorning white from head to toe stepped up to the plate. Teng Ji had no clue how the swordsman found him, but the polite swordsman was a tough nut to crack.

“This one is the sixth disciple of Mount Daluos Huayu of the World - Lian Zhuiyue. Please go easy on him.”

The girls squealed no matter what minor things Lian Zhuiyue said or did.

“Go easy on you, my foot!”

Teng Ji hated hypocritical, sanctimonious scholars with a vengeance, so he couldnt even be bothered remembering Lian Zhuiyues name.

Teng Ji went for Lian Zhuiyues head; however, Lian Zhuiyue caught the broadsword between two fingers, denying it another inch. If Teng Ji was educated, hed be able to identify Savage Slays “Conqueror Finger”, a technique that embraced flexibility.

Lian Zhuiyue furrowed his brows. “This is our first time meeting. Why are you trying to kill this one”

Humiliated, Teng Ji pulled his broadsword out, then started swinging again.


If not counting Tianfeng Xuanyuan mimicking Sima Huai, there were two Mount Daluo disciples back at camp with knitted brows.

“Whats going on” Tianfeng Xuanyuan repeated after Sima Huai.

Sima Huai smacked his brother over the head. “Is this the right time for games!” He then stomped on Tianfeng Xuanyuans foot. “What stupidity is Sixth up to now”

Xiaer: “Right! The beast has awoken, yet hes gone off to fight my brothers subordinate! What an idiot!”

Because Teng Ji had become a thorn in the side of Emperor Yuanshengs group with his ever-increasing skill and experience as a bandit, Lian Zhuiyue, being the heralded handsome, skilled defender of justice he was, offered to persuade Teng Ji to turn over a new leaf. He asserted Teng Ji wasnt a bad man but was still unable to see an alternative lifestyle after his bloody history.

It wouldnt matter if the circumstances difference, but there was a dragon roar just days ago that was audible to everyone. While others mightve been confused, Mount Daluos disciples tensions were running high already for a safe haven no longer existed in Nanjiang.

In spite of his concern, Sima Huai still couldnt resist admonishing Xiaer. “Enough. Sixth has nothing on you. Even if he was here, he wouldnt be able to offer any brighter ideas.”

“Did I ask him to come up with a plan” Xiaer pouted. “I want him to protect me! If I was going to depend on you to protect me, Id be eaten eight times!”

“How would you be eaten eight times with me here At most, youd be eaten once!”

“Isnt that the same thing!”

Tianfeng Xuanyuan took out a pear to fulfil his quota of one pear per day, but he spent ages staring at it as if it reminded him of Ming Feizhen. Ming Feizhen told him hed be back when Tianfeng Xuanyuan finished the basket of pears. Suddenly, he dropped the pear when his hand instinctively flinched. He went from happy to concerned and then despair. He tucked his chin into his collarbone and then bolted out.

“Whats Fifth Brothers deal”

“Crud! Fifths senses are sharper than ours. He mustve sensed something. After him!”

Sima Huai only needed a couple of steps to catch up to Tianfeng Xuanyuan. Owing to his qinggong specialty, Sima Huais sense of smell was heightened beyond others, which was how he noticed an odd smell. Coming from the forest was the faint, yet impossible to miss, stench of wild beasts.


Zhao Zilong - Also known as Zhao Yun. Teng Jis infiltration behind enemy lines is being compared to the story of Zhao Zilong breaking through Cao Caos forces to rescue Liu Chan during the escape from Changban.-

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