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Yu Yan choked and said, “I know you must have your reasons.

I dont blame you.

Actually, Id rather live a hard life with you guys.

Although I dont have to worry about food and clothing, my adoptive parents dont treat me as their biological daughter at all.”

Duan Mei was stunned when she heard this.

She vaguely remembered how happy the couple was when they carried Yu Yan away.

However, this wasnt important.

The more dissatisfied Yu Yan was with her adoptive parents, the closer Yu Yan would be to her.

This was a good thing!

Hence, Duan Mei stroked Yu Yans head lovingly and said, “Child, it seems that youve suffered a lot.”

Duan Mei successfully planted the image of a loving mother in Yu Yans heart.

Now, in her heart, her biological mother was tolerant, loving, and devoted to her children.

She was completely different from her adoptive parents, who were strict with her.

Yu Yan attributed the two contrasts to blood relations.

Those who were related to her by blood were her family.

However, she once again ignored the fact that her adoptive parents were stricter with their biological son than with her.

Moreover, she was always the one who picked the things at home first and the leftovers went to her adoptive brother.

Yu Yan wiped her tears.

“Mom, what meat do you want to eat tomorrow Ill buy it tomorrow morning.

It wasnt easy for you to come here.

Let me be filial to you.”

When Duan Mei heard the word meat, she couldnt help but swallow hard.

Although they could eat shredded meat once a week, in this era, who would complain about having too much meat

However, she had to maintain her image and couldnt be too greedy.

This was because Duan Mei knew that the more she acted like this, the more touched Yu Yan would be.

Then, Yu Yan would give her even more benefits.

“Youre not allowed to buy anymore.

Ive been eating meat for two days.

Save the money and nourish yourself.”

As expected, Yu Yan was touched again.

Her biological mother was indeed different.

Even when she was ordering her, she sounded so gentle.

She was always concerned about her.

Duan Mei suddenly thought of going to the commune tomorrow.

“By the way, Yu Yan, do you usually walk to the commune”

Yu Yan didnt know why her mother suddenly asked this, but she still replied honestly, “On my day off, the old man driving the ox cart will drive the carriage.

We usually have to walk, but if theres really an emergency, we can book a ride in the carriage.

Its 20 cents per round trip.”

When Duan Mei heard this, she calculated the time and realized that it was only Wednesday today.

She had only applied for seven days of leave.

The journey had already delayed her for two days.

Today was the third day of her trip to the countryside.

She had to hurry up and settle the matter.

Otherwise, she would have to apply for more leave.

Thinking of how the factory would deduct these seven days salary, Duan Mei was so distressed that she didnt sleep well for two days.

When Yu Yan saw Duan Mei frown, she asked curiously, “Mom, are you going to the commune”

Of course, Duan Mei couldnt say that she was going to get Yu Bings salary, so she found an excuse.

“Thats right.

Isnt Yu Bing a tow truck driver Shes so young, so she definitely isnt well-versed in the ways of the world.

Ill show up and put in a good word in front of everyone to help her pull some strings.”

Little did Duan Mei know that her performance, which she thought would earn her extra points, was simply breaking Yu Yans heart.

Yu Yans expression froze and she felt a little frustrated.

It was Yu Bing again! Why wouldnt Yu Bing even let her mother off these few days after she snatched away her mothers love for 18 years!

Yu Yans paranoia had already reached a sick level.

Not to mention the Yu familys actual attitude towards Yu Bing, Yu Bing wasnt even weaned when she was sent away.

No one should blame such a young baby!

When Yu Yan discovered that Yu Bing had come to the countryside to support the construction, she secretly ran to the street office to sign up without her adoptive parents knowledge.

At that time, Yu Yan was curious about Yu Bing.

She planned to reunite with her blood relatives after building a good relationship with this little sister of hers.

However, for some reason, the more she interacted with Yu Bing, the more she disliked her.

She developed the paranoid idea that Yu Bing had caused her to be sent away by her parents.

When Duan Mei saw Yu Yans livid expression, she asked with concern, “Yu Yan, why do you look so pale Are you feeling unwell”

Yu Yan came back to her senses and smiled.

“Mom, Im fine.

Im just a little envious of my sister for being able to enjoy the care of her family since she was young.”

Yu Yan knew that her dark thoughts couldnt be exposed.

In her biological mothers eyes, she had to seem kind and benevolent.

Now that her biological mother had already acknowledged her, she had to slowly plan to take back everything that should have belonged to her from Yu Bing!

Yu Bing didnt know that this mother and daughter were plotting against her.

It wasnt easy for her to return early today, but the sky was already dark.

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