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However, Yu Bing wasnt afraid.

At most, she would farm again.

In any case, her health was much better than before! She would just have to endure it for another year and wait for the country to reform and open up.

Therefore, Yu Bing was very calm about this.

However, she still had to fight for what she needed to fight for first.

“Mom, theres a saying that goes,If the parents arent kind, the children wont be filial. How did you guys treat me Im just returning the favor.”

“Moreover, I also said that I wont scrimp on a single cent of your and Dads retirement money.

However, if you jeopardize my job, I cant guarantee that I will be able to pay as much as my brothers and sisters in the future.

After all, theyre in the city.

As a farmer, I cant earn much money.”

“You!” Out of anger, Duan Meis hand that was pointing at Yu Bing was trembling!

“Alright, Yu Bing, just you wait! I dont believe that I cant deal with you! Im your mother!” Duan Mei turned around and left angrily.

Unfortunately, her limping posture forcefully lowered her intimidation by a few levels.

Seeing this, Shi Lian and Yao Nian hurriedly followed.

Jiang Chun looked at Duan Mei, who had rushed out of the courtyard, and felt indescribably happy.

She went forward and closed the door with a bang.

When she turned around and saw Yu Bing standing outside the kitchen, Jiang Chun went forward and held her hand.

“Little Bing, your family is so outrageous!”

“I always thought that since youre the youngest in the family, you should be given an easy job.

I didnt expect… No wonder people in our neighborhood say that your parents are mean.

It turns out that they even took the nutritional allowance given to you by the factory!”

Yu Bing smiled nonchalantly.

“Its fine.

Its all in the past! No matter what, I was able to grow up because they gave me a home and didnt throw me to the roadside to fend for myself.”

Jiang Chun hugged Yu Bings shoulder with heartache.

“Now that I think about it, its good for you to go to the county to accept missions these two days.

You can avoid your mother.

I dont believe that they can stay here forever!”

Then, she said hatefully, “Yao Nian caused all of this! In the past, when you guys were at home, he avoided talking about this marriage.

Now that he sees that youve recovered, he wants to reap the benefits!”

Yu Bings lips curled up slightly.

“This time, Ill let him know what it means to be delusional!”

After Yao Nian and Shi Lian sent Duan Mei back to the dormitory, the two of them walked to the open area and chatted softly.

Yao Nian looked at his mother and asked anxiously, “Mom, what should we do now Why do I feel that things are getting worse”

Shi Lian didnt expect that Yu Bing and Duan Mei had already fallen out.

She lamented, “I realize that Yu Bing seems to have become a different person.

Didnt she not dare to raise her voice in the past”

Yao Nian replied angrily, “How would I know Ive never spoken to her much in the past.

She was like an invisible person.

Who would pay attention to her”

Shi Lian lowered her eyes and pondered over it.

Yao Nian didnt dare to speak, since he was afraid that he would interrupt his mothers train of thought.

After a long while, Shi Lian looked up at Yao Nian and said, “This is not completely disadvantageous to us.

Duan Mei is just greedy for Yu Bings salary, but Yu Bing doesnt want to give it to her.

This is a good chance for me to mention your marriage.”

“Think about it.

If Duan Mei cant get Yu Bings money, but we can give it to her immediately, how can she not be tempted”

Yao Nians eyes lit up when he heard his mothers analysis, but he said worriedly, “But do you think Yu Bing will still listen to her mother I realized that she hates me, but other than ignoring her in the past, Ive never bullied her.”

Shi Lian frowned and said, “No matter what, we can only work on Duan Mei now.

As long as shes willing, we can always think of a way.

If she wants money, she has to make Yu Bing marry you.

Whether shes kidnapped or drugged, this has nothing to do with us.

As long as she gets married and sleeps with you, I dont believe theres anything Yu Bing can do about it!”

Yao Nian raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Then Ill be on good behavior in front of Auntie Duan these few days.

Mom, you have to help me.

When I marry Yu Bing, Ill find a management job in the factory and get all her money.

You can wait for me to be filial to you in the future!”

These words made Shi Lian smile.

“I know youre filial.

As long as you live a good life, well be happy.

Your father and I have social security.

We dont want your money.”

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