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Beside the dormitory, there was the villages warehouse for storing food.

In front of it, there was a very large place for drying rice.

The children in the village liked to come here to play.

A 10-year-old girl saw Yu Yan running up with a bucket.

“Are you here to get water to take a bath”

Yu Yan looked at the little girl in front of her.

She had two braids and her big eyes were widened.

She was very cute.

Because she thought that she was just an ordinary child from the village, she didnt speak and only nodded.

The girl smiled warmly again.

“Although the weather is hot, be careful of catching a cold with the water from the well.

You can go to the pool to get water.

The water temperature there is higher.”

The mud on the villagers hands and feet, as well as the water spiders, flying animals, and other plankton immediately appeared in Yu Yans mind.

She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

She felt that the people in the village were really slobs.

So she left with the bucket.

However, when she found out that this little girl was the daughter of the villages female director, Wang Xia, she regretted it so much that she wanted to bang her head against the wall.

At this moment, Wang Xia looked at Yu Yans back.

She realized that she was a city person who looked down on villagers.

She went to her best friends house angrily.

Wang Xias best friend, Xiao Li, lived at the end of the village, very close to the foot of the mountain.

There were only a few families living there.

“Xiao Li… Xiao Li…”

Before Wang Xia arrived, Xiao Li heard her loud voice from the main room.

A happy smile appeared on her face, and even her unfocused eyes were filled with mirth.

The moment Wang Xia entered, she saw a 20-year-old man weaving a bamboo basket in the courtyard.

She smiled and shouted, “Brother Xiao Sheng!”


Xiao Sheng raised his head and replied.

Then, he lowered his head and continued what he was doing.

Wang Xia jogged into the house and sat on the stool beside Xiao Li while talking about what had just happened.

Xiao Sheng, who was outside the house, heard all of this.

The scene he saw at the village entrance yesterday surfaced in his mind.

Wang Xias description made him think of Yu Yan, whose face was filled with anger.


However, what left the deepest impression on Xiao Sheng was the thin girl carrying the luggage.

Her face was pale and her footsteps were weak.

It could be seen that she was very tired at that time, but she still rejected the help of another girl and followed closely behind everyone.

However, Xiao Sheng didnt care about this.

The scene from yesterday flashed past his mind, and his attention returned to his own business.

To Xiao Sheng, finding a way to earn enough money to treat his sisters eyes was what he was most concerned about.

On the other side, Yu Yan finally carried half a bucket of water back and took a bath.

Just as she laid down and fell asleep, she heard the announcement for work in the afternoon.

She could only wake up with a tired expression.

The large tank was filled with water by the boys who had already woken up.

Because the weather was hot at noon, the boys were strong enough to take a cold shower.

However, the temperature in the village was a little low at night, so it was best to take a warm shower.

In order to conserve firewood, everyone placed their basins and buckets in the open space to sunbathe.

Yu Yan hurriedly followed suit.

Seeing this, Yu Bing said, “Yu Yan, if you need water in the future, youll be in charge of cleaning the dormitorys courtyard and kitchen every day.”

Yu Yan immediately acted pitiful and said softly, “I actually dont need much water myself.

Besides, you didnt fetch the water.

The boys did.”

Liu Ming and Qian Hao looked at Yu Yans pitiful expression and felt that it was inappropriate to argue with a girl.

Just as they were about to let it go, they heard Li Zhens words.

“Everyone is currently staying in this dormitory together.

Everyone should contribute.

In order to enjoy benefits, you should naturally have the obligation to contribute.”


Li Zhen was the kind of person who didnt like to fuss over petty things, but that didnt mean that he would tolerate everything.

The problem of using water would always exist.

It was unfair to others if Yu Yan kept using water for free.

He was very much in favor of Yu Bing asking questions from the start.

He wanted to be polite first before being blunt.

Otherwise, as time passed, everyone would definitely have resentment in their hearts.

Why should they work hard while others enjoyed the results of their hard work

Yu Yan looked at Li Zhen with a gentle smile.

The other boys were silent and could only nod in agreement.


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