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The elite troops were selected on the same night their monarchs were taken out. If not on account of Wanyu being the strongest state and Shaman Monarch Palaces influence in Nanjiang, Mount Wanyu would be on the verge of collapse - if it wasnt yet. The four states that lost their monarchs actually sent assassins up the mountain while they were waiting to have an open discussion; however, Shaman Monarch managed to fend off all attempts. The states so-called convention wasnt the product of the conclusion that a council was in order; it was the result of talks on how to raze the mountain to the ground.

Each diplomatic envoy from the four victimised states stationed roughly three thousand cavalry troops each twenty kilometres from Mount Wanyu. Therefore, Wanyus King had justified reasons to be worried about state security. Being the one who permitted them to march soldiers into his borders and acting as their middleman, he ordered six thousand elite cavalries to keep tabs on the situation.

Rubbernecks there to witness a convention between Shaman Monarch and so many important individuals had no clue what they were getting themselves into.

Chiyis diplomatic envoy, joining everyone at their seats in the two rows at the foot of the mountain, thundered, “They invited us, yet not a single authoritative figure of Shaman Faith is in sight! Is this how they show sincerity!”

Hong Jiu, assigned to security detail with Moyan Changping at the venue, responded, “His Majesty possesses the wisdom and ability to withstand anything and everything. He may be casting a miracle somewhere right now and appear here the next second. It is only a matter of whether he is willing to show up or not. Else, you might not see him even if he is standing right before you.”

“Whether he is willing to or not I dont care how he feels. He killed my King. If he doesnt offer his head on a platter, how can we call ourselves vassals Even if our King was in the wrong, there was no need to kill him! If you do not return our Kings body, apologies, Wanyus King, but we will level Mount Wanyu!”

“Whatchu so worked for, huh Nobody said His Majesty wont be coming. Hes just not here yet. Someones coming.”

Chiyis diplomatic envoy looked over his shoulder. “Basu Bomi, go up! If you see that wretched Shaman Monarch, kill him where he stands.”

Chiyis great guya sped up the mountain. As soon as his feet hit the mountain path, though, he bellowed as blood squirted from his empty arm socket. Next, he was kicked back to his group despite weighing a hundred kilos.

Moyan Luohou sheathed his blade and stared down the floored guya. “Nobody besides the faiths members are allowed up. If you have a problem with it, face me.”

The four diplomatic envoys exchanged eye contact, concluding that they would no longer put up with any humiliation.

Right at the moment of the riots commencement, the diplomatic envoys heard beside them, “You must all be here for me.” They didnt see any signs that he was coming. They didnt notice his arms draped around the shoulders. Their elites didnt even notice his presence until a few seconds subsequent to him speaking out. Although he was smiling, their instincts yelled at them to step away from him.

“Im Shaman Monarch. How you all doing”


Gewu was still in the midst of making his way down the mountain as fast as his legs could take him when Ming Feizhen already arrived. If he wasnt quick, he would miss out on Ming Feizhen slaughtering everyone at the foot of the mountain. After all, Ming Feizhen looked more than ready to make pincushions out of people.

Upon arriving, Gewu was perplexed as to why their clothing was still neat and tidy, although they did look as if theyd just seen a ghost. Nevertheless, why were they untouched when they were unmistakably adorned in clothing of the four states

“I apologise on behalf of my subordinate. He will be fine after a quick treatment. This gentleman is healthy and strong. If I cannot treat him, Ill pay you ten times over.”

God help Gewu understand why Ming Feizhen was being friendly with the four diplomatic envoys.

“I beg your pardon for making you all wait when you came from afar. Thank you for bearing with me.” In the short time it took Ming Feizhen to go through his pleasantries, he had closed Basu Bomis wound and stopped the bleeding. All that was left was to wait for the guya to wake.

The four diplomatic envoys were as confused as Gewu. They didnt even dare to address Ming Feizhen as they didnt werent sure how to react.

“Great Spirit Shaman has arrived.” Ming Feizhen looked over his shoulder and gave Gewu an affable smile. There was no redness in his eyes. “You sure took your sweet time.”

“I apologise, Your Majesty, but… but… why are your eyes…”

“What about my eyes” Ming Feizhens smile was back to the one he showed in his debut on Mount Wanyu.-

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