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President Song had worked in the government for many years, so he was intimidating and authoritative.

Duan Mei was just an ordinary worker who had lied to a leader.

She was immediately frightened by President Songs angry expression.

Her mouth moved a few times, but in the end, she didnt dare to make a fuss again.

Duan Mei was quite perceptive.

She could tell that this president was clearly a straightforward and righteous person.

If she caused trouble again, he would really dare to call the police!

What would happen to her after entering the police station If the factory found out, they would definitely punish her!

Duan Mei was so frightened that her legs went weak.

She ran out of the door without even saying goodbye.

From Duan Meis behavior, President Song knew that Yu Bing had a tough time at home.

He thought for a moment, then picked up the phone on the table and called his daughter.

Yu Bing was still on a mission in the county today.

Duan Mei couldnt look for her after returning to the village, so she could only return to the dormitory angrily.

When they got out of the car, Duan Mei handed 0.2 yuan to the old man driving the ox cart.

She didnt get anything done today, and she even spent money!

Shi Lian was also in the dormitory today.

She had grown up in the city and had never done any farm work.

After she had helped Yao Nian for two days, her body couldnt take it anymore.

Today, she could only lie in the dormitory and rest.

The two of them were eating and living together now.

Of course, Shi Lian knew what Duan Mei had gone to do in the morning.

When she saw the anger on Duan Meis face, she knew that things hadnt gone smoothly.

Shi Lian sat up in bed and deliberately said, “Yu Bing has agreed, right Yu Bing is not married and doesnt have her own family.

Its only right for you to help her manage her money.”

After suffering for a few days, Duan Mei was already filled with resentment.

When she heard Shi Lians words, she immediately began to complain.

First, she scolded Yu Bing for being heartless.

Then, she scolded Wu Jin again, saying that he was an evil capitalist who exploited Yu Bing and didnt pay her for her labor.

Then, she scolded Yu Bing, saying that she was stupid for working for free.

Then, Duan Mei scolded the two leaders she had seen today for being biased towards Yu Bing.

Then, she scolded Yu Bing for being a slut and a bitch.

Even Shi Lian couldnt bear to hear this.

No matter what, Yu Bing was Duan Meis biological daughter.

However, she didnt have the habit of upholding injustice.

She listened with relish and even chimed in from time to time.

After Duan Mei scolded all of them, she felt much better.

Shi Lian waited for Duan Mei to calm down before saying, “Sigh, the older children get, the harder it is to control them.

Isnt Yao Ling the same She had such a good boyfriend in the past, but she broke up with him just like that.

Its useless even if her father whips her.”

Shi Lian deliberately used a similar experience to resonate with Duan Mei.

As expected, Duan Mei began to lament how obedient Yu Bing was at home.

Now, she was completely different.

Shi Lian also said sympathetically, “Thats right.

In the past, Yu Bing used to stay at home and work without complaint.

Look at her now.

Shes driving a tow truck everywhere.”

Duan Mei nodded in agreement.

Shi Lian continued, “Weve known each other for so many years.

Dont blame me for being blunt.

If we were in the city, I would indeed look down on Yu Bing.

In the past, she was weak and sickly.

Now, she has finally recuperated, but shes busy working all day.

Which family wouldnt want a daughter-in-law who focuses on the family But Yao Nian likes her! In the past, the two of them didnt interact much in the neighborhood.

Now, after interacting in the same village for some time, Yao Nian has taken a fancy to Yu Bing.”

“Im indeed a little snobbish.

I like the fact that Yu Bing can give Yao Nian a good job.

Its my fault for hiding the fact that Yu Bing is the factory director.

I was just afraid that my family wouldnt be able to afford it if the betrothal gift is too high.

Yao Nian really likes her, so Im in a dilemma.

Now, lets be frank.

I think its a little difficult for you to get Yu Bings salary.

Her attitude that night was so tough.

She would rather not work than give you the salary!”

When Duan Mei heard this, she felt a little disdainful.

She cursed Shi Lian for acting so pretentious.

Yao Nian liked Yu Bing Why not just say that Yao Nian liked Yu Bings ability to change his position!

However, when she heard Shi Lian expose the fact that as a mother, she couldnt do anything to her daughter, she felt helpless and resentful.

She hated Yu Bing for making a fool of her!

Shi Lian ignored the displeasure on Duan Meis face.

After all, neither of them had the upper hand in this matter now, so she said, “In any case, my familys attitude wont change.

Since Yao Nian likes Yu Bing and I cant bear to let Yao Nian farm anymore, as long as you and Mr.

Yu agree, Ill propose marriage immediately after I return to the city.”

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