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Yu Bing quickly looked at the crowd and realized that Li Ping was avoiding her gaze.

She knew that Li Ping was definitely involved in this matter.

Yu Bings voice was drowned out by everyones angry shouts.

There was also someone deliberately causing trouble by fanning the flames, so the villagers continued to shout in protest.

Seeing this, Yu Bing turned around and said a few words to Jiang Chun.

Jiang Chun ran into the factory.

In fact, when this result came out, the intellectuals felt that Yu Bing was biased towards them.

However, no matter what, Yu Bing was being blamed because of them now, so they silently surrounded Yu Bing, thinking that if the villagers became agitated and attacked Yu Bing directly, they could stop them.

Although the intellectual youths had good intentions, this undoubtedly made the villagers even more certain that Yu Bing was biased and unfair.

It also made the relationship between the villagers and the intellectual youths more estranged.

Everyone began to condemn Yu Bing even more fiercely.

“This industrial chain belongs to our village.

The village chief should have chosen the person in charge from among the villagers.

Why should you be the one in charge”

These words had a domino effect!

Many people didnt care about this at first.

After all, they all felt that even if Yu Bing didnt become the person in charge, they wouldnt either!

However, it was different now.

They felt that they had suffered unfair treatment, so after someone suggested it, this matter became an excuse for them to condemn Yu Bing and force her to compromise.

However, there were people in the crowd who knew the inside story.

“I heard that this industrial chain was proposed by Yu Bing, so they made her the person in charge.”

With someone speaking up for Yu Bing, a small group of villagers voiced their belief in Yu Bings capabilities.

Therefore, there was no longer a problem with her being the person in charge.

They only had doubts about the recruitment results this time.

However, those who believed in Yu Bing were in the minority.

Most of them were still unconvinced.

At this moment, Jiang Chun carried a loudspeaker from the factory and walked to Yu Bings side with a stool in one hand.

Then, she quietly crawled out from the side.

Yu Bing took the loudspeaker and stepped on the stool.

Then, she said firmly, “Ive heard everyones doubts.

Now, I hope you can all calm down and let me tell you guys why!”

“Let her talk.

Lets hear what she says!”

“Alright, well let you talk.

If you dont satisfy us, well report you.

If the village doesnt care, well look for the commune.

If the commune doesnt care, well look for the county!”

Then, everyone finally quietened down.

Yu Bing picked up the loudspeaker again.

“Villagers! Intellectuals! What Im going to say next is what I want to say to all of you.

Ive never thought that the locals of the He Mountain Brigade are on opposing sides of those of us who came from the city to the countryside to support the construction, but I know many of you dont think so.”

“The villagers have an advantage in terms of planting, but in terms of cultural foundation and learning ability, the intellectuals have an advantage.

These advantages should be complementary, not opposing! We should be united.”

“Its not easy to start a factory.

From the establishment of the factory to purchasing the necessary equipment, to organizing the recruitment of people to produce it, to the sales problem after the finished product is produced, all of this is complicated.”

“If our factory wants to develop, the most important thing is to survive first! The abilities of intellectuals can more effectively help the factory increase its survival rate.


“Because they have more connections and better knowledge.

They can sell the products in the factory to the county and the city.

I believe that the furthest place many villagers have been to is only the county city.

I also believe that if I give you guys a chance, you will grow up, but our factory cant afford to wait!”

“Everyone saw the villages account book at the end of last year.

Its only 1,200 yuan, but look at our project.

There are more than 10,000 tree seedlings planted in the orchard, a farm, and a fish pond.

Do you think the money in the villages account can really carry out these projects”

No one had ever calculated this before.

When they heard Yu Bings words, they fell into deep thought.

“The current disinfection equipment in the factory is from the intellectual Feng Cai.

Through his familys connections, he obtained a discount and He Mountain Brigade was able to buy it on credit.

The Mountain Brigade is now in debt! Do you know why Mr.

Bai came to oversee our project Because even a high-ranking person like him heard of our villages reputation of borrowing money everywhere! Thats why he came to take a look!”

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