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Shi Lian cared a great deal about her son.

If she wanted retirement savings, she would only ask her daughter for money.

How could she bear to let Yao Nian save money for her

The two of them echoed each other.

Those who didnt know better would think that Yu Bing was about to marry Yao Nian.

The next morning, Duan Mei slept in.

After she got up, she ate the sweet potatoes that Yao Nian had prepared in advance before going to the factory to look for Yu Bing.

Duan Mei followed the villagers directions and found the factory.

She looked at the small factory in front of her in disdain.

As expected of the countryside, even the factory was so shabby.

It was unlike the factories in the city, where there were hundreds of workers.

When Duan Mei walked to the factory door, she saw a middle-aged woman dressed like a cadre not far away.

She shouted, “Hello, Im looking for Yu Bing.”

At this moment, Zhao Lin, who had just arrived at the factory to supervise the progress, turned around when she heard the voice.

When she saw Duan Mei, she immediately smiled and went forward.

She asked kindly, “Youre Yu Bings mother, right”

Duan Mei smiled and nodded.

It had to be said that Duan Mei was very good at keeping up a pretense in front of outsiders.

She looked like a cultured and experienced city dweller.

Because Yu Bing often went out because of the factory and vehicle dispatch, Zhao Lin was assigned here.

She could be considered a part-time production director of the factory.

She kept an eye on the production progress when Yu Bing wasnt free.

Zhao Lin didnt know about Yu Bing and Duan Meis actual relationship.

She smiled at Duan Mei and said, “Yu Bing has been transferred to the countys DMV to transport goods these two days.”

Duan Mei frowned.

Seeing this, Zhao Lin knew that the other party didnt know about this and hurriedly helped Yu Bing smooth things over.

“She was probably too busy and forgot to tell you.”

Duan Mei naturally wouldnt reveal that she suspected that Yu Bing hid it.

She smiled and said, “Yes, she came back so late yesterday.

I was worried that she didnt get enough rest, so I didnt talk to her much.”

Zhao Lin immediately said, “Yu Bing is indeed busy, but shes very organized when it comes to doing things.

She planned such a big project in our village.

I can tell at a glance that youre a cultured person.

Otherwise, how could you raise such a capable daughter like Yu Bing!”

As parents, who didnt want their children to be promising Therefore, Zhao Lin praised Yu Bing vehemently.

Although Duan Mei didnt really teach Yu Bing that much, the other party praised her for being a cultured person.

This made her feel very pleased!

Because Yu Bing wasnt around, Duan Mei didnt stay for long and returned to the dormitory.

Yao Nian had to start work in the morning, and Shi Lian insisted on helping her son, so Duan Mei could only wander around the dormitory alone.

At around ten oclock, Duan Mei strolled into the kitchen.

The person on duty would only enter the kitchen at eleven, but Duan Mei saw a tall figure inside.

At this moment, the other party happened to turn around.

Duan Mei looked at the other partys face and realized that she looked very similar to her.

She suddenly thought of her second daughter, whom Yu Bing had mentioned in the letter she had sent home previously.

At this moment, Yu Yan was also stunned.

She stared at Duan Mei in a daze, her eyes gradually welling up with tears, and her lips moved a few times.

Yu Yan looked at her mother with mixed feelings.

Yu Yan thought of the words in the letter, which said that Duan Mei didnt want to acknowledge her.

Then, she thought of how she had imagined her mothers appearance for many years.

Now that she saw Duan Mei, she felt that Duan Mei was as kind and beautiful as she had imagined.

In the end, Yu Yan didnt dare to call her “Mom”.

She only turned around and scooped out the soup made from the small half of the chicken in the pot.

After all, Yu Yan was the daughter Duan Mei had raised for two years, so Duan Mei felt very conflicted.

When she saw Yu Yans expression, she knew that she had already recognized her.

After Yu Yan turned around, Duan Mei sized Yu Yan up carefully and realized that there wasnt a single patch on Yu Yans clothes.

This was rare in this era.

She only wore good clothes when she went out to meet guests, but Yu Yans daily clothes actually met this standard.

Duan Mei paid attention to the brand-new shoes on Yu Yans feet, her tall and well-proportioned figure, and the rosy and fair face she had seen just now.

These all showed how wealthy the family that adopted Yu Yan was and how well-off her daughter was!

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