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When they were poor, they gave her away to others to raise.

When other people finally raised their child to adulthood, they eagerly acknowledged her.

Wouldnt that be taking advantage of the situation If that was the case, who would be willing to adopt other peoples children

The couple who adopted Yu Yan had been found by Shi Lians distant relatives.

If Shi Lian found out about this and spread word of it, the Yu family would definitely be discussed and despised.

Even if Shi Lian didnt spread word of it, this would undoubtedly become the best thing Shi Lian had on her.

Therefore, no matter what, Duan Mei couldnt let Yu Yans true relationship with her get exposed.

Yu Yan pretended to be sick this morning and went to town to buy some pork belly.

At this moment, Duan Mei was secretly making braised pork in the kitchen.

“Your food looks delicious!” Yu Yan praised Duan Meis cooking with a smile.

Duan Mei looked at Yu Yan lovingly.

“Try it and see if you like it.”

Yu Yan took a bite and felt that it was better than what her adoptive mother had made at home in the past.

She was overjoyed.

“You should try it too! I specifically bought this for you to nourish your body.”

Duan Mei picked up a piece and ate it.

She had been here for three days and had eaten the meat Yu Yan had bought for two days in a row.

Moreover, she didnt have to work every day.

Duan Mei felt very blissful these days.

At the same time, she could tell that Yu Yan really wasnt short of money.

She was probably very rich!

When they were about to finish eating, Duan Mei glanced at Yu Yan and suddenly lowered her eyes in disappointment.

“I didnt let you live a good life when you were young.

Now, Im even freeloading off you.

I should be the one buying this meat, but our familys financial situation is really bad.

I just brought enough money for the travel expenses.

I dont even have enough to buy you anything.”

When Yu Yan heard the guilt in Duan Meis tone, she hurriedly shook her head.

“Dont say that.

Im already very satisfied to be able to eat the food you personally cooked for me.”

When Duan Mei heard this, she looked at Yu Yan with a touched expression.

“Good child, we didnt raise you, but youre the most sensible person in the family.

Our family has let you down!”

When Yu Yan heard this, she felt as if all the grievances she had suffered had disappeared at this moment.

This was because her biological mother had seen how good she was, and Yu Yan had interpreted Duan Meis apology as her parents regret for giving her away.

She knew that she was definitely better than Yu Bing!

It wasnt that her parents didnt like her, nor did they abandon her.

Yu Yan thought for a moment and finally asked the question that had been buried in her heart for many years, “Why did you choose to send me away back then”

When Duan Mei heard this question, her heart skipped a beat.

She knew that she had to answer this question properly, or this ATM might run away.

Duan Meis expression was solemn.

“Actually, I couldnt bear to send any of you children out.

Youre all my beloved children!”

Then, she sighed.

“I remember that it was snowing that day.

When your adoptive parents came to the house, I could tell that their family was much wealthier than ours.

Your adoptive parents chose you in the end.

At that time, I couldnt bear to part with you and cried until I almost fainted.

But on second thought, our family was so poor that we couldnt even support ourselves.

You would suffer if you stayed by our side.

I might as well let you live a good life with them!”

“All these years, Ive often dreamed of that day and cant forget it.

I thought that I would never see you again in my life.

I didnt expect the heavens to take pity on me and let me see you again in my lifetime.

Now that I know that youre doing well, the pain Ive suffered day and night is worth it!”

It had been 18 years.

How could Duan Mei still remember if it had really snowed or not the day she sent Yu Yan out As for crying and fainting, if Yu Bing hadnt mentioned Yu Yan in the letter, she would have forgotten about this matter.

However, Duan Mei had been quite good at language arts in the past and knew how to use the environment and details to bolster the vibe.

After this description, the image of a loving mother was immediately established!

Duan Meis evocative description successfully made Yu Yan cry.

She felt that her longing for her family for so many years had reciprocated.

This wasnt her one-sided wishful thinking, but a mutual loving relationship with her family!

Yu Yan, who had been suppressing her emotions for a long time, completely lost control at this moment.


Duan Mei was already immersed in her acting.

Now that she heard Yu Yans sincere shout, she suddenly felt a little moved and her eyes turned red.


The mother and daughter hugged each other with tears, but they were tears of joy.

One was that they had finally fulfilled their long-cherished wish, and the other was because they had gotten an adult daughter back for free.

Duan Mei held Yu Yans hand tightly.

“Good child, I always thought that you would hate us.

I didnt expect…”

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