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Tuoba Cheng completely ignored the gazes of those people and only stared at the dragon boat of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect below.

As the waves ran high, Han Muye, who was sitting at the bow, suddenly raised his hand.

The dragon boat that was originally heading straight paused slightly and headed towards the largest reef at the center of the river.

When the dragon boat reached the reef, Han Muye raised his hand and the dragon boat stopped in front of the reef.

He moved and flew onto it.

The reef was 300 feet wide and 60 feet high.

When Han Muye landed on the reef, many sect elites who were feeling that the weight on them was unbearable also landed on it.

“Eh, why is the Nine Mystic Sword Sects dragon boat parked here”

On the river bank, the cultivators who came to observe were all at a loss.

At this moment, instead of jostling to pass through Luoyan Gorge, he stopped here.

Does he not want to seize the position of the nine sects

Is he giving up

If he really gives up, he knows his limits.

However, if he gives up now, he will not be able to retreat even if he wants to.

Han Muye looked at the dragon boats squeezed together, then looked up at the black waves.

In his water-element affinity perception, there were tens of thousands of black-armored monsters in the river behind him.

Under the lead of more than 10 thousand-foot-long fish, they rushed over fiercely.

At least half of the dragon boats could not escape from these fishes.

There were hundreds of sect elites on a dragon boat.

This Luoyan Gorge had to stop 30,000 cultivators at once.

These people were all elites of the Western Frontier sects.

Han Muye had not considered it before.

When he saw the cultivators falling into the water like dumplings, he suddenly understood.

This competition was a game set up by all the experts of the Western Frontier under the leadership of the Spiritual Dao Sect.

Those sects had used such methods to eliminate many elites from other sects.

Many sects that were originally quite strong might soar into the sky after this competition.

However, most of the elites of the sects died and fell.

If the Nine Mystic Sword Sect did not have the intention to become the number one sect in the Western Frontier, what did the casualties of the various sects have to do with him

If the Spiritual Dao Sect was still number one in the Western Frontier after this competition, it would be a good thing to reduce the strength of the various sects in the Western Frontier.

The other major sects were also happy to see this happen.

After all, the resources in the Western Frontier were limited.

One more expert meant one more resource.

An additional powerful sect would have to provide for dozens of experts and distribute their cultivation resources.

However, all of this was built on the premise that the Spiritual Dao Sect would continue to rule the Western Frontier.

The rules set by the Spiritual Dao Sect had always been passed down.

What if the Nine Mystic Sword Sect obtained the position of the number one sect in the Western Frontier this time

The Spiritual Dao Sect and the other large sects would retreat.

The Western Frontier sects would have suffered heavy losses.

The Southern Wasteland army would enter the Western Frontier which would probably instantly fall apart.

The Spiritual Dao Sect might have a hidden scheme, but Han Muye knew that this rule was the Spiritual Dao Sects open scheme.

By weakening the strength of the various sects in the Western Frontier through the competition, success would be achieved and the rule would be consolidated.

If not, only a mess would be left in the Western Frontier.

The Spiritual Dao Sect had set the rules for this rematch.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect taking first place in the Western Frontier would put an end to the rules set by the Spiritual Dao Sect.

Since the Spiritual Dao Sect would no longer have the chance to make rules in the future, what was the point of following the rules this time

Others were afraid of the Spiritual Dao Sect but what was he, Han Muye, of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect afraid of

Regardless of whether it was a conspiracy or an open plot, it was useless in the face of absolute strength!

Narrowing his eyes, Han Muye stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the countless demons who were approaching.

“Brother Gu, can you resist the waves and return in a hundred breaths”

Han Muye looked at Gu Yuanlong, who had landed beside him.

Fight the water demons

Gu Yuanlong was slightly stunned, and his eyes revealed a glimmer of light.

Havent I killed many black-armored water demons of the Eastern Sea

The Eastern Sea demon race was divided into two groups.

One was the powerful deep sea dragons of the Eastern Sea that rarely interacted with humans.

The other group was the black-armored water demons, which could be found throughout the Eastern Sea.

There were not many experts in this group.

It was said that there were a few extremely powerful Heaven Realm high-level demons that Gu Yuanlong had never seen before.

However, there were so many of them that it made ones scalp tingle.

If not for the fact that the black-armored fish only lived in water and could not go ashore, the Eastern Sea sword cultivators would not have been able to withstand the attacks of these demons.

“Brother Han wants me to stop these water demons in a hundred breaths”

A sharp sword light rose from Gu Yuanlongs body.

Han Muye nodded.

The fastest black fish had already caught up to the dragon boat hanging behind.


Gu Yuanlong laughed and took a step forward.

“I thought you, Immortal Han, would obediently be a pawn.

“I was blind.”

While in mid-air, Gu Yuanlong shouted as his body moved down the river.

A thousand feet with each step.

With one step, turbid waves surged behind him.

Gu Yuanlongs water affinity had already reached more than 80%.

Stepping on the waves, the water light on his body turned into a thousand-foot-long water sword.

Spiritual light and shadows intertwined on the sword.

“Senior Brother Han, we both cultivate under Teacher Mo.

What do you think of my strike”

Gu Yuanlongs voice was filled with boundless fighting spirit.

With one step, it was as if he could shatter mountains and rivers.

This step was like a ten-thousand-foot wave shattering a shore reef that had not changed for thousands of years.

All the water vapor turned into swords!

Back then, he had killed demons in the Eastern Sea for 10 years.

Back then, he guarded the island and killed 3,000 demons.

Back when he challenged the three great sword sects, he had never been defeated.

Back then, when he challenged Mr.

Mo Yuans Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords, he could not withstand a single strike.

From then on, Gu Yuanlong had been suppressing a wave of desire in his heart.

He would learn sword techniques from Mr.

Mo Yuan and cultivate his own Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords!

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