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195 Wanting a Car

Previously, they were only testing the market response, so not much had been made.

Therefore, the oven used was a simple version made of a pot lid and an iron plate made of yellow soil.

For the production of small batches, it was enough, but for a large batch, it might have to work non-stop for 24 hours to be in time for the delivery.

Therefore, two days ago, Yu Bing had already gotten someone to make two large ovens made of yellow soil in the empty space beside the window of the factory.

They were already ready for use.

Yu Bing divided the seven chefs into two groups.

Because the egg yolk pastries needed to be roasted, the production process was relatively complicated.

Therefore, three of them were in charge of making Snowflake Crisps, and four were in charge of the egg yolk pastries.

There was no use for the disinfection room for the time being.

Yu Bing also temporarily transferred the disinfection workers to the mobility team.

The 11 workers helped the chefs do some chores.

Yu Bing asked Xiao Sheng to bring Wu Qing to various places to buy salted egg yolks and eggs.

The others could be bought from the supply company, but the supply company lacked salted egg yolks and eggs.

Because Xiao Sheng had been in the black market for many years, he knew the production situation in many places very well.

Therefore, Xiao Sheng negotiated first and asked Wu Qing to go to the designated place to get the goods.

For this reason, the lack of cars became an important factor in limiting the development of the factory.

The tractors in the village were mainly used for production, especially at this time.

Yu Bing did not even dare to take the car out of the field for a long time.

She had no choice but to ask Mr.

Bai for help again.

“Hello, Mr.

Bai!” Yu Bing knocked on the door.

When she saw Mr.

Bai looking over, she immediately put on her brightest smile.

When begging people, ones attitude was very important!


Bai glanced at Yu Bing and teased, “I heard thatDelicious Food Factory has produced new products again.

Recently, the most popular foods in the county has been your factorys products.”

Yu Bing sat on the chair opposite Mr.

Bai and said with a smile, “Its alright.

I brought a few products for you to try.” With that, she took out the latest three products from her bag and placed them on the table.


Bai glanced at the food on the table and swallowed hard.

Last time, his wife had bought some, but he had only eaten one piece.

Now that he thought about it, he wanted more.

boxn ovel.


People in inland cities had never eaten these specialties from islands around the sea, so it was understandable for Mr.

Bai to crave for more.

However, Mr.

Bai knew that Yu Bings things were not easy to get.

She probably had something to ask for again.

He resisted the urge to eat it and looked up at Yu Bing as he said slowly, “Tell me, whats the matter this time”

Yu Bing did not want to be so direct.

When she heard Mr.

Bai expose her, she chuckled.


Bai, I knew my intentions wouldnt be able to escape your notice!”

It was never wrong to put in a good word for her first, especially when she needed help.

However, Mr.

Bai did not take the bait.

He continued calmly, “Dont give me that.

Hurry up and spill the beans.”

Yu Bing tapped the tip of her nose with her index finger and revealed a fawning smile.


Bai, our village can take eliminated transport vehicles in the county.”

When Mr.

Bai heard that Yu Bing actually had designs on cars, he said angrily, “No, theres none”

Yu Bing knew that big ticket items had always been difficult to get.

She did not have money.

If she did, she would have gone to the car factory to buy a car!

Yu Bing poured a glass of water for Mr.

Bai ingratiatingly.

“Dont be like this, Mr.


Its not easy for us to operate an experimental unit!”

With that, she took out this list of orders from her bag.

“Look, in order not to jeopardize the pilot project you personally approved, I specifically asked someone to get orders.

There are orders from 3 City H supply companies.

If it can be settled, we can supply it every week! There are also some county orders.

The waffles are delivered every other day.

Im so busy that I really dont have no choice.

Now that its harvesting season, I dont dare to have any designs on the tractor in the village.”

Then, Yu Bing said with a long face, “If this continues, our factory will really have to travel at night in the future and carry poles to deliver goods! The county city is near, but if we go to the city to deliver goods, well really have to start leaving after dinner the day before!”

Yu Bing was playing the pity card, so she pinched her thigh under the table and looked at Mr.

Bai with teary eyes.

When Mr.

Bai heard Yu Bings words, he was in a dilemma.

They had the ability to operate the experimental unit properly, but now that the market had been opened, they were stuck in transportation.

He could not just ignore their problems.

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