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Just as Yu Bing had said, no matter how one looked at it, the villages industrial chain exceeded the fund balance on the account.

Although the villagers didnt say it, they were aware.

Now that Yu Bing had directly exposed it, they couldnt play dumb anymore and could only face it head-on.

Yu Bing saw everyones silence and knew that she had to take this opportunity to completely convince these people.

Otherwise, wouldnt she be exhausted if they caused trouble every other day!

“The first batch of workers in the factory is very important.

This will affect whether the factory can gain a foothold or not.

I have to ensure that the people chosen are the best.

Only then can the factory operate faster and obtain funds to ensure the virtuous operation of the factory.

As the vanguards, the intellectuals are under even more pressure.”

“I hope that before you all cause trouble, you remember one thing.

You differentiate between your own people and outsiders, but you seem to have omitted something.

After intellectuals come to the countryside, their household registration is also in the countryside! Everyones goal should be the same, and that is to hope that the He Mountain Brigade will get better and better!”

“Moreover, the factory is a collective economic project in the village, and the benefits generated are also collectively owned.

Only when the factory earns money can everyone truly benefit! Therefore, Ill choose whoever can do the jobs the best and bring the greatest benefits to the factory.

Only when the factory is stable can it bring more dividends to everyone at the end of the year.

Only then can it steadily expand and create more jobs for more people!”

“Villagers, I, Yu Bing, have no selfish motives towards the people I recruited, and I have a clear conscience! Alright, thats all I want to say.

If youre unhappy and want to report me, so be it.

Everything I do can withstand tests and investigations!”

At this moment, everyone felt a little embarrassed when they heard this.

Yu Bing was loyal to the public, but not only did they not appreciate her kindness, but they also came to cause trouble.

They were too short-sighted.

When Li Ping, who was in the crowd, saw that Yu Bing had actually turned the situation around, she was furious.

Her eyes darted around and she no longer hid herself.

She looked straight at Yu Bing as she said loudly, “We villagers can also learn the knowledge that the intellectuals have.

You said that the current situation cant wait for us to grow, but what makes you assume that we have to take so long to learn! Youre just prejudiced against villagers!”

As soon as she said this, a small group of people agreed.

Yu Bing stared at Li Ping coldly.

Just as she was about to speak, she was interrupted by a voice.

“Let me uphold justice.” When everyone heard Wu Jins voice behind them, they made way.

Wu Jin walked forward with a few people.

“Someone has already told me what happened just now.

Firstly, youre questioning the unfairness of this selection, and secondly, youre questioning Yu Bings ability.

Then Ill tell you the actual results now!”

With that, he called the few people he had brought over.

They were all villagers who were going to the county to participate in training.

As long as there were two matching spots in the factory, Yu Bing arranged a villager and an intellectual.

Firstly, it was to appease the villagers, and secondly, she was worried that there would be a return policy in two years.

If the intellectuals wanted to return to the city, it would be terrible if the technical talents of the project all left!

“I was sent to the pesticide factory.

It involves chemistry knowledge.

I only know a little because I went to junior high school.

However, compared to the young people who went to training with me, my learning progress is still far inferior.

Knowledge takes time to accumulate and cant be mastered overnight.

Its a fact that the education system in the countryside is not as good as the citys, and its also a fact that the intellectuals can complete their training faster and better.

The staff arrangements made by the factory director are all for the sake of the better development of these industries in the village!”

“I was sent to the Agriculture Bureau.

I can prove this!”

“I can also prove it!”

The villagers who had participated in the training all spoke up and explained.

Seeing this, the villagers no longer suspected anything.

However, this wasnt the end.

Wu Jin suppressed his anger and glanced around as he continued in a low voice, “Ill tell everyone clearly now that the ecological industry chain in the village was proposed by Yu Bing.

Our village was able to get a bank loan because of Yu Bing, so shes undoubtedly the best candidate to be the person in charge.

If youre unconvinced, come up with a better plan than the current one and try to get a loan the money from the bank.

Then, I can also let you be the overall person in charge!”

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