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Thinking that she had something on Yu Bing, Duan Mei walked into the factory confidently.

“Yu Bing!”

At this moment, Yu Bing was calculating the price with the list of goods.

When she saw Duan Mei, she knew that she was here to cause trouble.

She called out calmly, “Mom.”

“Coincidentally, Mr.

Wu is also here, so lets chat for a while.” Duan Mei looked at Yu Bing threateningly.

Yu Bing remained silent.

Duan Mei resented Yu Bing for being so ruthless and forcing her to throw a tantrum in public.

“Village Chief, dont you think children should give their money to the family to supplement the familys expenses”

Wu Jin didnt expect to get dragged into this mess.

He thought for a moment and said, “It depends on each familys individual circumstances.

It cant be generalized.”

Duan Mei rolled her eyes when she heard Wu Jins diplomatic answer.

She scolded Yu Bing in a low voice, “Yu Bing, Ive raised you since you were young, but you dont plan to give your family a single cent Im giving you a chance to maintain your dignity by whispering to you now!”

Yu Bing didnt care about this so-called chance at all.

She said louder than usual, “Mom, if you think Im wrong, you can say it out loud.”

The workers attention was attracted by the sound.

They couldnt help but slow down and listen attentively.

Duan Mei didnt expect that not only did Yu Bing not care, but she also took the initiative to make things public.

In order to make the public take her side, Duan Mei immediately pretended to be meek and said bitterly, “Yu Bing, I didnt raise you properly! You dont have any gratitude at all.

How did you become like this!”

Yu Bing smiled gently.

“Mom, I told you that when you and Dad grow old, I will give you the same amount of retirement money as my brother and sister will.

Now, the familys income of 92 yuan is more than enough to support four people.”

“Im not in good health.

I have to spend 12 yuan to treat illnesses and nourish my body.

Every year, the government only distributes staple food.

I have to spend extra money on other things like egg, meat, and condiments.

I dont have any money left.

Moreover, this place is far from home.

I have to save some money for emergencies.

I really dont have any extra money for you.”

“92 yuan!”

“Oh my god! 92 yuan is enough to eat meat every day, right”

“The supply in the city is also limited.

Even if they have money, they might not have that many meat stamps.”

“In that case, wont they be able to save a lot of money every month!”

After Yu Bing said it out loud, everyone knew what Duan Mei was planning.

Seeing this, Duan Mei could only say, “You young people spend money extravagantly.

Im just helping you save it.

I wont touch your money.

If you need money, you can borrow it from the village first.

Doesnt the factory still owe you your salary!”

Yu Bing had already said what she needed to say, so she couldnt be bothered to waste time talking about this anymore.

“Mom, Im busy delivering goods now.

Its not easy for you to have time off work these few days.

Rest well in the dormitory.

Youll be busy again when you go back in two days.”

With that, she wanted to leave.

Duan Mei hurriedly pulled her back and said angrily, “Have you even accompanied me properly these past few days Is this how you treat your daughter Dont even think about going anywhere today!”


Wei had gone to keep an eye on the workers who had finished loading the goods.

When he heard this after he returned to the warehouse, he immediately panicked.

“Yu Bing, you cant shirk responsibility at the critical moment.

The contract says it very clearly.

The goods from the fertilizer factory must be delivered today! If the delivery is delayed, if the other party thinks that we violated the contract and fines us, well be screwed!”

Zhao Lin was also in the workshop just now and was still immersed in the news of the mother and daughters terrible relationship.

When she heard this, she immediately reacted.

Hence, he went forward to stop Duan Mei and said with a smile, “Yu Bing is indeed busy.

These are all serious matters.

When shes done, well definitely let her accompany you!”


Wei was a man, so it wasnt appropriate for him to touch her.

He could only use his body to block in front of her as he winked at Yu Bing to hint at her to leave quickly.

Yu Bing couldnt help but purse her lips and snicker when she saw their actions.

With someone shielding her, she ran out of the factory and started driving.

When Duan Mei bypassed the two of them, Yu Bing had already driven away.

Duan Mei was so angry that she stomped her feet.

She turned around and looked at Zhao Lin and Mr.

Wei, who were standing behind her.

At this moment, one was looking at the sky and the other was looking at the ground.

Duan Mei could only glare at the two of them and leave angrily!

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