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Yu Bing smiled and walked to Mr.

Bais desk.

“Hello, Mr.


Im here to report the progress to you.”


Bai wasnt someone who liked to speak in a bureaucratic tone.

He pointed at the stool in front of the table and said, “Looks like you guys are already on the right track in all aspects.

Lets talk.”

Yu Bing first reported that the orchard had been planted and the cherries were being picked and sent to the factory for production.


Bai, the first batch of jam has been produced in our factory.

Youre welcome to go inspect in the near future!”


Bai was very happy to hear that the factory had started production.


How are the other results of your industry chain”

Yu Bing wasnt in a hurry to promote.

She continued to report, “Mr.

Wu has just finished buying fish seedlings and is preparing to throw them into the fish pond at the end of the month.

The duck seedlings are expected to be bred in June, but a third of our hens have started laying eggs this month.

Currently, the farm is choosing fertilized eggs that can continue to hatch.”

When Mr.

Bai heard that the He Mountain Brigade wanted to go all out on credit, his smile stiffened.

He skipped over the topic, since he was afraid that he would be asked for more funds if he asked any more questions.

He changed the topic to the factory.

“Is your food factory only planning to process the raw materials it produces”

Yu Bing replied, “For now, thats the case.

However, after producing the jam, well make the subsequent production arrangements according to the repayment situation.

After all, the investment is large in all aspects.

Whats more important now is to open up sales channels.”

After Yu Bing finished speaking, she calmly took out a sample from her backpack and smiled at Mr.



Bai, this is the first batch of jam from ourDelicious Food Factory.

I specifically brought it for you to see.”

As Mr.

Bai looked at the two completely different packagings, he was immediately intrigued by the unique design.

“Is this a packaging you specifically designed for the Dragon Boat Festival”

Eye-catching packaging accounted for half of the success.

Yu Bing eagerly explained the design concept of the two packages.


Bai nodded.

“You young people are so creative.

This idea is not bad.”

Seeing this, Yu Bing took out a lunch box with a few clean spoons.

She took out a spoon and scooped a spoonful of jam before handing it to Mr.



Bai, try it.”


Bai looked at the colorful jam and took the spoon to smell it first.

After eating half a spoonful, he said, “The cherry taste is very strong.

It melts in your mouth.

Its sour, sweet, and tasty.

Not bad.

The color and scent are enticing!”

Yu Bing immediately said, “Mr.

Bai, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon.

If its so delicious, your unit can order a batch.”


Bai was savoring the taste of the jam when he heard this.

His expression froze and he cleared his throat before saying, “Little Yu, the government has the governments procurement process.

Its not up to me to decide.

You have to go to the Procurement Department to sign up and go through the normal process.”

With that, he quickly finished the remaining half spoonful in one bite, since he was afraid that Yu Bing would take away the half spoonful of jam because he didnt help.

How could Yu Bing not know that she had to report to the Procurement Department However, the smaller the place, the more important connections were.

There were at least ten to twenty food lists reported by the Procurement Department.

She didnt know anyone from the Procurement Department, and she didnt want to use the Wang familys help anymore because favors were the hardest to repay!

Yu Bing wasnt so selfless as to keep using her personal connections for the sake of the factory.

Besides, the He Mountain Brigades project was also the county heads focus of attention.

If she didnt make good use of it, she would be letting down the factorys reputation as an experimental unit!

Thinking of Wang Weis words, Yu Bing continued, “Mr.

Bai, this is an experimental unit personally approved by you.

I wont say anything else.

Our factory has just been established and no one has heard of our brand.

You have to help us at this critical time!”

“Well use the funds from this batch of jam sales to continue the next round of production.

Well also use this opportunity to promote the food factory!”

Yu Bing planned to sell this batch of jam to various units.

She wanted to use the word-of-mouth advertisement method through the units purchases before negotiating with the supply company.

After all, only after everyone knew this brand would they have the urge to buy it in stores.

These days, no one was rich.

No one was willing to spend money to buy a bottle of jam from an unknown brand.

Therefore, when Mr.

Bai heard Yu Bings sales plan, his expression softened slightly.

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