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197 Long-term Cooperation

There were goods and a large car in the warehouse now, so Yu Bing started a shift and arranged for the seven male workers in the factory to take turns guarding it.

This transport vehicle was considered a light truck.

It was six meters long and could carry six tons of goods.

It was enough for the current transportation requirements.

However, only Yu Bing knew how to drive, so the heavy responsibility of transporting the goods fell on her.

Considering that the factory was short of manpower, Yu Bing chose Wu Qing to go to the countys DMV to practice driving and get a permit.

After the farming was done, the remaining people would go for training one after another.

Yu Bing was confident that getting the light truck was only the beginning.

She wanted to expand the factory and get an entire convoy!

The production in the factory went smoothly.

Although a batch of waffles had to be supplied every other day, they were only supplied to the county city at the moment.

This was because after Yu Bing thought about it again and again, for safety reasons, she felt that it was better to wait until she obtained the orders from the unit in City Z and the supply company before starting to restore the supply for Xiao Shengs side.

At that time, as long as everyone took two hours off work the day before the supply, they could finish making waffles.

After five days, the food factory had prepared all the goods requested by City Hs supply company.

Yu Bing and Feng Cai drove the goods to their destination.

Yu Bing arrived at the first supply company.

The person in charge, President Cen, was a woman in her fifties.

She had short hair that reached her ears and a pair of thin black-framed glasses.

The wrinkles on her forehead could be vaguely seen.

When Cen Xi saw Yu Bing, she was a little surprised.

She didnt expect the person-in-charge of the food factory to be such a young lady.

After the two of them greeted each other, Cen Xi arranged for the employees to start unloading the goods.

Yu Bing glanced at Cen Xi and took out a bamboo basket from the drivers seat.

Then, Yu Bing walked towards Cen Xi and said with a smile, “President Cen, this is a sample we gave away for free.

Because its a new variety, not many people know about it.

You can use a plate to cut the sample into small pieces for everyone to try before deciding whether to buy it or not.”

Cen Xi glanced at the food in the bamboo basket, but was in no hurry to take it.

Cen Xi looked up at Yu Bing and asked, “Do the other supply and marketing clubs have it”

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At first glance, Yu Bing could tell that Cen Xi was an extremely attentive woman.

Moreover, she was very upright.

Such a person hated special treatment and cherished her reputation the most.

Hence, she replied seriously, “Yes, this is our factorys sales strategy.

After all, consumers money is all hard-earned, so we wanted to send some samples to the supply company to hold some sampling activities.”

Cen Xi had worked with so many manufacturers before, but this was the first time she had seen someone as generous as Yu Bing.

However, this wasnt foolish generosity.

The value of these foods was insignificant compared to the benefits she would obtain after opening the market.

Cen Xi originally looked down on Yu Bing since she was young, but now, because of this action, her impression of Yu Bing changed.

Cen Xi reached out and handed the list to the chief of the sales department behind her.

Then, she began to arrange work seriously.

“As the factory director said, arrange for the sampling.”

The chief of the sales department immediately agreed.

Cen Xi glanced at Yu Bing, who was half a head shorter than her.

Up until now, she remained confident and calm.

She was much more mature than people her age.

Cen Xi couldnt help but think of her younger self.

The expression on her face softened a little as she said calmly, “Miss Yu, youre very confident in your products.”

Yu Bing smiled confidently and said, “I should have confidence!”

After sending products to this place, Yu Bing said the same thing to the two remaining companies.

Yu Bing wasnt afraid that no one would buy her products, but she was afraid that others wouldnt dare to try these new varieties and that it would delay the speed at which she opened the market.

Two days later, someone called the village committees office.

“Hello, He Mountain Brigades village committee.” It was Mr.

Wei who answered the phone.

“Hello, Im from City Hs Anjian Road Supply and Marketing Club.

Im the person in charge of the sales department.

My surname is Liao.” A young mans voice sounded on the phone.

When Mr.

Wei heard that he was a customer of the factory, he immediately greeted him warmly, “Hello, Mr.

Liao! Im the accountant of the factory.

Do you need to place an order”

“Yes, we want to discuss a long-term cooperation.”


Wei smiled from ear to ear when he heard this.

“Alright, please wait a moment.

Whats your current number Ill get our Section Chief Mr.

Feng to call back later.”

The other party gave Mr.

Wei a number and agreed to call back in half an hour.

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