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The spatial energy in the alternate space was still violent and unruly.

It wreaked havoc wildly as if it wanted to tear everything that entered the alternate space into pieces.

However, Chu Nan was floating in it and was not affected at all.

The violent spatial energy brushed past his body and naturally entered his skin.

It flowed into his flesh, entered his meridians, and perfectly fused with his Internal Breath.

As Chu Nans mind circulated freely, it was as if it had become a part of his body.

Everything was relaxed and natural.

Not only that, Chu Nan only needed to casually think and his Internal Breath could extend out of his body with the violent spatial energy.

He could easily extend it all the way out.

The furthest he could go was hundreds of meters away from his body and absorb the spatial energy in a large area into his control.

At the same time, the range of his perception of spatial energy in the space had greatly increased.

Now, he could easily sense the smallest fluctuation of spatial energy more than ten kilometers away.

With this, he clearly grasped all the situations in this large area in his mind.

He felt the violent spatial energy that was like magma rolling and could instantly turn him into ashes becoming like a gentle breeze blowing on the surface of his body.

He felt the perfect fusion and interaction of his Internal Breath and the spatial energy of the outside world.

He felt that his Internal Breath could see through his body as he pleased and easily sensed the distant space that could not be seen with the naked eye.

Chu Nan could not help but laugh loudly.

Under his deliberate control, his laughter shook the spatial energy and spread far and wide in the alternate space.

The joint vibration of spatial energy actually set off an energy storm in the alternate space, instantly causing countless clear spatial cracks.

A moment later, the huge space around him seemed to have been stimulated by something.

The already violent spatial energy became even more violent and chaotic.

More spatial cracks appeared, and they densely filled the surrounding space for a moment.

Chu Nans laughter stopped.

“Damn… I just wanted to cheer.

Did you need to have such a huge reaction…”

Chu Nan muttered in his mind and did not dare to do anything else.

Fortunately, he could sense the change in the surrounding spatial energy extremely clearly at this moment.

With a thought, he activated his Internal Breath and accurately controlled the spatial energy around him, calming them down from their even more violent state and returning to the normal state of the alternate space.

“Alright, its not easy to escape.

I need to hurry up and find an exit.”

Chu Nan looked around and saw nothing else other than various gorgeous colors.

Clearly, it was impossible to find the exit from here with his eyes.

He stretched out his Internal Breath and placed his perception of spatial energy as far as possible, but he discovered that he had floated in this alternate space for more than seven days.

He was already an unknown distance away from the entrance of the Leppler Stargate, so it was impossible to return the way he came.

“It seems that I can only try my luck and find another exit.”

Chu Nan looked around again and discovered that he was also looking for a direction in this damned space.

He could only casually choose a direction and fly forward at full speed.

As he flew, Chu Nan continued to sense the surrounding space with all his might.

Due to the fact that there was nothing in the alternate space, Chu Nan felt very bored after flying for a while.

Later, he simply closed his eyes and only cared about maintaining his perception of the surrounding space.

Then, he flew and cultivated the Nine Revolutions Technique.

Although he was certain that he had successfully broken through to the seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Technique, he had only done it to save his life previously.

Therefore, there were still many parts of the seventh level that were relatively rough and worth thinking about.

He needed to cultivate more and continue to find flaws.

In any case, he was free now and could do such a thing.

As he practiced by the side of the road, Chu Nan could not be bothered to pay attention to how long had passed.

He continued to maintain this state and patiently waited for the change to appear.

“What Feng Mingxi applied to drop out” Semondi looked at Wang Sicheng in surprise, “Why”

Wang Sichengs expression was a little hesitant.

After a while, he replied hesitantly, “Feng Mingxi said that he feels that he cant increase his strength if he continues to stay in Star Cloud Academy, so he has to leave the academy and undergo stronger cultivation to find a way to increase his strength faster.”

“Nonsense!” Semondi slapped the table forcefully, “Our Star Cloud Academys Martial Arts Branch is the best martial arts academy in the federation.

Hasnt he improved quickly enough here”

Wang Sicheng moved his lips, but in the end, he did not say the sentence that reached his throat.

Before this, the Star Cloud Academy was indeed the best martial arts academy in the entire federation.

No one doubted it.

However, because of the incident that happened to Chu Nan recently, not to mention that the Martial Arts Branch was suspected and criticized by the outside world, it was scolded by many people as a cold-blooded academy that did not care about the lives of students and did not even value their lives, causing the entire Star Cloud Academy to be greatly condemned by public opinion.

Under such circumstances, how could the Martial Arts Branch have the courage to call itself the best martial arts academy in the federation

Semondi cursed a few more times.

He thought for a moment with a dark expression and shook his head.

“No, we cant approve his withdrawal application.

If even he escapes, our Martial Arts Branch will be greatly embarrassed this time.”

“Isnt it embarrassing enough now” Wang Sicheng muttered in his mind, but he said, “Im afraid… After Feng Mingxi submitted this application, he had already disappeared.

I dont know where he is now…”

“What are you doing!” Semondi angrily slapped the table again, causing the thick solid wooden table in front of him to let out a creaking scream, “You actually let him escape just like that Ah If you cant find him, all of you can wait to be punished!”

Wang Sicheng lowered his head and could not help but curl his lips.

Feng Mingxi was a Void Break Martial Artist now.

If he really wanted to escape, how many people could stop him

Moreover, it was obvious that his heart was no longer in Star Cloud Academy.

What was the point of forcefully staying

If he was really forced into a corner and his grandfather was forced out, the entire Star Cloud Academy would be embarrassed.

In fact, Wang Sicheng knew very well why Feng Mingxi left.

The reason why he came to register for the Star Cloud Academys Martial Arts Branch was very much because of Angie Prairie.

After entering the academy, he was very close to Chu Nan because of his outstanding performance.

It could be said that these two people were the greatest motivation for him to stay in Star Cloud Academy.

However, ever since Chu Nans accident, Angie Prairie had disappeared without a trace.

No one could obtain any news of her.

One of them was dead, and the other was missing.

How could Feng Mingxi, a guy who liked to wander around the Milky Way in search of his martial arts path, be willing to continue staying in Star Cloud Academy obediently

When he submitted his withdrawal application today, Wang Sicheng was not even surprised because Feng Mingxis thoughts had actually been clearly revealed the day he knew that something had happened to Chu Nan.

Now, it had only taken shape.

The only one who did not know was probably the branch dean in front of him…

“What are you waiting for Hurry up and send someone to find him” Semondi was furious again.

He slapped the table and roared at Wang Sicheng, “If you cant find him or dont hear from him, you dont have to come back!”

Wang Sicheng did not dare to refute.

He casually bowed and turned to walk out.

Just as he reached the door and was about to open it behind him, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Wang Sicheng looked up in surprise and discovered two completely unexpected people standing outside the door.

The two of them ignored Wang Sicheng and walked straight in.

They arrived in front of Semondi and showed him a document in their hands.

“Dean Semondi, were representatives of the academys Disciplinary Inspection Committee.

We want you to come with us now.”

Semondi, who had been furious at Wang Sicheng just now, instantly turned ashen.

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