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188 All For Naught

Yu Pan lowered her head to look at the spoon and then at Yu Wu, who had already drunk all the cherry juice.

She was furious.

“Mom! Youre too biased.

Yu Wu got so much.

I only have this little bit.

I cant even taste it after mixing it with water!”

Duan Mei was pouring water into her and Mr.

Yus cups.

She replied without looking up, “Then why dont you pour less water Youre so troublesome.”

Yu Pan knew that it was useless to reason with her mother about this, so she couldnt be bothered to argue anymore.

While everyone began to drink the jam water, she quickly picked up the cherry sauce, dug out another spoonful, and placed it in her mouth.

Duan Mei was so angry that she took a wooden sweater needle from the side and stood up to chase after Yu Pan.

“You wretched girl! Such a big spoonful is enough for a few people!”

Yu Pan hid from Duan Meis sweater needle while savoring the sour and sweet cherry sauce in her mouth.

In the end, she ran into the room and locked the door.

Duan Mei, who was outside the door, was still scolding relentlessly, “B*tch, I dare you to hide in the room and never come out!”

Yu Pan, who was behind the door, recalled the jam that she had already swallowed.

Although she had been poked twice, she still felt that it was worth it.

She muttered to herself, “The jam from Yu Bings factory is quite delicious.

I have to write to her next time and ask her to send a few more bottles.”

The two men in the living room were already used to this.

Yu Pan was only occasionally emboldened, but she didnt cause any big trouble.

With Duan Mei restraining Yu Pan and Yu Bing, they didnt have to interfere on the surface, but secretly…

Yu Wu looked at the jam that was missing another spoonful and said with heartache, “Mom, this jam is really delicious.

You have to keep a tight watch on the rest.

Otherwise, my sister will steal it again.”

Duan Meis heart ached.

She tightened the bottle cap and said to Yu Wu gently, “Dont worry, I will lock it up later.

Ill leave these for you to eat.”

With that, she turned to look at Mr.

Yu and frowned as she asked, “What should we do about Yu Bing Shes working for free in the factory.

The commune doesnt agree to transfer money directly to our house.

If I were in the local area, I could go there every day and cause trouble until they compromise.

But now, those people are clearly protecting Yu Bing!”


Yu lowered his head and thought for a while.

Then, he frowned and said, “This is indeed difficult to deal with, but why did Yu Bing suddenly become so insensible”

When Duan Mei went to the countryside, she had already thought of how to distribute Yu Bings salary.

Now, it was all gone.

Duan Mei thought of the few days Yu Bing had ignored her.

She gritted her teeth and said hatefully, “That b*tch was probably pretending for the past 18 years! I was wondering why she agreed so quickly when Yu Pan asked her to go to the countryside.

She probably already wanted to leave us.

Im so angry! If I knew this, I wouldnt have given her so much money and stamps no matter what!”


Yu didnt agree with his wifes judgment.

After all, they had lived under the same roof for 18 years.

He didnt think that his daughter could have such a plan at such a young age.

He only felt that Duan Mei was making wild guesses since she couldnt get any money.

“Yu Bing is already a young adult.

In addition, shes far away, so its normal for her to have some selfish thoughts, but if she wont subsidize the family at all, that wont do.”

With her husbands support, Duan Mei felt that she had to think of a way to deal with Yu Bing.

“I think we should just agree to Shi Lians marriage proposal.

Moreover, Shi Lian is the one taking the initiative now.

Although Yu Bing doesnt have the factorys salary now, the factorys production might boom in a few months.

Shi Lian thinks I dont know what shes up to.

Isnt she betting that Yu Bing would get her salary and then she could get the betrothal money back from Yu Bing! I definitely have to ask for a higher betrothal price.”


Yu was in no hurry to express his opinion.

Just as his wife had said, there was still time.

Yu Bing was the captain and factory director of the village.

These positions were all high-ranking.

This was enough to show how much Yu Bing was liked by those leaders.

Glancing at his son, who was still smiling foolishly at the comic strip at the side, Mr.

Yu sighed slightly.

He had to save more money and help his son find a job in the factory first.

Otherwise, if this continued, he would become a good-for-nothing.

Duan Mei suddenly thought of the money in her pocket and quietly tugged at the corner of Mr.

Yus shirt.

Then, she stood up and entered the room.

Seeing this, Mr.

Yu followed her in.

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