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Considering the food factory, Yu Bing thought for a moment and said, “Why dont you wait another month or two Lets see how the food factory does.

If we can expand production in the future, I plan to give you a commission from the sales department, such as a 0.1 yuan commission from selling 10 bottles.

If the business expands, the salary will be quite high.

Moreover, theres also our private extra income.”

“Although weve been selling what we made ourselves, its still a small matter compared to taking over Brother Qiangs position.

You might not even be able to survive if youre caught!”

Yu Bings tone carried a hint of worry.

Of course, Xiao Sheng knew the danger, so he had to think about it carefully.

“I know what you mean.

Ill think about it again.”

The two of them arrived at the county city in silence.

Because Xiao Sheng often bought raw materials, he was very familiar with this area.

He placed an order of 20,000 yuan with the glass factory.

Because of Xiao Shengs reputation, he was allowed to only pay half the deposit and pay the rest after receiving the goods.

Then, Yu Bing took the trademark and went to the Commerce Bureau to file it.

If she didnt file the trademark and it was stolen, it would be difficult to explain things.

Yu Bing attached great importance to copyrights!

Then, she took a sample of the glass bottle to the paper factory and asked someone to set the logo to a suitable size to produce stickers.

Then, she prepared to return to the village to buy the raw materials.

This time, she paid on the spot and returned to the village.

Everything was ready in the factory.

When the fruits ripened and the factory started operating, Feng Cai mentioned his uncles requests to Yu Bing.

If it was just ordinary employee benefits, they could just send the canned fruits.

However, Feng Cais uncle planned to give the employees a holiday gift during the Dragon Boat Festival, so they had to be more particular!

Yu Bing thought of the bamboo weaving skills of the villagers, so she brought a few empty glass bottles and went to look for Xiao Li.

After leaving the Xiao familys house, Yu Bing called Shu Ya over again and asked her to make a sticker design with the words “Dragon Boat Festival” according to the specification of 10 centimeters in diameter and 5 centimeters in width.

She had to add the elements of the Dragon Boat Festival and let people see the cherries.

It was soon April.

Every fruit tree team sent at least half of their team to the cherry garden to pick ripe cherries.

Yu Bing divided the 30 people into two groups.

20 people were in charge of picking and 10 people were in charge of transporting them to the food factory and washing them.

As for the ordinary workers in the food factory, they were in charge of removing the washed cherries fruit cores.

The cooking process was assigned to the chef team.

The chefs placed all the cherries in a large vat and marinated them with white sugar for the night.

They only began to boil them the next day.

At this moment, they added sugar and lemon juice.

After boiling them to make them thicken, the chefs and ordinary workers placed the jam into a glass bottle and finally entered the disinfection room.

When the first batch of samples came out, the jam was 500 grams a bottle.

Yu Bing immediately separated them into ordinary and gift box versions.

Feng Cai was pleasantly surprised when he saw the two versions in front of him.

In this day and age, packaging was very scarce.

After all, it was already good enough to have food to eat.

Who would want to focus on external packaging Therefore, Shen Ges description referred to the color of the jam.

He didnt want any hair or impurities in them.

It was just that Yu Bing thought of more details.

In the future, it would be a market economy.

In order to sell goods, there would be endless innovations in promotional methods and packaging design.

Yu Bing was a merchant who experienced intense commercial competition after all.

These ideas were at her fingertips.

In order to keep a low profile and not seem too futuristic, she had only displayed a little bit of her creativeness.

Ordinary clothes werent seasonal.

Many of the gifts given to workers by factories had the factorys logo.

However, Yu Bing included a small design.

In the glass lid and the concave area of the bottle, she asked Xiao Li to make a circle with bamboo and tie it tightly so it could be handheld.

With a handheld design, it was very convenient for consumers to take it home.

They didnt have to find a bag to store it, which made it different from ordinary glass canned food from other companies.

Just this design alone could make the products from their factory stand out.

The gift box was a rectangular bamboo basket.

The front of the bamboo basket was pasted with a Dragon Boat Festival sticker designed by Shu Ya.

There were two large cherry jam jar designs on the small dragon boat.

The brand name was written below, and the Dragon Boat Festival blessings were on the right.

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