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In the sky above and on the ground above Jialing River, there was only the sound of mountains collapsing.

After slashing a chasm three hundred miles long with a single strike, the river changed its course.

When cultivators cultivated to a high level, they usually would not add their mighty power to the world.

This was because the world had a Dao.

If one casually attacked the world, they would be hated by the world.

But in the end, how many people in the Western Frontier could split mountains and rivers in a stretch of 300 miles with a single strike

Such power was a combination of sword power and cultivation.

The sword force tapped the power of heaven and earth.

Using the power of heaven and earth to split mountains and rivers shook the world, but they would not be jealous.

“Senior Brother Tuoba, I remember that you used a sword in the Blazing Demon Valley.

Later, it seems that someone also used a sword there” Someone suddenly said in a low voice from the cloud.

Tuoba Cheng nodded and said, “Hes also a disciple of Three Stones House.”

“Three Stones House!”

“Isnt the owner of Three Stones House Tuoba Cheng”

“That 100-year-old Golden Core sword genius is Tuoba Chengs disciple!”

Countless exclamations came from the clouds.

Tuoba Chengs gaze landed below and he was filled with emotions.

Three Stones Green Tiger, Lin Chongxiao, was Tuoba Chengs proudest disciple back then.

Tuoba Cheng had never cared much about Lin Chongxiaos younger brother.

Lin Shen drew his sword, but Tuoba Cheng did not stop him.

Lin Shen had wasted more than 10 years until he met Han Muye and entered the Sword Pavilion.

After all, Lin Shen was from the Sword Pavilion.

It was the Sword Pavilion.

It was Han Muye who had given Lin Shen everything.

“Second Brother…”

On the riverbank, a female cultivator in green covered her mouth with her hand.

Tears rolled down her face like rain.

“Junior Sister Lin, is that… is that your second brother” Beside the green-clothed female cultivator, several other female cultivators in similar clothes cried out and supported her.

The female cultivator covered her mouth and nodded heavily.

Lin Yuxia.

Lin Shens sister.

In the past three years, she had been cultivating in the sect and had almost never contacted Lin Shen.

Although the name of the Nine Mystic Sword Sects Sword Pavilion had recently spread throughout the world, and the name of the Sword Pavilions Immortal Han had also resounded, in Lin Yuxias opinion, her second brother, who had cultivated to draw tens of millions of swords, would probably be unknown for decades.

Her second brothers talent was far inferior to her eldest brothers.

This time, she had come with the seniors of the sect to watch the competition between the nine sects.

She had never thought of seeing her second brother again.

When she saw her second brother again, she saw a peerless expert who had split open a 300-mile mountain and river with a single strike.

He had stopped tens of thousands of elites of the Western Frontier from advancing.

Second Brother has finally done it.

“If you want to live, go on board a dragon boat.

Each boat can take 10 more people.

“Advance in an orderly manner.

Stop blocking the waterway again, or you will be enemies with the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

Han Muyes voice rang out.

It wasnt to snatch the dragon boats, but to let the elites of the sects whose boats were destroyed ride on the dragon boats of the other sects.

Without the dragon boats of their own sects, they would lose the right to compete for the position of the nine sects.

However, riding on the dragon boats of other sects could at least save their lives.

The waves of water demons behind them and the power of the experts from the major sects woke these elites up.

With their combat strength, they could not even survive, let alone fight for the seats of the nine sects!

“Brother Hu Chao, we traveled side by side back then.

Today, Im here to seek refuge.

Can you take me in”

“The Four Mountains Sword Sect promises to withdraw from the competition.

I hope that any sect can take us in.”

“Everyone from Witch Mountain Dao Sect, my Blazing Sun Sword Sect is considered your old neighbor.

Please take one of us in.”

Calls sounded from the reef, and there were also people who took the initiative to take them on their dragon boats.

A moment later, figures landed on the dragon boats.

It was not crowded with 10 more people on each dragon boat that was more than a hundred feet long.

These people had come to help by default.

This was a rule set by Immortal Han of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.


Someone looked up at the disappearing clouds in the sky.

It was a neutral rule in the nine sects.

This is the first time in thousands of years, right

Does the Nine Mystic Sword Sect really have the intention to fight for the number one position in the Western Frontier

At this moment, the way everyone looked at the Nine Mystic Sword Sect changed.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sect really has the intention to conquer the Western Frontier…” On the river bank, someone sighed softly.

Setting the rules.


Is all of this arranged by the higher-ups of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, or is it the idea of that Sword Dao Immortal

Everyone turned to look at the reef.

At this moment, only Han Muye in a green robe was left on the reef, as well as Lu Gao, who was standing behind Han Muye with his eyes covered by a black veil.


In front, Gu Yuanlongs voice was high-pitched.

The sword light in his hand was 3,000 feet long by now.

The sword qi scattered wreaked havoc, stirring up violent waves on the river.

This was the case with the Eastern Sea Sword Technique.

Each strike was stronger than the last, and endless like surging waves.



Gu Yuanlong blocked the demonic waves with his sword.

It was not as magnificent as Lin Shens sword light, but Gu Yuanlongs combat strength was definitely not much weaker than Lin Shens.

Behind him, dragon boats flew on both sides of Lin Shen, going against the flow.

There was no fight.

There was no need to fight over crossing the Luoyan Gorge that had been slashed into a straight line.

A hundred breaths of time was almost up.

Although Gu Yuanlongs sword light was dazzling and magnificent to the extreme, it was also at its limit.

Millions of waves gathered together to form a monstrous attack.

The more brilliant the sword light of the Eastern Sea Sword Technique was, the more it was about to collapse.

“A hundred.”

Gu Yuanlong shouted and slashed down with his sword.

The sword light was extremely dazzling, and streams of water vapor wreaked havoc within a 10-mile radius.

The water demons were all kept underwater, not daring to raise their heads.


Several thousand-foot-tall figures rushed out of the water.

Gu Yuanlong flew in front of Han Muye, his face slightly flushed.

He panted softly.

“Senior Brother Han, I didnt fail you.”

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