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February quickly came to an end.


Yao also received Yao Nians letter.

When she found out that her son had fallen ill after his plan failed and that the new village chief had taken office, Mrs.

Yao immediately felt heartache and tears welled up in her eyes.

Then, she learned that Yu Bing was actually going to become the factory director!

She recalled her previous impression of Yu Bing and realized that she couldnt think of anything.

Yu Bing was like an invisible person in the Yu family.

She was never like other children who liked to go to other peoples houses to visit or play with their peers in the courtyard after school.


Yao thought about the number of times she had seen Yu Bing.

They were all simply greetings when they saw each other in the building.

How could such a person become the factory director


Yao felt confused and continued to read the letter.

She learned that her son actually had the intention to marry Yu Bing.

When Mrs.

Yao read this, she felt unhappy.

Yu Bings family background was similar to theirs, and she couldnt help Yao Nian return to the city.

The Yu family didnt value Yu Bing, so it was impossible for her dowry to have anything valuable.

Most importantly, from Yao Nians letter, Mrs.

Yao learned that the factory had yet to open and she was only preparing to be the factory director! Who knew if this was a sure deal or not!

After thinking about it, she decided not to reply for the time being.

At this moment, Mrs.

Yao suspected that Yu Bing had bewitched her son.

After all, Yao Nian had only planned to rape Yu Bing previously.

How come he wanted to marry her now This was a big deal.

She couldnt let Yao Nian fool around since the matter was uncertain.

If Yu Bing really became the factory director, she could relent.


At this moment, Yao Nian still didnt know what his mother was thinking.

He was waiting for the Yu family to agree to the marriage.

When the factory was built, he could get a management job.

Because of these thoughts, Yao Nian became more patient even when doing the most tedious farm work.

At this moment, a document entitled “Pilot Industrial Chain Policy for the Ecological Integration Project of the Fengtou Mountain Brigade of Pingjiang County” was already in Wu Jins hands.

The support of the policy included requiring the village to send the corresponding personnel to the corresponding departments involved in the industrial chain to receive technical training.

They also allocated 2,000 yuan from the county finance bureau to the He Mountain Brigade as a pilot fund.

Wu Jin was so overjoyed that he became easygoing towards everyone he encountered recently.

It was better to teach people how to fish than to give them fish.

The Agriculture Bureau was a government agency.

Under the principle that officials had to uphold justice for the people, he was able to convince Chief Zhao to give him five spots.

However, those factories didnt fall for it.

They were national companies.

Although they were publicly owned, they were still considered companies It wasnt that he hadnt tried convincing them, but the factories were unwilling.

If he continued bugging them, they might not even let him buy things on credit anymore.

Now, everything was fine!

Wu Jin felt proud at this moment.

He said to Yu Bing, “Yu Bing, choose someone.

This is a document issued by the county government.

Lets see how those old foxes can stop me!”

Yu Bing smiled and said, “Ill arrange for people to report to various units in the county tomorrow.

People in the agriculture and breeding industry are most afraid of encountering pests and animals falling sick.

We have our own technicians, so many hidden dangers can be discovered and resolved in time.

Im already looking forward to the harvest of the fruit trees!”

Wu Jin complained, “Thats right.

There are only a few technicians in the factory! Every time I go to make an appointment, it takes several days for people to come down.

Their attitude is so unpleasant!”

On second thought, he reminded her, “Although we have documents that we can ask them to give us training, how much we can learn depends on how those old masters teach us.

You have to send smart and tactful people.

After all, not many people are willing to teach people their best skills so easily.”

Yu Bing nodded in understanding.

Previously, there had only been 2,000 chickens on the chicken farm according to the size ratio, but now that the other half of the big hill had been reclaimed, Yu Bing planned to add 1,000 more chickens and two more breeders.

On the small hill, Yu Bing planned to raise ducks entirely and manage them separately.

The small hill would raise 2,000 ducks with four people watching over them, so she sent two people to the chicken and duck team farm each to learn techniques.

Fish ponds, fertilizer plants and pesticide plants were also studied in a ratio of two people per unit.

After the orchard planting and farming were arranged, Yu Bing began to arrange things for the food factory.

Feng Cai had already taken the IOU to the machinery factory to settle the procedures, so the factory had to be set up.

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