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180 Meeting Zhang Chao Again

In the beginning, she had accepted this position to prevent herself from farming.

Now, to fulfill the duties of her position, she was looking for a market.

As the factory director, she had to do her best and improve the living standards of these villagers.

This was also her original intention for establishing this industrial chain.

After Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng finished eating, they gathered at Wu Jins house again.

Wu Jin confirmed with Yu Bing, “You previously said that you plan to find a few enterprises to get the order at the place where Xiao Sheng is distributing the goods.

Are you planning to go yourself or call Feng Cai”

Yu Bing replied, “Ill call Feng Cai along.

If Xiao Sheng has many places to distribute goods in the later stages, we need someone to specifically maintain these late-stage relationships.

Feng Cai is the chief of the sales department.

He has to be familiar with these customers information.

Moreover, I dont have that much energy to spend on these sorts of things.”

Wu Jin agreed with this.

Then, he touched his nose and asked, “I also want to participate.

Are the two of you willing to let me”

Xiao Sheng naturally knew the reason, but Yu Bing was a little shocked.

She thought that she and Xiao Sheng had actually convinced Mr.


The two of them naturally agreed.

Then, Wu Jin said slowly, “Then Ill ask you two another question.

If you two agree, lets do it.”

Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng nodded and looked at Wu Jin seriously.

Wu Jin glanced at the two of them.

“If we use the entire village as a bet, I wont agree.

So, we can do it, but if were really caught and implicated, the three of us have to bear the responsibility.

We cant implicate everyone in the village.”

The two of them hesitated for a moment when they heard this, but they also remembered that although this matter expanded the factorys sales, they were profiting the most.

Hence, the two of them nodded in agreement again.

The three of them trusted each other, so they didnt write any contracts.

After all, writing it in black and white would leave evidence and attract trouble.

The remaining jams were personally sent by Yu Bing to the warehouse designated by Xiao Sheng.

However, what shocked Yu Bing was that the person who received the goods was Zhang Chao.

Zhang Chao had already returned to his usual frivolous self.

When he saw Yu Bing, he was a little embarrassed, but when he thought of the group of lackeys standing behind him, he quickly put on an arrogant look.

Yu Bing, who thought of the calm and levelheaded Zhang Chao in the future, suddenly couldnt help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at” Thinking of how the other party had seen his woeful state, Zhang Chao thought that Yu Bing was mocking him and immediately widened his eyes as he glared at Yu Bing.

Yu Bing was unafraid of Zhang Chao.

She chuckled and put on a fierce look as she said, “Youd better not be fierce to me.

Otherwise, I know your home address, so I can look for Xia Rou at any time.”

Zhang Chao wasnt afraid of anyone, but he was afraid of his wife who cried at the drop of a hat.

However, compared to Xia Rou crying at the drop of a hat, he was more afraid of Xia Rou breaking his hand and ignoring him.

Xia Rou meant the world to Zhang Chao.

However, in front of outsiders, Zhang Chao also cared about his reputation.

He said stubbornly, “Hmph, tell her if you have the guts to.

As if Im afraid of her What a joke! I cant be bothered to find trouble with you now.

A gentleman doesnt argue with women, understand!”

With that, he turned around and shouted to his lackeys behind him, “Brothers, unload the goods!”

Seeing this, Yu Bing stopped teasing him.

She was amused that Zhang Chao hadnt changed since then.

Perhaps he was just sharp-tongued.

After Yu Bing finished sending the goods, she took the forged procurement documents and returned to the village to report to Mr.



Wei didnt know that the two people in charge would be so bold as to sell the goods on the black market.

He took the documents without any suspicion and glanced at them casually.

Then, he noted the name of the manufacturer and the goods.

After counting the money, he recorded them.

After the marketing direction for the food was set, Yu Bing began to focus on preparing to produce new products.

At the end of April, there were already a thousand eggs.

Yu Bing finally decided on a few products, including ham sausage, purple yam cake, waffles, and egg yolk pastry.

Although it wasnt the season for purple sweet potatoes, the production of purple sweet potatoes wasnt bad.

Every family kept them in the cellar, so they could still harvest a lot during this season.

The main ingredients of the waffles and egg yolk pastries were eggs and flour.

She had to think of a way to discuss making ham sausage with the meat factory.

Because ham sausage tasted good and was easy to carry, it became popular in the next few decades.

Therefore, this was a must-have product for Yu Bing!


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