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Once this design was introduced, Feng Cai felt more confident in promoting it to those unfamiliar companies!

Feng Cai said excitedly, “Captain Yu! If we sell it in this packaging, I dare to say that no factory can compare to us! Even the packaging is so convenient and creative.

This time, I want to take out more samples to promote them to other units.”

Yu Bing smiled and encouraged, “No problem.

Take 10 bottles of samples.

Ill bring you to Mr.

Wu to get permission to drive to City H.”

When they arrived at the village committee, everyone sat down to discuss the price of canned cherries.


Wei took out his small account book and calculated it for everyone.

In the end, the cost of production was 1.15 yuan per bottle.

However, with the packaging, the ordinary versions price was 1.152 yuan, and the gift box versions price was 1.16 yuan.

If freight costs were added, each bottle would cost an additional 0.2 yuan.

In the end, the ordinary version was priced at 1.6 yuan per bottle, and the gift box version was priced at 3.42 yuan per two bottles.

After the price was determined, Feng Cai immediately took the approval slip and went to the city to negotiate orders.

Yu Bing prepared to go to the countys market.

The first stop was the county government.

After all, it was a pilot project approved by Mr.


It would be a waste not to use this connection.

In the county government office building.

To go to the county heads office, one had to pass through the secretarys office first.

There were two staff members in the secretarys office.

Wang Wei was among them.

Yu Bing didnt go forward to greet Wang Wei.

She just knocked on the door like an ordinary staff member.

“Hello, Im Yu Bing, the person in charge of the food processing plant of the He Mountain Brigade.

I want to make an appointment with Mr.

Bai to report on the progress of the project.”

The other clerk was closer to the door and replied in a businesslike tone, “Hello, Mr.


Please register.

Ill help you arrange the time.”

Wang Wei walked forward and said with a smile, “Secretary Li, this is my sister.

Please help arrange an earlier time.”

Secretary Li immediately revealed an understanding expression and smiled.

“So shes one of us! No problem.

This test is a project that the county head is concerned about.

It should be ranked top priority.”

Wang Wei thanked her and brought Yu Bing out of the office.

Yu Bing asked worriedly, “Brother Wang Wei, will this affect your reputation”

Wang Wei replied nonchalantly, “Its fine.

Instead of sneaking around and letting others discover it, its better to expose the relationship myself.

Were not afraid of investigation.

Moreover, Mr.

Bai only chooses the best.

You relied on your strength to get to this position.

The scale of the project has nothing to do with me.”

“Besides, the county head is indeed very attentive to your experimental unit.

Even if I didnt tell Secretary Li just now, the county head definitely would have given you priority when he saw your appointment.”

Only then did Yu Bing feel relieved.

The competitive relationship between the colleagues in the office was very strong.

Wang Wei was Mr.

Bais right-hand man.

Whether it was the convenience the food factory was currently receiving or buying things on credit, she was afraid that someone would blame Wang Wei and say that he was using his position to profit for his family.

Wang Wei asked with concern, “Youre not here this time just to report your progress, are you Did you encounter some trouble”

Yu Bing looked at Wang Wei and smiled.

“Im just reporting the progress.

Most importantly, I came to discuss business.”

Wang Wei thought for a moment and raised his eyebrows.

“Youre here to ask Mr.

Bai for an order, right”

After being seen through at a glance, Yu Bing admitted frankly, “Thats right.

After all, were also an experimental unit.

We hope that Mr.

Bai will help give us a good start!”

Wang Wei nodded with a smile.

He looked at the corridor and realized that no one was around.

Then, he whispered, “Thats a good reason.

However, if you want Mr.

Bai to place an order, this isnt enough.

Its best if you can earn more income from the village and expand the recruitment.

After all, Mr.

Bai wants to solve the unemployment problem and the poverty in the village.”

After Yu Bing contemplated it, she said, “Thank you, Brother Wang Wei.”

Seeing this, Wang Wei didnt say anything else.

“Then sit on the stool in the corridor and wait.

Ill go back to the office first.”

More than half an hour later, Secretary Li brought Yu Bing into the county heads office.

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